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  1. Cushions! Me and the Missus are buying a couple of sofa's they look very nice too. The wife said she will have to get some new cushions for the new sofa's. The thing is the sofa's are displayed in the shop without any cushions on them and they look very stylish. In fact the cushions are the first thing I remove before I sit down as they are uncomfortable, is there any point in them and is it a woman thing. Also don't get me started on those stupid cushions on beds in hotels that you have to take off before you can get into the bed.
  2. Join http://thesilverforum.com/ there is a great deal of information on that site.
  3. It allows dual nationality though, so in theory it must turn a blind eye to dual passport holders.
  4. Gibraltar voted to remain like Scotland but neither will leave the UK.
  5. I hope she has another referendum because she will lose again.
  6. It will another 30 years of hurt for the Remainers as well as the Brexiters. The E.U will just get more bloated and undemocratic,the vote could be irrelevant as it will probably fall apart within 30 years anyhow.
  7. I won't be surprised if Cameron will soon tell the nation to expect the 10 Plagues of Egypt if we vote for the Brexit.
  8. My wife uses a tea bag dish/tidy/holder thingy after she has made a cup of tea, this infuriates me as it is easier just to put the tea bag in the bin. You are left with a pile of damp tea bags in a dish which she then puts into the bin when she eventually can't pile anymore into the tiny dish. Then you are left with a tea stained dish which you have to wash,it has got to be the most pointless invention on the planet.
  9. I wouldn't give them a choice and I would insist that they should lose their middle fingers first.
  10. Around the City where I live I have noticed that roadside littering is out of control. I would like to see a 6 month driving ban for anyone caught throwing rubbish out their car window. It is usually McDonald's customers to blame.
  11. At last conclusive proof that the Gold crash is imminent! This thread is absolutely dire nowadays.
  12. There is no real difference in price between Silver to go and Celticgold as Celticgold charge higher postage fees.
  13. You have no customs worries as they are based in the E.U (Germany). I believe the VAT is payable on their profit margin and not on the total price of the coin. Because you have paid the VAT in Germany this means you cannot be charged VAT in the U.K as well. I have ordered Silver coins from Germany many times without any problems. Have a look on thesilverforum.com they are really helpful.
  14. You could say the same for the house price crash that has never materialised. There are compelling arguments for Gold to rise and a huge drop in house prices sometime in the future,predicting when this will happen is nigh on impossible. Just stay out of debt and diversify.
  15. Good to see you are back again! Tell me was the Barclays Gold price manipulation fact or fantasy?
  16. I ordered some coins from Estonia and they got through without any problems. It worked out slightly cheaper than the uk but not by much.
  17. Has anybody had any success in buying VAT free Silver from Estonia? I have had a look on the Europe Silver Bullion website and they claim to be able to legally sell VAT free Silver to any EU country.
  18. Not a chance! I will be shocked if its under 70% in favour of industrial action.
  19. I am a Postman. My friend from work phoned me this morning to tell me that it was in an emergency team brief.
  20. I have just heard that the free Royal Mail employee shares will be allocated at the mid price on Tuesday rather than the £3.30 floatation price. Looks like more shares for the banksters.
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