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    As an investor, you know that any kind of investment opportunity has its risks, and investing in Stocks or Precious Metals is highly speculative. All of the content I post is for informational purposes only.
  1. And the new environmental police. Who put rubber gloves on and search through our bins.
  2. If I lived in that house I would probably have to spend £100,000 on security.
  3. Have you ever heard of Reserve Currency ? A large percentage of commodities, such as gold and oil, are usually priced in the reserve currency.
  4. Most successful investors in life educate themselves globally .
  5. Without housing benefits this would drive house prices in Swindon down.
  6. Gold and silver are NOT going up in value. An ounce of gold or an ounce of silver is still the same ounce. It is the imaginary “value” of the fiat you hold that is being debased and is relentlessly dropping. It is a subtle, but necessary change in “belief” one must always recognize, [and there are many who do, just not enough]. Instead of 250 or 900 units of fiat, it now takes 1650 units of fiat to purchase the SAME ounce of gold, and 30 units of fiat, instead of 5 or 20 units to purchase the same ounce of silver. Make no mistake about it, it is the central bankers that are leading governme
  7. The Precious Metals Purchasing Act reads: Provides that a person who is in the business of purchasing precious metal shall obtain a proof of ownership, create a record of the sale, and verify the identity of the seller. Provides that a person who is in the business of purchasing precious metal shall not pay for the precious metal in cash and shall record the method of payment. Requires the purchaser to keep a record of the sale for one year or, if the purchase amount is over $500, for 5 years. Provides that a person who violates the Act is guilty of a petty offense and subject to a fine not e
  8. Regular readers are familiar with our monthly series showing the inexorable surge in Chinese gold imports. It is time for the November update, and it's a doozy: at 90.8 tons, this was the second highest gross import number of 2012, double the 47 tons imported in October (which many saw, incorrectly, as an indication of China's waning interest in the yellow metal), and brings the Year to Date total to a massive 720 tons of gold through November. If last year is any indication, the December total will be roughly the same amount, and will bring the total 2012 import amount to over 800 tons, doubl
  9. Human beings aren’t very good at predicting the future. But that doesn’t stop lots of people from trying. Every January, the financial pages are full of forecasts on where to put your money for the year ahead. There’s nothing wrong with this. But this year, I find myself asking a very different question: is there anywhere left to invest? That might sound odd. There are plenty of places where private investors can put their money these days. But are they really investing? Or are they just taking a punt? Are we all speculators now? To me, the best definition of ‘investing’ is still the one
  10. Silver gains popularity among investors amid economy fears 09 January 2013 Last updated at 03:58 GMT Worries about the challenge of reviving the sluggish US economy and dealing with the Eurozone debt crisis have prompted nervous investors to find safe havens to put their money. http://m.bbc.co.uk/news/business-20954417
  11. US MINT SILVER EAGLE SALES JUMP ANOTHER 300,000 OVERNIGHT On Monday, we reported that the US Mint sold an all-time single day record 3.937 million 1 0z Silver Eagles. It appears that the public continued to take advantage of $30 silver Tuesday, as the Mint has reported the sale of another 300,000 Silver Eagles overnight, bringing the 2 day January sales total to 4.287 million ounces! http://www.silverdoctors.com/us-mint-silver-eagle-sales-jump-another-300000-overnight/
  12. UK Bonds are in a bubble and about to Pop. Silver at $30 in a bubble? LOL If they continue to print money silver could be $3000 oz Gold & Silver hold value It depends how much they devalue the Pound.
  13. In mid-December, the US Mint announced the suspension of Silver Eagle sales for 3 weeks, as they shut down ASE sales early for 2012, and announced that sales of 2013 Silver Eagles would begin on 1/7/2013. For the first week of 2013 the mint’s 2013 silver sales totals remained at 0 with production halted, but that changed quickly Monday, as the US Mint announced 3.937 million Silver Eagles were sold in a single day on Monday 1/7! http://www.silverdoctors.com/us-mint-sells-nearly-4-million-silver-eagles-first-day-of-2013-production/
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