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  1. I'm learning that hpc is out of touch with reality. There is so much money sloshing around being handed to people that is going into the housing market that prices are never going to fall significantly. Heres just a few examples I stumbled across today but look further and it's everywhere (especially on wikivorce where no bloke earns under £70k a year). The amount of people getting inheritances or being handed benefits (or even both) is by far the majority. http://www.pistonheads.com/gassing/topic.asp?h=0&f=210&t=1198067&mid=336372&i=0&nmt=Is+it+bad+that+I+get+jealous&am
  2. Just look at the car park of your local charity head office. That's why I don't donate. Just like religion a scam operated by those at the top exploiting the emotions of the naive plebs.
  3. Public sector are probably the biggest spender in the uk but ironically the worst buyers. All the salesmen I know laugh at the prices they get for selling into the PS and go on about how it's like taking candy from a baby. The PS are incompetent or don't care because it's not their money (easy come, easy go just like benefits ) or a bit of both.
  4. Society is more selfish now and it's all about what you've got and image breeding jealousy, frustration and aggression. The state robs enough already in taxes to give benefits to the useless and lazy. Also most males need a level of risk and danger to stay interested and life has been sanitised by the state and is all about boring routine and processes these days. That's part of the reason that many drive like helmets, just to inject some excitement.
  5. There will be more to this. Either they'll have their own ltd company paying themselves limited salaries whilst getting a mahoosive dividend or someone's parents/inheritance is helping. Basic rate taxpayers don't live in a house worth more than £300 - £400k without outside assistance. Simple as.
  6. Don't forget having to mix with hoards of desperate, superficial show offs whose lives are based on aggressive oneupmanship.
  7. This is how its always been and offset by the fact that the poor breed in greater numbers.
  8. Depending on their age it allows them to start looking at buying other property. I know couples in their forties who paid off the mortgage on the family home through inheritance and went out and either got btl or a holiday home (which is also rented weekly for the holiday season). Either way not good for hpc.
  9. Hopefully start of real carnage in the public sector. They have been protected so far but without the private sector growth returning to support them the pigeons are coming home to roost. Watch the boisterous reaction from the £150k a year union bosses trying to justify their massive salary and expenses. Let them strike I say, I'm happy to take my own rubbish to the tip fortnightly and doubt I would notice any other difference for a few years.
  10. The Countess doesn't sound like the brightest button to me.
  11. It's tough in your 40s and 50s when it finally dawns that life is one big disappointment and isn't going to deliver what you always hoped in your youth. Then the divorce hits and the prospect of getting any decent poon to replace the wife evaporates as you realise that fat, bald middle aged blokes with few assets supporting a broken family aren't number one on most women's desirability list. You then find yourself renting a two bed flat/terraced house while your contempories are selling their 4 bed detached slave box to move into the country as they've just got the Directorship and new Jag.
  12. Agreed I now look at a women's willingness to work, salary, debts and housing status when the only qualification used to be "is she fit?". I must admit to getting some satisfaction in blowing women out when I get chatting to them and find out they are in social housing with two kids or the ex and/or benefits is paying their IO mortgages. They are so predictable "I smiled at him/opened my legs so why isn't he all over me?". Mind you I do find that most women over 40 are to a greater or lesser extent fat but still think they can control you with gash.
  13. These parasites will underpin rents and house prices over the coming years but has immigration been of any benefit to the indigenous population?
  14. For most life is boring unless you are born into wealth or become wealthy and can then do as you please. I mean how many truely happy people do you know? There are some who are cheerful but then you find out they drink a bottle of wine a night, why do you think they do that? It's the routine that crushes most people and they end up having kids to relieve the boredom but all that does is build in more routine and then perpetuate the misery onto a whole new generation.
  15. I know a single mum who deliberately keeps her hours at 16 for full WTC/CTC. She could quite easily work 30+ hours but doesn't need to as the state pays her for doing nothing instead. She's quite fit and keeps asking me to take her out but (a) I don't date single mums and ( I don't date women on benefits.
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