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  1. I have worked on the tools building new build estates in the past and id say you can get good houses and bad houses on the same estate, This is due to most of the major house builders only employing subbys so generally you will work on a price and not be payed by the hour so consequently you have tradesmen who can work very fast and still keep up a good standard of work but you also have other tradesmen who usually have a very good standard of work but cannot keep up the quality when they have to work at full speed all day long and have to start cutting corners to make the job pay. When i say
  2. I could possibly buy that outright with the money ive got saved for my deposit, it would be quite nice to have a roof over my head with no mortgage to pay and its a lot better than my current living situation. Not much land available where i live though and what is available is at a ridiculous price so with no place to put it ill have to keep on saving for a "normal" house. I wonder why BTLers havent thought of putting these in the back gardens of the propertys they own to maximize their income, saying that i bet a few of them already have.
  3. Im led to believe that UCATT are already pushing for this for construction workers but the construction workers i know dont hold out much hope of retiring early, they feel that they will still be out in all weathers on a roof or down a hole when they are 65+ and ready for the knackers yard, they get minimal rights now so i cant see our government giving them a break. Im not very computer savvy so ill just copy and paste a statement from ucatts website. Alan Ritchie , General Secretary of UCATT, said: “The one size fits all policy on retireme
  4. Yes it is outsourced companys that i work for (the ones who win the contracts to do the works) and not the council directly. We never get told what benefits tenants recieve, we do get information relating to disabled tenants who will have special requirements that need to be dealt with whilst we complete the works such as providing respite flats to rehouse them temporarily due to them having breathing illnesses and such like because the dust from the works would obviously worsen their condition. As i said before its quite a lot of the tenants themselves who tell you what and how much benefit
  5. No problem, im happy to let people know how things are around me, Im definitely going to be staying with HPC because if i hadnt found this site i would possibly have started house hunting within the next 6 months oblivious to the fact of a possible HPC but after reading everybodys posts over the last few months i can now see that maybe we will get a decent crash at some point in the near future, so thanks to everybody who posts and keeps me informed because you have potentially saved me thousands and thousands of pounds which will ultimately make my life a whole lot easier once i finally
  6. I agree and hope it actually makes a difference, When the council cuts were announced it was a happy day on site for all, even though it has added more worry to peoples lives in this industry though because once the cuts take hold it will mean a lot less work for people in the building game, there will be cuts to refurb and maintenance contracts and add to that the fact that not very many new builds are going up so no work there so we have a lot of lads who are already preparing themselves to be layed off by looking for different lines of work. We have apprentices that will come out
  7. I wouldnt say i was mouthing off controversially i just posted some of my experiences from my working life, wether you believe these experiences or not is entirely up to you, But the sad fact is that the couple examples of council tenants standard of living i gave are very very true. I can understand that Maybe it does come across as though i am making things up if you have never seen or heard this type of behaviour before ( i agree it sounds unbelievable but it is a way of life for some people) but its pretty common knowledge in my area that most council tenants are playing the system and get
  8. The simple fact is im not very good at writing, punctuation and grammar and sentence structure are not really my strong point, my work mainly involved putting ticks in boxes to indicate what works needed to be carried out. I dont understand were you are going with the credibility thing either, im just an average single working man living in the north of england who wants to buy a home and after finding this site and reading the forums for a few months i finally decided to make my first post after reading that somebody thought that 99% of people on benefits struggle to make ends meet, as i
  9. A bit harsh towards carpenters dont you think, if the carpenter you mentioned was middle aged or above then chances are they served a 5 to 6 year apprentiship at the start of their career, yes being a carpenter is a career, apprentice, to tradesman, to site supervisor, to site manager, to contracts manager, to projects manager and all the way up to the MD of large building firms. Thats the general route if you want to go all the way to the top in the building game. Its a very sad state of affairs when a man or woman who works in every type of bad weather and works in probably the most dan
  10. Nine times out of ten the tenants will tell the lads on site exactly what benefits they are getting (strange but true), thats the reason you see tradsemen walking around council estates lying about how much they earn themselves when asked by tenants, they generally respond by saying the building game is not what it used to be so im only bringing just over a grand a week home, hope things pick up soon. Its pretty obvious that they do this to wind the tenants up and also save face because i imagine its pretty degrading for a 50 year old tradesman to deal with these people on a daily basis knowi
  11. Ive been reading this forum for the past few months after stumbling across it whilst tryin to find any information or indication that house prices were ever going to come down, after reading the post that i replied to i thought i would join in the discussion and give my opinion based on my experiences from a large part of my working life. I can also tell you that your local councils and housing associations carry out work that is totally unnecessary, usually around the months of jan, feb , march, got to get the budget spent you see as they wont get the same amount next year. I havent made
  12. In my experience this is totally incorrect, i used to do surveys for quite a number of years on council propertys to evaluate what work needed doing to the houses, things like new kitchens and bathrooms and rewires etc and in my point of view 80% of the tenants who lived in these propertys had a fantastic quality of life for doing absolutely nothing day in day out. Most of them had numerous children with every gadget and toy a child could want for, the tenants bought these items to entertain the kids so they themselves could sit undisturbed all day and night long watching Sky HD on there 50
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