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  1. This is not a new take on life. I direct you to the positive thread.
  2. It's an imperfect market with not much choice in routes. I have managed not to fly Ryanair so far in my life, though and intend to keep it that way. Easyjet are trying to improve by allocating seats now - much better and should have done it years ago.
  3. I am not bad at it, actually. Open loop thinking does fail here though. My point, which in your zeal you missed, was that I don't think it's proved that the shift was one off. There was evidently a behavioural change - which is the point. HMRC are predisposed to take more tax like a dog is predisposed to chase rabbits. Masters are all very well....
  4. It is only one billion if you really want to believe it. They openly admit that could be negative. Given the source - it's likely that they err on the side of taking more tax. The 'one off' tax shift'? - I don't really think that has been proved either. Again, you must be predisposed to belief. Should we not be sure about this stuff before robbing people, or does green eye really have the moral high ground?
  5. It is for the 'open loop' thinkers. No concept of feedback, you see.
  6. So, I have read plenty of gush from the blatantly jealous who want anybody better off then them to leave the country. There has been no shortage of pedants who cannot handle a counter intuitive idea and so retreat into the detail. The reason for increasing the tax rate was to increase the tax take. There has been no evidence forthcoming that this has worked and the indications are quite the opposite. This means that either the instigators were plain stupid or they were manipulating the base instincts of voters. No prizes.....
  7. Sounds about right. The jealous and feckless do not consider that to be important. For them, it' all about justifying stealing other people's money and labelling it fair.
  8. That's a particularly stupid comment given the alternative. We have been failed by the political classes, certainly. As for road tolls - I am not sure why the shift between swings and roundabouts is proposed.
  9. Osborne is nothing but a gatekeeper for the wealthy and influential. His attention is fixed on this task. As for the mansion tax as an idea - it is typical of the Lib Dem's approach to politics. They have mad ideas like making everybody fart at the same time every day without a single thought about the practicality or consequences of their ideals. Their culture has genetically mutated. The chromasone that deals with how to actually do stuff switched. Instead, it made the men wear socks with their sandals and gave the women chest hair. Cabinet meetings must be a hoot.
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