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  1. 1KG Koala and Lunar Rabbit coins delivered today from CID along with 10 Koala 1oz coins, keeping stacking until retirement time. Youtube 2011silverjim and view some of my collection
  2. Anyone still buying? Bought 2 Kilo coins today from Coininvest, 1Kilo Koala and 1 Kilo Lunar Rabbit and 10 1oz koalas. Keeping stacking for long term bonus for when time comes to sell
  3. Still cheaper than buying in UK going to Noblemetals,,,where did you go to Ken?
  4. /ba-noblemetal.jimdo.com/ takes about a week for delivery and VAT is 7%
  5. Noblemetals site, coins not in stock have 'on order,please contact for delivery times'
  6. MSE is allowing drivel like that saying 'buy a house at double price is OK' and deleting any mention of the word 'Silver' 2 faced hypocrites,,all Investments are risks and anyone who doesn't understand that should keep it in the Bank and get 1-3% as that is all they deserve
  7. Tell EA if they come back to you your offer is now reduced by say £3K, then tell them it will be reduced by a further 1K a week until they have a reality check
  8. Ordered more coins today from Noblemetals, hardly any stock left, Coininvest prices already up a good bit today
  9. Hi, another one from the dark side,,,MSE allowing discussions about all other Investments than Silver,,,too many people interested in Silver to just get ignored on there so see how it goes on here
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