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  1. Except not really. It’s still mostly a common law system (Scottish common law rather than English common law) which makes it fundamentally different from the civil law systems most continental countries have. It’s also primarily adversarial rather than inquisitorial as you find in, say, France.
  2. There is no such thing as "leaving GDPR". There is an act of parliament that implements in UK law the requirements of the EU GDPR directive. Will the UK government spend the time passing a new data protection act or repealing the existing one so we're no longer subject to some of the aspects of the current one? I seriously doubt that's going to be on their to-do list. By the way, if you'd ever tried to exercise your "rights" under the act, you'd know that it's basically useless, like much EU originated legislation in fact.
  3. I have no idea, but on Feb 1 2020 you can start a new thread entitled "Now That We've Left The EU, What Happens Next?" to discuss it.
  4. Well, after nearly 5000 pages, the question of "Brexit, what happens next?" has finally been answered. We leave the EU on Jan 31st 2020. Yay!
  5. All the reasons why the Honda move is nothing to do with Brexit: - Honda say it isn't. There's no value to them in denying it if that were the case, could be quite convenient in fact. - The EU is removing tariffs on cars imported from Japan so Honda doesn't need to run factories in the EU anymore (once Swindon is shut they will have no car assembly in Europe). - They're refocussing on electric vehicles and closing other factories too - https://www.auto123.com/en/news/honda-closing-factory-focus-electric/64028/ Oh, and sales for them in Europe since 1990 (in 1000s):
  6. Indeed: https://www.theguardian.com/politics/2019/jan/29/amendments-to-may-statement-brexit-bill
  7. Same thing according to the guy that wrote it: https://www.independent.co.uk/voices/commentators/valeacutery-giscard-destaing-the-eu-treaty-is-the-same-as-the-constitution-398286.html
  8. Pretty much that. I've been having a set to with a bunch of remoaners on BookFace (yes, dumb I know) and, despite me being entirely polite - just asking how many times we have to vote before the result actually counts - I've had a ton of personal abuse.
  9. So, by that logic, all terrorists are muslim, all romany are thieves and so on?
  10. I think that stepping away from the booze bottle might be advisable too.
  11. You use a term that you admit is racist but you’re not racist for using it and I, about whom you know absolutely nothing, apparently can’t possibly understand anything about racism to start with. How does that work then?
  12. So, hold on, someone who regularly uses a racial insult to describe white people (gammon) calls other people, who don't seem to have used any racial insults on here that I can find, racist. Doesn't that cause you to engage in even the slightest level of introspection?!
  13. Well, this thread has certainly reached rock bottom. I'm going to state a new law of the interweb: any forum thread that passes 2000 pages will be entirely composed of personal insults beyond that point.
  14. How’s that Chicago Treaty withdrawal thing coming on? I’ve not noticed any movement but maybe I missed something...
  15. When your currency does this over a decade period and you have extensive debts in foreign currencies, something will eventually have to give:
  16. So you really think that the EU is going to coordinate a mass leaving of the International Air Transit Agreement then? I mean, really?
  17. For one blissful moment, I thought he'd offered to wipe Ryanair off the face of the earth (a policy I think we could all get behind), then I remembered the Chicago Convention. It's a shame there weren't any quick witted journalists present to ask him when Ireland was planning to withdraw from it or, indeed, how the US government would react to its airlines being banned from Irish air space (it would be a bit pointless if it was just BA & Virgin that were blocked after all). Oh, and how would France and Germany react to their planes being banned too now that I think of it (Air France &
  18. I read a science fiction book once about a guy who got stuck in a very slow moving bubble of time. Everything around him moved super-fast and, by the time he realised what was happening and responded to things, months had passed. I'm beginning to this it may have been a true story.
  19. I’d ignore him if I were you, just another establishment stooge.
  20. No idea what you're getting at there but, either way, I think you'll find that's Schrödinger, not shroedinger.
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