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  1. And the new environmental police. Who put rubber gloves on and search through our bins.
  2. If I lived in that house I would probably have to spend £100,000 on security.
  3. Have you ever heard of Reserve Currency ? A large percentage of commodities, such as gold and oil, are usually priced in the reserve currency.
  4. Most successful investors in life educate themselves globally .
  5. Without housing benefits this would drive house prices in Swindon down.
  6. Gold and silver are NOT going up in value. An ounce of gold or an ounce of silver is still the same ounce. It is the imaginary “value” of the fiat you hold that is being debased and is relentlessly dropping. It is a subtle, but necessary change in “belief” one must always recognize, [and there are many who do, just not enough]. Instead of 250 or 900 units of fiat, it now takes 1650 units of fiat to purchase the SAME ounce of gold, and 30 units of fiat, instead of 5 or 20 units to purchase the same ounce of silver. Make no mistake about it, it is the central bankers that are leading governments around by the nose, and by proxy, governments leading people around by the nose, and that “nose” is inhaling “lines” of fiat. Unless cured, all addictions end badly, and the only “cure” central bankers have for ever-increasing fiat is, ever-increasing it more. http://www.silverdoctors.com/are-gold-silver-in-a-bull-market-or-is-government-devaluation-simply-going-exponential/
  7. The Precious Metals Purchasing Act reads: Provides that a person who is in the business of purchasing precious metal shall obtain a proof of ownership, create a record of the sale, and verify the identity of the seller. Provides that a person who is in the business of purchasing precious metal shall not pay for the precious metal in cash and shall record the method of payment. Requires the purchaser to keep a record of the sale for one year or, if the purchase amount is over $500, for 5 years. Provides that a person who violates the Act is guilty of a petty offense and subject to a fine not exceeding $500. Provides that the Attorney General may inspect records, investigate an alleged violation, and take action to collect civil penalties. http://silvervigilante.com/preciousmetalspurchasingact/
  8. Regular readers are familiar with our monthly series showing the inexorable surge in Chinese gold imports. It is time for the November update, and it's a doozy: at 90.8 tons, this was the second highest gross import number of 2012, double the 47 tons imported in October (which many saw, incorrectly, as an indication of China's waning interest in the yellow metal), and brings the Year to Date total to a massive 720 tons of gold through November. If last year is any indication, the December total will be roughly the same amount, and will bring the total 2012 import amount to over 800 tons, double the 392.6 tons imported in 2011. Indicatively, should the full year total import number indeed print in the 800 tons range, it will mean that in one year China, whose official reserve holdings are still a negligible 1054 (and realistically at least double, if not triple, this number), will have imported more gold than the official holdings of Japan, last pegged at 765.2 tons (and well more than the ECB's 502.1 tons). http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2013-01-10/chart-day-chinese-november-gold-imports-soar-91-tons-2012-total-720-tons
  9. Human beings aren’t very good at predicting the future. But that doesn’t stop lots of people from trying. Every January, the financial pages are full of forecasts on where to put your money for the year ahead. There’s nothing wrong with this. But this year, I find myself asking a very different question: is there anywhere left to invest? That might sound odd. There are plenty of places where private investors can put their money these days. But are they really investing? Or are they just taking a punt? Are we all speculators now? To me, the best definition of ‘investing’ is still the one given by legendary value investor Benjamin Graham in his book, The Intelligent Investor: “An investment operation is one which, upon thorough analysis, promises safety of principal and an adequate return. Operations not meeting these requirements are speculative.” Put another way, you have to buy assets that will give you a decent income return and at the same time are cheap enough so that you are unlikely to lose much money if it goes wrong. This advice tends to steer investors towards assets that are beaten up and have been shunned by the masses. The stock market in 1982, early 2003, and early 2009 are good examples. Gold at $250 per ounce in 2001 is another example. My problem is that, looking around the markets today, I struggle to find any asset classes that qualify as decent investments on these grounds. Sure, there are individual opportunities within each asset class – there always are. But yields on many government bonds are below inflation, stocks on the whole are hardly cheap by historical standards, gold yields nothing (at this level, I see it as insurance, rather than a value investment), and property in most markets looks expensive. It seems to me that almost regardless of where you put your money, Graham would class you as a speculator, rather than an investor. How have we ended up at this point? Investors are sitting in a minefield It starts with the most overvalued market out there – the bond market. Investors have been buying bonds by the bucket load. This is partly due to fear. They are happy to sacrifice the prospect of any reasonable return – in most cases, the return will be negative (below inflation) – in exchange for the comfort of knowing they will get their money back when the bond matures. However, the bond markets have also been heavily manipulated by central banks printing money to bail out cash-strapped governments and fragile banking systems. With Bank of England boss Mervyn King and the Federal Reserve’s Ben Bernanke acting as a backstop to the bond market, investors have been lulled into a false sense of security. They think that the bond market simply can’t crash. These artificially low rates on bonds have in turn chased other investors into riskier assets such as stocks. Last year was a good year for shares. The FTSE All Share index returned 12.9%, while the S&P 500 returned 16%. The momentum has carried on in to the new year. But shares are not cheap either. The FTSE All Share currently trades on 16.3 times trailing earnings, the FTSE 250 on 20 times and the S&P 500 on 14.8 times. These are not the sorts of valuations that bull markets start from. Arguably, company profits need to keep going up for these prices to make sense. And this is by no means certain given the weakness of many economies. In short, bonds are desperately expensive, and shares are certainly not cheap. These sorts of valuations suggest that investors have become too complacent. So what could shake them up? http://www.moneyweek.com/investments/bonds/how-to-prepare-for-the-bond-bubble-bursting-62100
  10. Silver gains popularity among investors amid economy fears 09 January 2013 Last updated at 03:58 GMT Worries about the challenge of reviving the sluggish US economy and dealing with the Eurozone debt crisis have prompted nervous investors to find safe havens to put their money. http://m.bbc.co.uk/news/business-20954417
  11. US MINT SILVER EAGLE SALES JUMP ANOTHER 300,000 OVERNIGHT On Monday, we reported that the US Mint sold an all-time single day record 3.937 million 1 0z Silver Eagles. It appears that the public continued to take advantage of $30 silver Tuesday, as the Mint has reported the sale of another 300,000 Silver Eagles overnight, bringing the 2 day January sales total to 4.287 million ounces! http://www.silverdoctors.com/us-mint-silver-eagle-sales-jump-another-300000-overnight/
  12. UK Bonds are in a bubble and about to Pop. Silver at $30 in a bubble? LOL If they continue to print money silver could be $3000 oz Gold & Silver hold value It depends how much they devalue the Pound.
  13. In mid-December, the US Mint announced the suspension of Silver Eagle sales for 3 weeks, as they shut down ASE sales early for 2012, and announced that sales of 2013 Silver Eagles would begin on 1/7/2013. For the first week of 2013 the mint’s 2013 silver sales totals remained at 0 with production halted, but that changed quickly Monday, as the US Mint announced 3.937 million Silver Eagles were sold in a single day on Monday 1/7! http://www.silverdoctors.com/us-mint-sells-nearly-4-million-silver-eagles-first-day-of-2013-production/
  14. MAX KEISER: AS WE’VE WARNED ABOUT FOR FIVE YEARS… Ironically, policy measures in the UK to support domestic demand – automatic fiscal stabilisers and quantitative easing – may only have served to make Britain’s twin fiscal and current account deficits more persistent while helping to ease their counterparts elsewhere in Europe. It’s the sort of problem you might have thought disappeared with the 1970s, but as the Coalition renews its wedding vows, that’s the unsettling possibility raised by economists at both HSBC and Royal Bank of Scotland. With fears of a eurozone break-up, a calamitous fiscal contraction in the US, and a hard landing in China now fast receding, it is possible financial markets will refocus their attentions on more conventional concerns. The failings of the UK economy might be prime among them. http://maxkeiser.com/2013/01/07/is-the-uk-heading-for-a-currency-crisis/ http://www.telegraph.co.uk/finance/comment/jeremy-warner/9786309/Sterling-crisis-looms-as-UK-current-account-deficit-balloons.html
  15. Iraqi archaeologists have found 66 gold coins that are at least 1,400 years old, officials said on Monday, adding that they hope to put them on display in Baghdad’s National Museum. The artefacts, which date back to the Sassanid era that extended from 225 BC to 640 AD, will be sent for laboratory tests in order to confirm their authenticity. They were discovered in the town of Aziziyah, which lies 70 kilometres (40 miles) southeast of Baghdad in Wasit province, according to Hassanain Mohammed Ali, director of the provincial antiquities department. http://www.rawstory.com/rs/2013/01/07/iraq-unearths-1400-year-old-gold-coins/
  16. Max Keiser................ It’s the height of central planning (er, banking) arrogance to dictate ‘rates will stay where we say they’ll stay.” As if… Rates will skyrocket as bonds crash in the UK – as debt continues to increase and the UK’s debt rating and GDP continues to ebb lower. A possible eight years of low interest rates would be welcomed by borrowers but cause continuing difficulties for people who depend on interest on their savings. The Bank of England released data last year that shows that every £1 saved in interest, the economy loses £2 in savings from savers, pensioners and the insurance industry. In fact, the insurance industry – that needs rates to be in the range of 2 – 3% to remain viable has warned that if rates stay as these 300 yr. lows there’s a risk of failure. Citi cut its 2013 growth forecast for the British economy to 0.4pc from 0.8pc and said it expected growth to remain weak – at about 0.7pc – in 2014. Artificially lowering interest rates to near-zero (ZIRP) in fact is the chief culprit in weakening the economy. ZIRP causes zombie-deflation when the economy desperately needs real, organic inflation to get back on its feet. ZIRP means the banksters get virtually free money while everyone else pays between 3 – 30% for credit; while being 100% exposed to the price rises created by the zombie-deflationists. http://maxkeiser.com/2013/01/07/interest-rates-will-not-stay-at-0-5pc-until-2017-because-of-impending-bond-collapse/
  17. A nano-sized bar of glass encased in silver allows visible light to pass through at near infinite speed. The technique may spur advances in optical computing. Metamaterials are synthetic materials with properties not found in nature. Metal and glass have been combined in previous metamaterials to bend light backwards or to make invisibility cloaks. These materials achieve their bizarre effects by manipulating the refractive index, a measure of how much a substance alters light's course and speed. In a vacuum the refractive index is 1, and the speed of light cannot break Einstein's universal limit of 300,000 kilometres per second. Normal materials have positive indexes, and they transmit at the speed of light in a vacuum divided by their refractive index. Ordinary glass, for instance, has an index of about 1.5, so light moves through it at about 200,000 kilometres per second. http://www.newscientist.com/article/dn23050-light-hits-near-infinite-speed-in-silvercoated-glass.html
  18. Published on Jan 5, 2013 Gerald Celente joins Alex Jones us to break down the looming financial crisis and how to prepare for what's to come.
  19. India considering hiking gold import duty again... Worried about the country's surging fiscal deficit, the Indian government has once again threatened to hike the import duty on gold. Currently, gold imports attract 4% duty in the country. This may be hiked to 6%. A panel of India's apex bank, the Reserve Bank of India, has also sought a higher import duty on gold imports. Though it has warned that raising the duty further would lead to gold smuggling, it has also suggested a host of supply management and gold monetisation measures. http://www.mineweb.com/mineweb/content/en/mineweb-political-economy?oid=168515&sn=Detail
  20. Fed's QE3 bomb puts fear back into gold market... Gold for February delivery lost $35 to trade at $1,64 an ounce in after hours trade on the New York Mercantile Exchange on Thursday, after the US Federal Reserve dropped a bomb about its ultra-loose stance on monetary policy. For the first time since the financial crisis hit in 2008, the US central bank has signaled that its program of quantitative easing – to keep interest rates near zero and flood financial markets with cheap money – may end sooner rather than later. Several Fed members prefer QE3, the latest round of asset purchases that amount to a staggering $85 billion a month, to stop "well before the end of 2013." http://www.mining.com/fed-tightening-talk-scares-scares-gold-59161/
  21. Gold will fly in 2013 as China moves to back the yuan with precious metal: Leeb Renowned investor and commodities specialist Stephen Leeb says precious metals are set to fly in 2013 as the Chinese move to back the yuan with gold. Speaking to King World News Leeb says that once the Chinese are forced to recapitalize their banks and expunge bad loans from their balance sheets, they will happily acquiesce to the inclusion of gold as a Tier-1 asset under proposed amendments to the Basel Accord. China can then use appreciation of gold to cover their debts and restore their domestic banking system to rude health. Leeb also expects that the Chinese will shift from holding their reserves in OECD currencies to gold and silver, with their long-term game plan being to back the yuan with precious metal. http://www.mining.com/gold-will-fly-in-2013-as-china-moves-to-back-the-yuan-with-precious-metal-leeb-22912/
  22. Silver prices will go crazy as demand overwhelms supply: Embry John Embry, chief investment strategist with Sprott Asset Management, believes silver prices will go "ballistic" as demand massively outpaces supply while investor demand builds due to dwindling above-ground sources. Speaking to King World News Embry notes that over the past half century billions of ounces in above ground silver have been consumed, with the precious metal serving as both as investment holding and key industrial material. According to Embry demand far exceeds the amount of silver coming out of the ground or silver being recycled, and prices are set to go "crazy" as the skewed supply-demand relationship unfolds. http://www.mining.com/silver-prices-will-go-crazy-as-demand-overwhelms-supply-embry-36227/
  23. Don't embarrass yourself. Do you understand the process of melting down scrap silver and getting it assayed? Obviously not. Who's the idiot now.
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