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  1. In what is no doubt a propaganda piece designed to attempt to slow the gold repatriation and audit request freight train, the Bank of England has taken the unprecedented step to allow University of Nottingham chemistry Professor Martyn Poliakoff to take a video tour of the BOE’s gold vault. Poliakoff excitedly proclaims that he has never seen this much tungsten gold (or this much of ANY element he clarifies), and states that his gut tells him that one’s first reaction is that it can’t possibly be real. Poliakoff lets out a little too much truth in his interview (perhaps the BOE should have commissioned someone from the BBC to conduct the interview rather than a Chemistry professor?), stating that the reason the BOE and the central banks keep so much of their reserves in gold is because the value of gold is very stable compared to the value of currencies. He also explains how the futures market really works: Each bar has a serial number, and when people buy and trade the gold, they don’t actually take the bar home, the number is just transferred from the seller’s account to the buyer’s account. (What Poliakoff doesn’t mention is whether each bar has been rehypothecated to numerous owners as Ned Naylor-Leyland discovered was the case with Bob Pisani’s GLD bar last spring) Poliakoff’s MUST SEE full video tour of the Bank of England’s gold vault is below: http://www.silverdoctors.com/chemistry-professor-touring-boes-gold-vault-it-cant-possibly-be-real/#more-18451
  2. The CFTC has filed a civil injunctive enforcement action in US District Court against 12 commodities firms for allegedly selling phantom precious metals to clients. The CFTC complaint states that: The defendants claim to sell physical metals, including gold, silver, platinum, palladium, and copper, to retail customers in retail commodity transactions. Under the defendants’ retail commodity transactions investment contract, customers allegedly make a down payment on certain quantities of physical metals, usually 25 percent of the total purchase price. Defendants allegedly claim to arrange loans for the balance of the purchase price, and advise customers that their physical metals will be stored in a secure depository. The complaint further alleges that these statements were false, and that the defendants do not purchase any physical metals, arrange loans for their customers to purchase physical metals, or arrange for storage of physical metals for any customers participating in their retail commodity transactions. Instead, all the transactions are just paper transactions. Ah, it is remarkably like the COMEX, except the 12 firms charged are not a part of the good ole boys club. Read More
  3. South Korea’s Central Bank announced Wednesday that the Eastern nation purchased 14 tonnes of gold in November, matching the entire amount of physical gold reserves the nation held prior to June of 2011. S. Korea has now increased its gold reserves 6 fold since last June to 84.4 tons! * Bank of Korea increases gold reserves to 84.4 tonnes * Gold holdings at 1.2 pct of total foreign reserves, up from 0.9 pct Read More
  4. China will allow over-the-counter gold trading between banks for the first time Monday, a significant financial reform for the world’s second-largest buyer of the precious metal. The move reflects the Chinese government’s latest effort to develop Shanghai into a major gold trading center, and mirrors similar developments in the country’s currency and oil markets. The introduction of interbank trading is intended to develop China into a liquid and market such as London, and demonstrates the government’s readiness to open the market to greater participation by international banks, said Jeremy East, global head of metals trading at Standard Chartered PLC STAN.LN +0.76%(STAN.LN). “From a government perspective, gold is seen as currency, and the government is slowly releasing the controls on currency. We expect the [gold] market will be opened up to more foreign banks,” he said. Given their trading volumes, Chinese banks already play a significant role in determining international gold prices, so the move will have a limited impact on prices, Mr. East said. China offers a massive gold market, albeit one that is tightly controlled. The country is the world’s biggest gold producer and ranked as the No. 2 gold consumer in the third quarter of this year. It has official gold reserves of 1,054 metric tons, the world’s sixth-largest, World Gold Council data show. But gold exports are banned and only a handful of banks hold import licenses. Until now, member banks have been able to trade physical gold between themselves on the Shanghai Gold Exchange, but the absence of an over-the-counter market restricted them from becoming market makers in gold. In an over-the-counter market, transactions are quoted and conducted between parties on a principal-to-principal basis rather than being traded through a broker on an exchange. Chinese gold demand has surged in recent years. The People’s Bank of China 601988.SH -0.72% has encouraged people to buy gold while it has added to its own stockpile to diversify its foreign reserves. The Shanghai Gold Exchange is the world’s biggest platform for trading physical gold. The introduction of interbank trading represents only a “small step” in the government’s long-term plan for its gold market, but the initial stages of interbank trading are likely to be “very limited,” said Xie Duo, director-general of the central bank’s financial market department. “We’re trying to test the market,” Mr. Xie said. Standard Chartered is one of the banks that will participate in interbank trading when it begins next week. Others include Chinese banks such as Industrial & Commercial Bank of China Ltd. 601398.SH -0.52% (601398.SH) China Construction Bank Corp. 601939.SH 0.00% (601939.SH) and Bank of China Ltd. (601988.SH), as well as Chinese units of foreign banks such as HSBC Holdings PLC HSBA.LN -0.28%(HBC). Mr. East noted that the gold market will remain tightly regulated. “Ultimately the gold market will open up to more banks, but it’s not going to be carte blanche,” he said. “It’s unlikely the floodgates will be opened and every foreign bank will be able to import everything they want.” The Shanghai Gold Exchange said late Thursday that the interbank gold trading will be cleared and delivered by the bourse and will be conducted via the China Foreign Exchange Trading System, a central bank subsidiary that oversees onshore currency trading. The SGE is directly supervised by the PBOC. The gold exchange currently offers spot and deferred prices to more than 3 million individual clients, a senior PBOC official said this month. The opening up of the gold market comes as China is seeking to increase foreign investors’ participation in the nation’s crude-oil market. Chinese regulators said this month that they will allow qualified foreign institutional investors to trade crude-oil futures contracts planned for the Shanghai Futures Exchange. Gold exchange-traded funds, hugely popular in Western markets, are widely expected to be the next precious metals product launched in China. The Shanghai Stock Exchange could launch gold ETFs early next year if it receives government approval by the end of this year, the state-run China Securities Journal said last week, citing an exchange official. ETFs have been a major source of demand for physical gold since the first gold ETF was launched in 2003. In the third quarter of this year, global gold demand from ETFs rose 56% from the same period a year earlier, WGC data showed. http://blogs.wsj.com/marketbeat/2012/11/30/china-moves-forward-in-opening-gold-market/
  5. In the midst of a 2 month price consolidation for both gold and silver, US Mint gold and silver eagle sales exploded in November, coming in a 3,159,500 oz of ASE’s, the 3rd highest monthly total for 2012, and 136,500 oz of AGE’s, by far the highest monthly gold sales for the US Mint for 2012. While silver eagle sales were strong, the story is in gold eagle sales, which roared back to life in the wake of Obama’s re-election. The silver/gold sales ratio narrowed to 23/1, after reaching such extremes as 74/1 as recently as August. The 136,500 oz gold eagle sales total was nearly triple the October sales total of 59,000, and was up an astonishing nearly 4 fold year over year from Nov 2011, which saw 41,000 oz sold. November silver eagle sales were nearly as strong, up 2.5 fold year over year from 1,384,000 sold in November 2011. Read More...... http://www.silverdoctors.com/gold-eagle-sales-explode-in-november-up-nearly-4-fold-yoy/
  6. Natural News December 3, 2012 Not much information comes out of Japan about Fukushima anymore, and the American MSM seems to have forgotten what watered down reporting they had done earlier. But the human suffering has begun in Japan, and even the Japanese government is trying to pretend it’s not happening. The curtain is pulled over the total impact of this disaster to protect the nuclear power industry. The government and media blackout has become known as “plume gate” for the radioactive plume that was released from the Fukushima mishap. (http://www.naturalnews.com/035789_Fukushima_Cesium-137_Plume-Gate.html) The Fukushima reactors were designed by General Electric, and 23 reactors of the USA’s 104 operating reactors are very similar to Fukushima’s. Lately, awareness of nuclear power’s pitfalls is growing and casting a shadow on nuclear power’s illegitimate claim of sustainability and unlimited power. The suffering has already begun... Thousands of Japanese children from Fukushima and the nearby areas have been diagnosed with cysts and nodules on their thyroid glands. So far, 41.1 percent of 57,000 tested have shown these early warnings of potential thyroid cancer. Even worse, four out of five Fukushima evacuees have been observed with developing thyroid abnormalities. It’s not just iodide isotopes with their relatively short radioactive half-lives that can penetrate thyroid glands, cesium-37 isotopes with longer half-lives can too. Here’s the shocking truth about radioactive half-life. (http://www.lbl.gov/abc/Basic.html#Half) However, the official medical line from the head of this research is that maybe they’ve eaten too much seafood or taken too much iodine. It’s also an official decree that the testing be stopped before it begins in other areas of Japan. A D V E R T I S E M E N T Even in Tokyo, doctors are reporting dramatically increased incidents of incurable diarrhea, non-stop nose bleeds, and flu-like symptoms. Some parents are becoming activists in Japan to get at the truth and get their children treated properly. Children are more easily affected by radiation poisoning. A Japanese pediatrician even put out a YouTube video asking for outside help since the Japanese government is not helping as they should. (http://enenews.com) Dr. Christopher Busby, visiting professor at the University of Ulster’s School of Biomedical Sciences and Scientific Secretary of the European Committee on Radiation Risk put out this video about Fukushima. ( )He’s been attacked. But as a saying goes: “You know you’re getting close to the target when you’re getting flack.” Here’s Busby’s counter attack: http://fukushimaupdate.com Nuclear power is dangerous no matter how it’s used Even with flawless operation, the growing problem of where to put power plants’ spent fuel rods, which are actually still very radioactive for centuries, is becoming an issue that’s swept under the rug. Using DU (depleted uranium) for ammunition has been one outlet for nuclear waste. Depleted uranium is a misleading term. Depleted means it’s not suitable for nuclear reactor use. But it’s still highly radioactive. Uranium metal is extremely hard, and DU is used to on projectiles and bullets in modern warfare because of DU’s ability to penetrate even armor. When the projectiles hit targets, they explode and a radioactive mist is released into the immediate environment. Even before that, those projectiles tend to ignite and release radioactive materials. These local radioactive mists get into the area’s water and soil and remain for thousands of years. This has begun in Iraq and elsewhere. These mists can also be carried far away from the immediate areas as radioactive measurements in the UK have demonstrated. In effect, nuclear war has been practiced for decades by the U.S. and its allies by using DU ammunition, which the UN had earlier declared illegal. A massive underground radioactive waste “tomb” is under construction in Finland. It’s known as Onkalo, and it’s featured in a documentary entitled Into Eternity. Onkalo is only for Finland’s nuclear waste. Sweden and France may follow soon. Will others follow, or is it already too late? Sources for this article include: http://enenews.com http://enenews.com http://enenews.com http://enenews.com
  7. Those Q3's do look sexy... Christmas is always busy even if people have little to spend they just buy cheaper Chinese slave goods.
  8. In the latest Keiser report, Max Keiser urges “Sami don’t pay,” challenges the anti-anti-fragile Nassim Taleb to a black swan event and coins a new phrase, ‘insectual,’ to describe the increasing insect like behavior of humans online and in markets. Keiser and Stacy Herbert also discuss GATA getting attention in Austria where the central bank is haplessly looking for its alleged gold. In bragging about how much they’ve earned from gold leasing, in fact, the Austrian central bank has inadvertently exposed a big gold lie.
  9. Legendary gold trader Jim Sinclair sent an alert to email subscribers tonight regarding the recent volatility and blatant manipulation in gold. Sinclair stated that manipulation is no different (worse)today than it was at gold $248, it is simply more visible due to increased volatility. Sinclair also states that if the manipulators were winning, gold would not have risen from $248 to $1920, and that those unable to stomach gold’s violent manipulative take-downs will hand over their precious metals directly to the cartel, stating that the manipulators will be on the long side as soon as you all finish throwing in the towel like last week. http://www.silverdoctors.com/jim-sinclair-manipulators-will-go-long-as-soon-as-pm-investors-all-throw-in-the-towel/#more-18166
  10. Max Keiser: The odds now favour a substantial bear squeeze. And as the managed funds which lost money on their shorts in June-July sniff sweet revenge, this could rapidly escalate. At the moment, every dollar move upwards in the silver price costs the shorts nearly half a billion dollars. And there is no way it can be covered, because the cash silver simply does not exist. Ready to ride? Hi ho silver away! http://www.goldmoney.com/gold-research/alasdair-macleod/the-coming-silver-price-eruption.html
  11. Thinking of investing? Thinking of investing in precious metals? Silver would be an excellent choice. It is less expensive than gold and more practical. It is multifaceted; silver has numerous uses: coins, jewelry, medical, dental, solar energy, and more. Because of its many uses and versatility it has and remains to be a popular form of investment world wide. The silver fix is determined on the London Platinum & Palladium market and the price varies depending upon the supply and demand of that market. Silver can be a safe haven in an unstable economic environment. An Investable Asset There are many ways of investing whether you’re a novice or an experienced trader: Silver proof sets – Proof sets were first issued in 1992 by the U.S. Mint. They are available in sets of silver quarters or coin sets. They’re an easy, affordable way to begin your silver investment. They make for a great gift as well. Silver Bullion– The safest, hassle free form of investing. There are two forms: Coins – Coins are anywhere from one to several ounces and usually have a logo design. They’re also known as rounds. Bars – Typically it’s the large investor who purchases silver bars. Bars come in many different sizes though the standard silver bar is 1,000 ounces in weight. Silver Futures (Futures) – This form of investment is for the large and experienced investor. It is risky and generally short term. The investor must buy large quantities with contracts that are difficult to understand. The contracts may expire in a month or in a few years. When the contract comes to an end, the investor must sell, which at times can generates a loss. If the silver is not sold by the end of the contract, the investor receives the physical silver. For the buyer that understands the contracts, futures can be a powerful trading tool. Silver Exchange Traded Funds (ETF’s) – These funds are similar to stocks. At one time they were only open to the large investor, but they’re now available to everyone. This is a popular way to buy silver and can either be long or short term. They generally have low investment costs, flexible buying and selling, and are tax efficient. Silver Miners Stock – Investing in stocks usually pertains to buying into mining companies, the exploration of, or the refining of silver. Mutual Funds – Another popular form of investment. Mutual funds are usually long term yielding high dividends though most require a minimum investment to dissuade the less serious and the very small investor. http://cmvlive.com/money/stocks-a-investing/jumping-silver-train-6-ways-invest-silver
  12. The Chinese Gold & Silver Exchange Society (CGSE) foresees a bright future for silver in Hong Kong and is making moves to play a bigger role in that future. Last week, the CGSE hosted its first Annual CGSE International (Silver) Conference, at which President Haywood Cheung spoke about the Loco Hong Kong Silver Contract, a new trading platform that the society plans to launch in the first quarter of 2013. http://silverinvestingnews.com/14634/new-silver-trading-platform-hong-kong-chinese-gold-silver-exchange-london-metal-exchange-hkex-loco-shanghai-futures-exchange.html
  13. According to the article, China is recasting all of their gold reserves into small one kilo bars in order to issue a new “gold-backed” currency. Many say this will disrupt global trade and will eventually cause a collapse of the US dollar. There can be no doubt that the US dollar will soon be history. China is recasting all of their gold reserves into small one kilo bars in order to issue a new ‘gold backed’ global currency. This is surely a strategic part of their recent push to sign new trade agreements with Russia, Japan, Chile, Brazil, India, and Iran. The cat is now out of the bag, the US will be given the ‘bums rush’ by the largest trading nations in the world and the dollar will go down in flames. GATA now estimates that 80% of the gold that investors believe they have in allocated accounts is long gone, the majority of it probably wound up in China. http://worldtruth.tv/china-launching-gold-backed-global-currency/
  14. Deja vu all over again as the cartel just dropped the hammer on gold and silver once again, with silver slammed $1 to $33.30, and gold down $17 to $1709. The bullion banks are clearly desperate to prevent weekly closes above $1730 in gold, and $34 in silver. http://www.silverdoctors.com/groundhog-day-cartel-drops-hammer-again-as-silver-smashed-1/
  15. Yea that's because those fake MP's are just for show. They are happy to sit in the House of Commons from 9am to 5pm debating crap. But any subject that involves the shadow banking system they are scared. And they shit their panties.
  16. I bought silver at $9 and at $48 I have done 6 years of full time research I will continue to buy each month at any price. I will stop buying when I believe we are near the peak and move into the next best thing. I believe silver under $120 is very cheap today. $120 silver is a fair price for this moment in time.
  17. Your kids are being exposed to alternative media & information on the Internet. We are entering a period of awakening and enlightenment. As things get worse more people will wake up. This is when world governments begin to restrict the free Internet.
  18. This really is a great question. Why do we borrow money from Private Banks? When our government could just print the money themselves? Sure the ovious answer is because of 'inflation' But the best thing for you to research on the Internet is how debt has been used over hundreds of years to enalave people and take over countries.
  19. Everyone needs to start listening to Max Keiser. Great Video!
  20. BIG SILVER TAKE DOWN THE DAY AFTER 2.4 M OZ TAKE DOWN OF COMEX SILVER STOCKS How interesting that silver was treated to a $1 waterfall takedown today, the DAY AFTER 2.4 million physical ounces of silver were withdrawn from COMEX vaults! Looks like another 2+ million oz withdrawn from the COMEX yesterday and today we have a $1.00 waterfall. Wednesday, November 28, 2012 at 10:32 am In hindsight, I'm mad at myself for not seeing this coming. Though I'd been telling you all week to expect weakness as The Cartel attempts to dissuade Dec12 contract holders from taking delivery, I didn't anticipate the severity of this morning's action. Monday, I tried to warn you by using The Godfather as a reference. Yesterday, we discussed the possibility again. I didn't expect a huge selloff so I only gave you preliminary support levels. Boy, was I wrong. They came after it hard this morning with the deliberate intention of smashing price. Here are your 1-minute charts. Note that the sole focus, at least initially, was gold. It was hit right at the Comex open. Silver, which doesn't open until 8:25 just saw some spillover selling, initially. Silver then became the target later once The Forces of Evil saw the opportunity to attack it and drop price below the 50-DMA. To save time, below is a C&P of a comment that I posted to the previous thread. This is the most likely explanation of the mechanics behind the attack: Submitted by Turd Ferguson on November 28, 2012 - 8:50am. MODERATOR This is all just manipulative ********. The likely cause of the drop was the deliberate and manipulative unwinding of a Dec position, probably a spread trade. The manipulator takes the long side off all at once and then looks to cover the short side at a later time after price has been driven $20+ lower. In this case, the manipulator gets the added benefit of the momo-HFTs chasing price lower because of the breach of the 50-DMA (near $1740). Now down $30, the manipulator can begin to cover the short side for considerably less money than it would have cost if he had done the whole thing instantaneously. Soon (later today or tomorrow) we'll get an FUBM where actual buyers pick up the discount and price rallies further on the back of the physical orders that were filled on the drop. The goal now is to recover the damage. Gold is, unfortunately, back under "The Iron Dome" and it will have to fight again to break through. The goal for silver is easier. Get back above the 50-day, near $33.20, and the short-term technical picture will remain unchanged. I suspect this will happen later today but I also expect more raid attempts before FND on Friday. Read More... http://www.tfmetalsreport.com/blog/4336/shakeout?page=1
  21. I buy a little each month, I don't care about the price right now. I will stop buying silver and gold when all the Cash 4 Gold shops close down in my town (We have about 8 of them)
  22. The cartel has just launched a major raid on gold and silver the morning after gold’s December options expiration, with gold smashed to $1710, and silver down nearly a dollar to $33.13. *Update: 2nd wave in progress, silver smashed to $32.83, gold to $1704 Silver’s COMEX open swan dive: Gold’s plunge was even more abrupt, with gold losing nearly $30 in moments: With raids of this magnitude, the cartel will typically attempt to trigger a second cascade of sell stops and initiate a 2nd raid. Look for a 2nd raid to attempt to stuff gold back below $1700, and silver under the critical $32.60 resistance. While they may touch these levels during a raid, physical buying is so strong in London and Asia that the cartel has little chance for success at keeping gold and silver under the critical levels. *Update: as predicted, 2nd wave in progress Check out these similar articles: Gold & Silver Smashed on NFP Release- 2nd Wave of Raid in Progress Cartel Extends PM Raid on Monday Asian Open- Silver Smashed Under $34 Major Cartel Raid on Silver in Progress Raid Intensifies…Cartel Gives Silver Another $26 Handle RAID!! Cartel Targets $1600 Gold, $29 Silver
  23. I don't understand why oil is so cheap now compared to the price of fuel at the pumps? Remember when oil nearly hit $150 a barrel we never saw prices like these at the pumps? Sure the pound has devalued against the dollar but I'm sure it was about the same back when oil hit $147 Makes me wonder if they are secretly increasing fuel but keeping the official oil price low? I don't get why fuel is at record highs when oils $88 ?
  24. Are there any left ? All our local shops got made bankrupt by tesco's!
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