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  1. I had been eyeing up this place, 70k less than it's stated 2004 sale price ... but I still wasn't happy. Just like greedy bankers want more, I wanted more off it. It's under offer now though. http://www.zoopla.co.uk/for-sale/details/26539772
  2. This ... and baked beans! Seriously though I've been toying with the idea of buying 2 flats close to me, renting them out, and fleeing to Thailand to live. I can live there for around £500 with a comfortable stress free lifestyle. The flats would provide me with c.£1k a month so i'd be able to pocket £500 in my back pocket. No Kirsty Alsopp, Kerry Katona, David Beckham wannabees. Chilled out lifestyle. No hassle. My time would be my own. There's a guy on Youtube I follow called Retirecheapasia. He shows how you can get by on as little as $400 a month and have a reasonably good lifestyle. He also shows some decent porperties that you can buy and rent in his videos, worth a look if that is your thing. http://www.youtube.com/user/retirecheapjc/videos?flow=grid&view=0
  3. I started following a number of fitness channels on Youtube. Most were body builders selling protein powders but in the comments below there were a number of raw vegans slating them. So I checked these people out and the stuff they could achieve really impressed me. They also looked a lot happier and in a better place than their protein powder rivals so I just decided to give it a try. The main difference for me is the energy. I feel alive. I run up the stairs like it's a game where as before it was a drag. I eat 75% raw with a rice dish at the end of the night. This guy and his lady are impressive. Look at the size and shape of her in particular and what she can do. She is strong for a feminine looking woman. The crazy thing about the raw lifestyle is that you do not calorie restrict. When I started my diet I was eating over 3,000 calories a day, mostly from bananas, and the weight fell off me. I try and get at least 1lb of greens a day, usually in the form of Romaine Lettuces. This guy shows how he lost 150lbs on a raw food diet and he agrees that you shouldn't calorie restrict when on a raw diet. http://www.realrawresults.com/?title=About%20Chris This will sound crazy but one of the things I do each day is start with a litre of distilled water with juiced lemon and ginger. I then go outside and walk the dog. When the sun is rising it is beautiful and fills me full of energy, yet I feel so calm at the same time. Sunshine foods connecting with the sunshine A year ago I would have scoffed at the idea of doing that.
  4. Thursday is a long time to wait, esp if you needed access to your funds on the Saturday to get food. Must be a lot of people who wait til the weekend to do the weekly shop. If the Russian gangsters don't get a hold of the bankers some Cypriot Elmer Fudd prepper characters are odds on to be making some Banker Pie.
  5. Is that for a married person? Just put it through HMRC site and they suggest a figure near £450 for someone who is single and without kids on 12k. If I was in the situation i'd be tempted to sit it out.
  6. Italian friend of mine reckons the country is still fixated with a new Pope, so i'd rule them out for now. Next weekend is Easter weekend, good time for a 4 day bank holiday ... to be extended a few days further
  7. A single person who has a wage of £12k a year would be in a similar position as a single person on the dole in my area. An average 1 bed flat is c.£500 rent, CT is c.£100 a month. £12k a year would give you c.£900 a month after NI and tax according to www.listentotaxman.co.uk The only difference would be that the dole person could enjoy the sunshine and bum around on the internet all day. Anyway, dole = £310 pcm ... Lets say utilities is c.£110 a month. Call food £100 a month assuming you ate budget products, made most of deals. That leaves you £100 a month for recreation. Say £15 a month on clothes. £5 a month haircut. If you shopped around for internet you could get it c.£10 a month. No need for sky as you could d/l or stream movies/sports. If I was working my goat out for that kind of lifestyle i'd be sad and bitter. For free though ... I could take it but would be gutted that it limited my holiday options. Agree with previous posters that it is all about the DLA. That could add an extra £500 a month to your pocket and you'd need a wage of £20-25k to compete with that lifestyle. You could afford a holiday and a nice little run around with that. Maybe throw an iPhone on that as well.
  8. I agree with this logic. If you purchase some equipment off ebay or gumtree you can always sell it a later date and get some value back. If you are into weight training you can go by the rule of thumb of 1kg = £1 for second hand plates. You could always be a right old Barstud down at your local park and work on pullups and dips in the playground. If you are looking at programs check out something like P90x or Insanity which you can do from home. Pull up bars are around £30 for a decent one. Some trainers do decent programs on youtube. Check out Zuzkalight on Youtube, easy on the eye and some good aerobic techniques There are others of course, just look up what your goal is. Forget supplements. Eat a healthy diet, preferably vegan, get to know your local fruit and veg warehouse. Black spotty bananas are just ripe, but the average consumer won't buy them, so you can often get a box for a few quid. Check out www.30bad.com to see the effects of a cheap healthy lifestyle based on nanas. Anyway if you go down this route of avoiding a £50 a month gym fee, that will mean you can retire a year earlier. £50 x 12 months x 50 years (av working span) = £30k I would imagine high end gyms business models relies on people joining up with best intentions in January and then not using the gym but holding their subscription, but a lot of people who I know no longer subscribe to them and do their workouts from home, like myself.
  9. Elton John has a house in Liverpool?? £350k?? All those ornaments can't be worth £250k can they?
  10. It's quite funny how Arsene Wenger has been in the press the last few weeks talking about a financial crisis, a wider one and not just in football, and nobody bats an eye lid. http://news.bbc.co.uk/sport1/hi/football/15049604.stm Then yesterday some unknown slick haired trader comes on the BBC and gives a few sharp one liners, like 'at night ... I pray for a recession', and he has caught everyone's attention. The Yes Man aspect makes it even more interesting, especially now it turns out to be genuine. It's made it an even bigger story and the relief that some were feeling when they thought it was a prank will now turn into fear. He is still trending on Twitter. Far ahead of Mr Ed and his speech today.
  11. Goldman Sachs was trending on Twitter last night. This morning his name is trending along with Yes Men as most folks are thinking he is a hoax and part of their group. <<insert jesusfacepalm.jpg>>
  12. Cops beating a looter in Clapham. Crowd got a taste for blood by the sounds of things.
  13. this woman nails it on the head http://www.twitvid.com/4JTZH
  14. Anybody on BBM? Can you arrange for the thugs to go and torch Merv's Print Supplies? Lot of paper and ink in the stock room should light up nicely on my TV ... if only hey
  15. Some guff about there being events that can't be controlled like Earthquakes, oil price peaks and slowdowns in certain part's of the World. Also that rating agencies don't matter. I suspect that 1 in 3 chance is more like 3 in 3 now. I doubt the other 2 agencies will be pleased with that either. As many umm's and ahh's as a David Beckham press conference. Dow nearly 600 points down on the day. FTSE in 4,8's
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