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  1. There's enough consolidation on AWS by the whole UK banking industry to cause major issues if there is a problem with the UK region. That combined with poor implementations leads me to believe the UK banking sector is set for a big fall.
  2. There's loads of new builds in Taunton - if you don't want to be at the whim of eccentric seller you could just buy a new build.
  3. Because they only care about wage inflation, if you're earning more then apparently that's when it becomes a problem.
  4. I'm not interested in giving them a break based on it, I would just like to know the breakdown. Is it as much as they say.
  5. The article mixes back and forth between "income tax" and just "tax". I assume this is income tax, I would love to see there total tax bill broken down by how much tax there businesses pay and breaking down the income tax of all the jobs they have created. Isn't that Bill Gates? Not that he is perfect but he does do a lot of curing, not for free but definitely at a loss. He could easily still be the world's richest man if he didn't spend his money on other things.
  6. I owe my mum everything for my upbringing (single parent - dad ran off when I was 3), gave her the 30k and had to take out a 20k mortgage to buy a 2 bed house and give her some security in retirement (obviously I inherit it so not completely benevolent), finishing off paying that mortgage for her in March as she is now living only on the state pension after working her whole life and would have had nothing to show for it (mainly worked in the private care sector so not great pay and conditions). I managed to scramble together 15k and so did the missis so we had 30k deposit on our own house 4 years ago but we had to be careful so found a nearly new build that had fallen in price by about 20%. After 4 years of paying 2 mortgages I'm just starting to get back in to saving/investing but this has been a massive dent in my retirement plans and the stress of being responsible for 2 homes has been very painful.
  7. I cant see anything happening to NW. They have bailed out so many banks for the government over the years and done the government's bidding in pushing up house prices, the government owes them and likes them to drive prices up but overall mortgage costs down - basically creat a situation where people are in a lot of debt for a long time but still have enough money to pay for meals out, ipads, holidays ect. If NW goes then we only really have for profit banks and financial product costs go up for mortgagies there is no way that this managed increase in costs would be allowed to reduce the price of homes though as the fpor profit banks are up to there eyeballs as well.
  8. IMO more houses will only leave the houses that people dont want to live in derelict - more options won't change the cost it will increase the quality of home people live in. I belive there is a simple way to reduce house prices and that is put in lending controls. Something like no more debt than 3 times your yearly wage and 25% deposit. It will never happen though because we have a system that depends on debt to provide wealth.
  9. The banks seem to be expecting a rate rise so I believe it is happening.
  10. Good analysis. They appear to be moving towards trying to attract savers (probably to bail in) but they currently only borrow 1 in 5 pounds from the BoE so they are no way near the extream margins but that could disappear very quickly, from what I have seen they are expecting a rate rise and they would know.
  11. Any transition is a risk and like you say if the money men take over (which they will eventually as they always do) then anything that's not making a profit gets cut but for the moment the long term strategy is working and shareholders seem to understand that while all is not roses there is more good than bad at MS and they would be crazy to kill the cash cow by demanding future profits be cut, they are not losing money on old products. I bet there is a whole load of panicky senior managers and directors at MS ATM, there should be. All tech company's should aim for excellence rather than a numbers if they put the numbers first then that's a sure fire way of losing your best staff and then the product goes down hill and they end up in a cycle of decline.
  12. MS are in transition at the moment, they have seen the writing on the wall that using the desktop PC to control the market is dying and in its place will be a more heterogenous environment where you can have whatever device you want and you connect to services. Things like azure, sharepoint, office365 arnt just winning they are already dominating - these are things that you can't simply change whenever you want. As someone who consults for a very large enterprise on virtualisation, MS, unix and IBM solutions I do know what you mean and how much of a large part *nix and IBM still play in these businesses as MS doesn't really scale to the requirements. I was simply clearing up the points TMT raised and adding that MS has clear strategy that most peple cant see and trying to make it clear that this is a time of massive transition but it's clear to see where they are going. MS looks to me like the prime target to win the cloud with its current and developing portfolio of services.
  13. No matter what anyone else says it still has 16 billion dollar businesses, most of these "problem" products you mention are related to billion dollar businesses. Windows Windows Server Windows Azure Office Xbox SQL Server System Center SharePoint Visual Studio Dynamics Online Advertising Office 365 Client-access license (CAL) suites Enterprise Services Enterprise communication business Not sure what the 16th is but the suspicion is licensing from android. Most people only know of 3 of these products. Theres not much you can do on a computer without using a MS product of some kind, there is always another product but I find them inferior in most ways, this is something im trying to do ATM so I have a laptop with ubuntu that I haven't installed anything on and am yet to have a day when it doesn't crash and completely lock up. I use share point at work for sharing data so can't escape that but haven't actually got a problem with it and I'm not aware of a decent replacement, I can get by for the minute without MS office but libra office is a poor replacement that's just about sufficient ATM as I have access to office 365(which is no replacement for a local copy), Skype and lync has been hard to leave behind theres no real replacement for skype and there is defiantly no replacement for lync. I still have a windows phone which I really like and it feels like a modern OS on an almost indestructible phone (lumia) I also have an iPhone 5 from work which is like using the same iPhone I purchased 6 years ago to test email and feels dated compared to the opposition. I have an Xbox that I barely use for anything except media streaming, the play station seems like a good alternative but that would cost money to move to so is a little harder at this point. I will also add that the whole MS competion with apple is a little false as MS make business products that are used in the consumer environment, apple make consumer goods that people try and make work in a business environment. Apples real competition is with Sony.
  14. As someone who has been out of work investing in myself for about 7 months and just found a new job I have had lots of these calls recently - I said I would need around 65k a year to move to London and 40k to move to Bristol but only 30k to stay in Somerset. When I looked into it I was amazed that businesses still want to stay in London, the place is an over expensive hole.
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