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  1. I don't believe 'Immigration' is the problem. Imagine if our economy was the best in the world? Would we be angry at immigrants ? But because we have a Depression on the way, it's easy to point the finger and play the blame game. But I agree if you can get out of this country do it.
  2. And if you think you will just avoid the Toll Roads. Goodluck Because your 30min drive to work is going to be a 2 hour drive. So you better leave home early And when everyone leaves work at 5pm Get dinner ready for 7pm
  3. Doesn't matter who is elected they are only puppets. The agenda continues two steps forward and 1 back. You never see a new elected government reverse or change previous legislation do you? The election process is only theatre to prevent the population rising up. You slowly stand up and say NO MORE But when there is a new management group elected you sit back down in your chair. Don't be fooled by the 3 party system. Ask yourself who controls them? Who is the puppet master pulling the strings?
  4. This is why it's important to visit some 3rd world countries. So that you can see what is going to happen here in the United Kingdom. In the Philippines. All the small roads are congested to hell it takes hours to go just 10 miles. The Toll roads are empty and only the Rich use them. Except on special occasions like 1 day a year it's a FREE DAY You have to wake up really early to beat the traffic jams. Or you get home so late from work. It can add an extra 2 hours to any working day. You are forced in some ways on the Toll Roads because it's so bad! In the Philippines the new toll roads started very cheap in the beginning to prevent any protest. Here in the UK going from Swindon to Reading on the M4 you will be looking at £2.50 a day minimum return journey. To a rich person they don't care they are happy you slaves are not on the road. I know someone who earns £40,000 a month. He would love to see toll roads because he knows less traffic on the roads for him
  5. As the british economy slides into the cess pit and the jobless rates increase. Our sons and daughters will be forced into prostitution. Pimped out by the very same Banksters.
  6. One Word = Privatization Selling British roads to Global Corporations. P.s If you have an Electric car.................... GUESS WHAT.......................Yes.................... You don't have to pay the Toll charge! This is so predictable.
  7. Thank you as predicted by me on previous posts. Toll Roads Enjoy You poor useless eaters! The poor useless eaters will have to use the country roads and the Rich can use toll roads and VIP airport immigration lanes and fast track Fast Food Lanes Poor = Working Class Basically you will either be Rich or Poor. Like the Philippines. When the new toll roads come in they will start at something stupid like 10p to use the M4 and you will think this is great! 5 years later £2 to use the M4
  8. With this week’s reports that Germany repatriated 1,000 tons of its gold reserves from the Bank of England between 2000-01, and is repatriating 150 tons of its gold reserves from the NY Fed over the next 3 years, clearly the awake participants have realized the music stopped long ago, and are grabbing their physical gold chairs. It is now inevitable that an avalanche of central banks, hedge funds, and wealthy investors worldwide will begin to emulate Venezuela and Germany and request physical delivery of their unallocated (rehypothecated) ‘gold’. In an amazingly weak and futile attempt to stem the inevitable onslaught of delivery and repatriation requests, CNBC’s senior editor John Carney has released an editorial claiming that it matters not whether the gold held at the NY Fed and the BOE is filled with tungsten, has been leased or swapped, or that it even exists- all that matters is the Fed’s bookkeeping ledger that states the gold is there. http://www.silverdoctors.com/cnbc-mope-actual-existence-of-gold-reserves-is-irrelevant-its-the-bookkeeping-that-matters/
  9. It’s been over five years since the financial crisis hit and yet, despite a small uptick in quarterly GDP, there is still no sign of a sustained recovery. According to Sir Mervyn King, it could be at least five years away. Yet interest rates have been at a record low for over three years and QE has supposedly pumped £375 billion into the economy. Why has this not produced the promised growth? http://www.saveoursavers.co.uk/whats-wrong-with-the-economy/
  10. Thanks to our friend Louis Boer for the translation of this report from Dutch to English. * * * From Nederlands Dageblad Barneveld, Netherlands Wednesday, October 24, 2012 http://www.nd.nl/artikelen/2012/oktober/24/vraagtekens-burgers-bij-goudv... Almost 300 "concerned Netherlands citizens" have joined the German initiative for insight about the gold reserves. In a petition the citizens committee demands "full openness on the quantity and storage location of the Netherlands' physical gold, and on the extent and nature of the gold claims." In Germany a lot of uneasiness has risen about the quantity, value, and quality of the gold reserves, which have not been audited in many years at various storage locations. Led by the tabloid newspaper Bild, German news media are wondering whether the 3.4-million kilograms of ingots are really there (valued at about E150 billion). Under pressure from the German federal audit office, part of the gold stock will be repatriated from the United States to Frankfurt. ... Dispatch continues below ... http://www.gata.org/node/11869
  11. Over the last week and a half, high level JP Morgan executives have dumped over $6 million in shares in what experts have described as ‘unusual activity’. Anyone believe JPM’s October 12th earnings report which beat expectations? Looks like accounting BS engineered to dump legacy positions on the general public. A chorus of high-level executives inside JPMorgan (JPM) are selling down their stakes in the company, in what some experts are citing as “unusual” activity within the nation’s largest bank by deposits.. http://www.silverdoctors.com/high-executives-suddenly-dumping-jp-morgan-stock-en-masse/
  12. New build houses sure do suck in the UK. Whoever designs them needs to be fired. The ones going up in Swindon are so ugly. Just been driving around New build houses in America. Wow! each new build house is unique. Different design and colour and shape.
  13. Well the Media + government never publish the true figures so you can expect those unemployment numbers to be alot higher
  14. On Monday, we reported that the German Financial Accountability Office had mandated the Bundesbank repatriate 150 tons of German gold from the NY Fed over the next 3 years. While this was to be expected and even inevitable in the wake of Venezuela’s gold repatriation in 2011 as well as global rehypothecation concerns, a previously classified report leaked today has revealed a much larger German gold repatriation has already occurred- from 2000-01!! The previously classified report reveals that the Bundesbank withdrew nearly 1,000 tons of physical gold from the Bank of England in 2000-2001, decreasing Germany’s gold holdings in London from 1,440 tons to 500 tons. Let that sink in for a moment. Germany withdrew 1,000 tons of physical gold from the Bank of England at the EXACT TIME that gold bottomed and began its decade long bull run. Did Germany pull the carpet out from under the cartel gold leasing party and ignite gold’s secular bull market in 2000? http://www.silverdoctors.com/classified-report-germany-withdrew-1000-tons-of-gold-from-london-in-2000-01/
  15. Bloomberg reports that Chinese silver demand is set to climb nearly 10% next year as investors look to preserve their wealth. Although China as the 2nd largest world economy may be in an economic slump, investors are seeking out silver as a value alternative investment. Silver climbed 15% this year an ETF’s holding silver have gained 6.5%. Research from Beijing Antaike said that 33% of the country’s demand comes from jewellery and coins, the rest for use in photography, solar panels electrical appliances. http://maxkeiser.com/2012/10/25/silver-demand-in-china-for-wealth-protection-climb-record-7700-tons/
  16. Just another fake lawsuit for the never ending fairground of Properganda
  17. Now I use the Gurnsey Mint or www.Coinsinvestdirect.com If you make a large order of Silver there is a legal loop hole with coinsinvestdirect to pay less tax explained on the website. It's Legal. It's worth doing if you are buying a large amount of silver. And remember some british coins are capital gain tax free
  18. Less than a month ago news broke that 10 PAMP gold bars filled with tungsten had been discovered in Manhattan. An SD reader then discovered a Chinese firm openly promoting the sale and production of tungsten filled gold bars and coins. The tungsten filled gold scandal has just gotten exponentially larger, as an Australian Seven News investigation discovered 300 fake Perth Mint gold bars and uncovered a Chinese gold ‘forgery factory’. The investigators were able to purchase 300 Chinese sourced 1oz gold bars for a total of $300- and to no one’s surprise, when the investigators melted down the bars, all 300 were discovered to contain roughly the same gold content as Fort Knox. http://www.silverdoctors.com/300-fake-perth-mint-gold-bars-discovered-in-australia-as-chinese-gold-forgery-factory-uncovered/
  19. Men and women are not at all equal and anyone who thinks they are, are just ignorant.
  20. Divorce and Death will help, also people moving back home with mummy and daddy because they cannot afford to Rent My friend put his 4 bed house on the market because he is going through a Divorce £300,000 (E.A price) He lowered the price to £270,000 because it's been on the market for 1 year He told me at work he would probably take £200,000 for a quick sale so he can move on with his new life It's a bargain right now, but in 5 years who knows ?
  21. The most popular option now will be a 95% new build mortgage. This will create a huge demand for New Houses. Second hand houses will drop over the next 5 years. New houses will stay high
  22. The US Mint’s frantic silver sales pace continued over the weekend, as the Mint reported 430,000 ounces of silver sales over the weekend on Monday. Perhaps more importantly, the US Mint Silver eagle to US Gold eagle sales ratio continues to exceed 50 to 1, a pace that is simply unsustainable with a current mine ratio of 9 to 1. http://www.silverdoctors.com/u-s-mint-racks-up-another-400000-silver-eagle-sales-over-the-weekend/
  23. Haha I still cannot believe Chavez got his gold back... I really believed the boat was going to sink..... Someone's going to get the tungsten
  24. The legendary Jim Sinclair has sent an email alert to subscribers in response to a reader inquiring why the bullion banks are short gold and silver. Sinclair responded with his most in-depth explanation to date stating that the majority of what appears to be short positions is in fact a massive hedge spread which has been systematically used to manage the ascent of gold up from $250 and the USDX down from 1.25 over the past 10 years. Sinclair states that when the bullion banks sense that gold is ready to explode upwards in price in the final bull move of this bull run, they will flip their spread hedge naked long, reaping the largest gains of anyone in the precious metals sector, and propelling gold to $12,400. http://www.silverdoctors.com/jim-sinclair-cartel-shorts-are-a-managed-spread-position-banks-flipping-to-naked-long-will-propel-gold-to-12400/
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