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  1. On the bright side you now know the exact cash value of the property rights the Attlee government took from you.
  2. Those are the VI's yes. Those are amongst the VI's. Which is why they got top billing in my post. But pop along to reddit to see how while council houses are attractive well built works of art that float a few feet over ground upon which nothing has ever grown, houses for private sale don't and are therefore bad. (apparently the planning system also ensures quality which is why the country with the most onerous and legally empowered planning system on earth has such enviable housing outcomes.) To me that is much more amusing as they are all in rental.
  3. No doubt the VI's will complain in great quantity, as will the communists.
  4. Naturally the communist Guardian thinks the creation of more private housing is a bad thing. b*****ds. better no housing eh? leave them empty?
  5. I notice the current planning rules do nothing to prevent this so whats your point?
  6. Why on earth should a house builder be responsible for providing these things?
  7. House-building has been an absolute and rigorously enforced state monopoly since 1947.
  8. And still the comedians think population growth/immigration is the problem. jesus wept. The collapse of home-ownership was POLICY, population has nothing to do with it. Labour even demolished 130,000 houses in places where the collapse wasn't proceeding to their satisfaction (either that or they ennobled a guy for screwing up).
  9. I agree in the strongest terms with scottbeard. Are we forgetting the endless parade of housing promises (and housing ministers) that were launched with immense fanfare and binned a few months later that have been going on for several decades now. Labour building some council housing, in marginal wards that will then go Labour, I can believe. Labour doing anything but accelerate the collapse of homeownership, not credible.
  10. You are telling me the tories controlled interest rates during the last Labour government? F__k off.
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