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  1. He paid 130,000 for it after someone else refurbed it. Paid way over the odds for it and now wants way over for it in return....I went to look at it as I was passing...Yikes, someone paid 150,000 for same type in 2006...Oh and he stareted off wanting 160k!! 8 Crag View Close, Oughtibridge, Sheffield, South Yorkshire, S35 0GA £130,000 Semi-Detached Freehold Not New Build 11-Feb-2005 Map (S35 0GA) 8 Crag View Close, Oughtibridge, Sheffield, South Yorkshire, S35 0GA £85,000 Semi-Detached Freehold Not New Build 28-Apr-2004 Map (S35 0GA) 14 Crag View Close, Oughtibridge, Sheffield, South Yorkshire, S35 0GA £150,000 Semi-Detached Freehold Not New Build 20-Oct-2006 M
  2. She's really been banging on about house prices since the election results. Do they really think that is why they are losing votes??
  3. I have been watching a few houses in my area that are well and truly stuck, not shifting, price lowered, still not shifting. Now identical properties are coming onto the market in the same street and the asking prices for these houses are above those that wont sell, they are still trying to sell at last years prices. It'll take time, but when the another house on the street comes onto the market and then another and another these sellers will realise they are not going to shift their property until their price becomes more competetive. I think at the moment a lot of sellers have the view that things will improve with the Spring.
  4. Every time I go in the Yorkshire Bridge pub I notice they have one of these flats advertised to rent so I assume they own at least one of them. Just an observation.
  5. Friend of mine. Lives in Sheffield. Just had his house valued, estate agent says 150k, 10k less than he expected as he is comparing with houses on same street that sold earlier in year. EA says "It's a buyers market"..
  6. Don't forget you can watch online again http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/video_and_audio/default.stm
  7. http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/england/west_yo...ire/7058790.stm Residents living in flats in Leeds city centre are fighting plans to open a topless nightclub in the basement of their building. People living at Crown Street building near the Corn Exchange fear if plans go ahead it would be a "nightmare". Leeds City Council confirmed an application had been submitted by Utopia Ltd. The applicants are seeking a licence to allow topless dancing and for the club to open seven days a week until 3.30am. Resident Fraser Stride said: "We understand this club would have capacity for 1,000 people and its entrance would be less than three metres to the entrance to our flats. "That is going to create a whole host of problems. "I chose to live in the city centre because you're close to everything and it's fantastic. But the key worry is the prospect of a club of like this on our doorstep. It would be a nightmare. "This is an area for bars and restaurants, not for a club of this size." Web appeal Mr Stride has now set up a group on social networking site Facebook to rally action against the plans. The group calls for people to register their objections before the deadline on 25 October. A posting on the site reads: "This will lead to sleepless nights for everyone who lives above - affecting city professionals, key workers, mothers and newborn children." Bob Senior, managing director for Utopia Ltd, said although there had been an application for a licence which would allow topless dancing, that would not necessarily be put into action. A spokesman for Welbeck Land Limited, the company that owns the building, said it had received planning permission in 2002 to develop the basement space for bar and restaurant use. I thought they liked having everything on their door step!
  8. Watch on net if you missed http://www.bbc.co.uk/newsa/n5ctrl/tvseq/ne...eo/news6_bb.asx Go to 18 Minutes in
  9. I am seeing more and more properties being advertised on sites like Gumtree These city centre "Luxury" flats are starting to look like 5hit now. No one in their right minds except for students will want to live in theses shoe boxes. http://sheffield.gumtree.com/sheffield/68/14287668.html West One Luxury Studio Apartment Price Reduced (£95,000) Reply to: Click here to email the poster, Date: Thursday 4th October Please check out the details of this BARGAIN from the blundells website: Alternatively, if you wish to contact me (the landlord), then please call my mobile: . Cheers!
  10. Well, he's covering his back isn't he? This is when you know it's all over.
  11. You know, it just goes to show how people can have a voice on national news and TV / radio programmes. Well done Jonathan you wre brilliant.
  12. Nothing more than an idiot. No sympathy whatsoever. Four properties. How about just trying the one and see how it goes. Idiocy and greed. How many more like this one out there.
  13. Aussie boy. Any more info. Whereabouts in Sheffield etc. I'm trying to get back in touch with what the sheffield market is like now. Which areas in your experience are houses not shifting. Cheers
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