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  1. HI, can anyone tell me whether the town of Lingfield means it gets Gatwick noise, I assume it does but first hand knowledge would be great. Thanks, H
  2. In the past 4 months we have used http://www.fwdlaw.com/ for two separate sales, they have been great and around GBP 400 for each property all included (depends on individual property details, but we were getting other quotes in excess of 800) Absolutely brilliant price and I believe their purchase fees are very competitive too. We checked they were registered with the Law Society and then went ahead and had absolutely no problems. If you contact them through http://www.compareandconvey.co.uk/ (do the quote thing and they'll appear) then they include a unique online checklist which you can
  3. Time in the market is better than trying to time the market. You are in a strong position (providing you can sell your current home for the amount you estimate.) If your heart is set on moving and you intend to be in your new home for many years, go for it, waiting will not make much difference, crash or no crash....
  4. Wow, I didn't know that Tim, thanks for the heads up! I wonder then why they have re-marketed the property as a single lot after originally trying to sell it as two, albeit on the single title.....mmmmmmm, food for thought. I guess offering the land seperate was a ploy to advertise under a certain threshold but then make up the difference by adding the £50k for the land. The owner works insuring insurance companies so he aint no dummy......
  5. Tru dat. Think we are going to sit tight for now and see what unfolds after todays interest rate announcement....if someone else buys it so be it, we may negotiate again after the spring bounce.
  6. You may as well ask for a reduction for the damp, particularly if her response wont change things either way, you've got nothing to lose. I believe things that require specialist DIY to remove should be included. When we bought our last house they wanted extra for the conservatory fanlights, absurd in my opinion.
  7. 888 that does sound nasty for a good reason! I guess I am musing out loud and was looking for constructive debate, not an attack on my business acumen. There are options and we are weighing them up, as I have set out. Right now we can do absolutely nothing but sit tight in a rental with cash on fixed deposit or we can take a punt to move on to the next phase of our lives and that is the rub. Let me simplify my line of questioning which is really related to the property under discussion not our choice of lifestyle change, Do people think they are asking too much????
  8. Let me clarify the tracker rate until May thing.....HSBC are holding our original rate from our previous property until May (6 months after sale date) which is 0.5 above BOE lifetime tracker.... We could afford 5 or 6% in the long run by giving up a lot of luxuries and maybe a few necessities! (to go with the one's everyone seems to be forfeiting at the moment!) I hear your words of caution though! Cheers.
  9. Hi all! I am looking for a crystal ball really but considered opinions really appreciated...this is going to be a little long winded.... We are looking for a house to live in with at least 2 acres of land to set up a hospitality business in the Ashdown Forest area. In October 2010, we offered £100,000 under the asking price on a house very near the forest within a pricey area. They were asking a princely sum for the house plot plus extra 50k for land which was already on the same title. It had previously been under offer for (allegedly) close to the full asking price (for both 'plots
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