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  1. I've just started temp job, the wages are ok, but pretty much the same as I was earning 10 years ago and a lot less when the value of the pound is considered. What get me is that one of the main parts of an recruitment agencies business is employing people, yet they don't know employment law, have consistant payroll administration errors and white lie all day long to the employees and clients. If it was anymore hassle i'd much rather just sit it out till I found a perm posistion.
  2. do you qualify for any benefits, passport benefits like tax credits or have a low income? If so you can normally get exempt from court fees.
  3. Charities spending funds on off shoot projects.... news? no not really.
  4. then thats customer advisor type roles not really a sales job.. More accurate might of been, she got a entry level sales role, she was shit at the job but it was a job and she turned up and got paid the minimum amount. There was pressure to earn, but why bother when she could just borrow and sit back letting the low income service the debt.
  5. My first job in sales earned me £12,000 a year which was swallowed up by rent, council tax and bills. So the pressure to spend was there, but not the pressure to earn, how can anyone only earn the minimum wage in sales?, surely if she felt the pressure she would of worked harder?
  6. As I understand it, N1 are if you have a monetary claim and wish to bring it to hearing so it can be judged, usually where the claimant and defendant have conflicting evidence, so that two sides of the dispute are heard and its ruled in favor of either party. N208 is if the facts of the claim are clear and the judgement is not taking any evidence since the parties agree on the circumstances in the particluars, but the claimant just requires a interpritation of the law for judgement to be made. So it could be something like a contract was agreed between two parties the claimant had a term wher
  7. I worked on the site where the olympic park is, back in 2002-04, when they where just starting on the infrastructure for transport and making good of the area, the ground was thick with chemicals and oil, those that had been in the area over the previous 50 years used to tell me tankers used to turn up there and empty what ever industrial waste they had on board, driving around letting it just soak into the ground.
  8. there was a banking wide double transactions system blip a few years ago, credits and debits went through twice.
  9. I found out last week my partner had taken out a payday loan, because their JSA claim had taken weeks to process. Government has whats called a crisis loan system, should be this that is advertised to those not employed.
  10. I'll be taking cash monies to the bank tomorrow, no questions asked when I hand it over.
  11. Its boring and repetative, some of the buyers are "cash buyers" the 50-65 years olds, the rest are not in a posistion as they are kite flying themselves and some how believe this program is the answer to them finding a bargin. Sellers need to sell to move up, buyers need to get enough to cover thier debts, its going to go on and on and on, well untill the free money stops flowing.
  12. you mean the deposit is now dead money
  13. I've saved my monies, have a few k in the draw here, but I have no job or income other than JSA, how do I buy a house please?
  14. I'd of waited till 6-9months after the olympics
  15. Why would you want to sell such a desirable assett?
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