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  1. But if the tenant was otherwise fine, a landlord would have to be very careful in making up a lie as a reference when the only disagreement was the tenant exercising their legal rights following the landlord's rather aggressive rent increase proposal. Messers Sue, Grabbit and Run, could well become involved.
  2. A savvy landlord will know that it costs the tenant way more than 4% to move home. Heck, it may cost 8% simply from an unavoidable month overlap in certain cases. However,. an equally savvy landlord who has a stable and good tenant should think very hard whether they wish to push ahead with a rent increase and themselves risk extra costs and a potential void. For landlords who rent initially via an agent, threatening a tenant on a periodic tenancy with a rent increase can be highly cost ineffective as they may have to suffer not only a void and another inventory check in but also another find
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