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  1. LC1 says...... "YES" it's official!!! Pile in everyone!!! :-D
  2. With strange bank related shenanigans going on in Europe now and people worried about losing their wonga can anyone else see a massive run back into gold coming? About time I reckon! Regards, Paul.
  3. Right, who's going to the states next?! Would love to see what the baggage X-ray thought of those, especially when leaving the US!!
  4. http://www.silverbulletbullion.com/?utm_source=nwtm&utm_medium=email&utm_content=email2013-01-23&utm_campaign=silver-bullet-bullion-B&cid=379 I know this is cashing in on the whole survivalist-silver-SHTF scenario but I really quite fancy some of these! Coins are soooooo last season!
  5. Thanks Nis, used them in the past. Thought they might be after a few big purchases to the ball rolling. Regards, Paul.
  6. Nis, Did you find out from GM how many you need to buy to place an order at the moment? They look like nice coins, as long as they are gonna be recognised worldwide. Oh and as long as Keiser isn't pulling a fast one and selling sliver plated Zinc!! Regards, Paul.
  7. Only a couple of Brits i know stack metal. However I work with Russian and Lithuanian's who very much understand the concept of precious metal. The ones that don't buy bullion, invest in jewellery which is past down. Their also very savy in property and savings in general, even the young ones.
  8. +1 on the pay off more of the debt and reduce costs. Even though you could possibly gain by holding silver, it's a long term game and how much would servicing your debt swallow of those gains over whatever timescale? The flat, do you need to own it, is it a useful commodity to you personally? If yes keep it, if not sell up and buy something else you may think will increase in value. I think for the next few years I would only sell property for gold investment, silver is still a risk. Good luck, Paul.
  9. I may start licking my bullion bars then (instead of just kissing them goodnight!)! Regards, Paul.
  10. What a strange post James7, would you mind me asking where you put your money and why then are you on a precious metals forum?
  11. So will you be buying Gold for a move up sooner after the turmoil, or speculating with silver for the bigger % gains in the longer term?! How about platinum, G/P ratio is a little depressed, will it bounce back?! Where are you putting your PM Christmas money?! Happy Christmas all, Regards, Paul.
  12. Why would you be looking for scrap value on recognised bullion?! Slam it on the bay and get over the odds for it! Otherwise Hatton Garden all the way. Tyler Durden- Zero Hedge?!?!! Regards, Paul.
  13. Hi all, Just noticed that Hatton Garden Metals have got their website running to sell Gold and silver coins and bars direct now. The Sovereigns look cheaper than most..... http://www.hattongardenmetals.com/buy-gold.aspx What you reckon? Regards, Paul.
  14. Just this morning I saw a 1oz 100mills bar with an hour left for around £25 and £2 postage! It was clearly labled "layered", "100mills" and plated. Maybe some shill biding going on trying to raise this sort of junks profile?!
  15. Seasonal averages.... http://www.seasonalcharts.com/classics_silber.html Read and remember!! Regards, Paul.
  16. No, the evidence for physical buying seems strong and the physical market remains "tight". Which makes the whole thing look more dodgey! :angry:
  17. .....Raising margins again and again? Is there no outside regulation? It looks to me that there is no other reason for this fall other than the margin hikes. They timed it to perfection with everyone watching the $50 mark and assuming a drop around that level, they waited for a small natural sell off at the top, then triggered armageddon! I've read a lot of silver conspiracy on these forums with a pinch of salt but this does look very shady! Yes, there was selling in other commodities last week, but fundamentally what changed? Interested to hear your comments, Regards, Paul.
  18. Hi all, When (If?!) the uptrend begins again, will we be in phase three of the "Bubble"? Discuss..... Regards, Paul.
  19. Hi CWNTG (no offence!), You still only pay 7% if you instruct a courier to pick up your order, so road trip will have to wait! Haven't looked into rates yet but I'm sure there are bargains to have. Regards, Paul. P.s. I hope $39 holds!
  20. Yeah, thats pretty standard!! I think (hope) we're there now, manged to gain a bit in the Bullion Vault account which was nice! Regards, Paul.
  21. Taken quite a hit this arvo, wheres the bottom?! Regards all, Paul.
  22. Hi matey, Hope all is well, where has the excellent blog gone?? Regards, Paul. P.s. Bloody Comex!!!!!
  23. Sell up now, the iii crowd are coming!!!! http://www.iii.co.uk/articles/14772/silver-set-outshine-gold Regards, Paul.
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