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  1. Travisher

    School debt.

    Our local junior and infant schools were taken over by the academy running the local senior school. A 'Manager' turned up in a Maserati worth more than the contents of the school car park to tell people they were redundant. Also government figures on per pupil spend in each county are inflated by including private school fees paid by parents. Even so, Cambridgeshire as the 4th lowest spend pupil in England.
  2. The new way of telling the social housing from the mortgage/sucker housing... The solar panels are facing NORTH. The requirements are that new houses are fitted with some 'eco' device. Often this is a single solar panel since the rules don't say it actually has to be useful. The numbers of panels I see mounted on new builds facing north around the Cambridgeshire area is amazing.
  3. High moisture in the lounge on a top floor flat says leaking roof probably the flashing around a chimney. 60% of "rising damp" is actually water travelling downwards within the wall until it hits something that deflects it. The internal wall water ingress tends to back this up. What to do about it? If a room smells musty when you first open a door then something is already rotting, if this is the case it will be costly to repair since you will have to involve the flats below. Flying a drone to look at the roof, while illegal, would probably give you a better insight to the state of the roof. Look for poor pointing on the brickwork and cracked wall cappings etc. If this is a flat that you intend to live in, I suggest you look elsewhere. In the past I've bought a house with a demolition order on it and restored it but living with floors torn up and building mess in a house is quite different from a top floor flat. Generally, items marked as a 1 are things you need to attend to since they will only get worse and make it harder to sell. If the price reflects the work needed and you are prepared to do it, that is a different judgement.
  4. Travisher

    Time for a Big Main Homelessness Thread on Hpc Forum?

    As a resident in a supposedly well off village in Cambridgeshire, I was shocked to find the local food bank is preparing for 60 Xmas hampers for families in the area. That is 100% up on last year. The folks running the food bank say its all down to being in a universal credit area. I helped them do an emergency pack for three families of 2 adults and 3 children, 15 people who would get nothing for 6 weeks. Its a deliberate government policy to grind the poor into the ground. The only thing those families could get was a LOAN that had to be repaid rapidly when they finally get their benefit. As someone who has been job hunting for nine months - nobody wants a 60 year old manager, it is only my savings that keeps me from the same state of poverty. Of course my savings prevent me from claiming any benefit, so when the money runs out maybe I shall be queuing at the food bank as well. One of our local MPs was reported to have said food banks should not give fresh fruit so that the recipients will get bored of tinned food and get a job. Fortunately for him I wasn't actually present at the time.
  5. Reading the arguments in this thread, I venture to suggest that all sides take time to read Skin In The Game, Hidden Asymmetries in Daily Life by Nassim Nicholas Taleb. Those without skin in the game are the real parasites.
  6. Travisher


    Probably some new catalyst use. If it really can be used to create hydrocarbons from air in a solar furnace, it might suddenly be in huge demand.
  7. I've seen it take a couple of years. I think it depends on reports of sales actually getting filed in a timely manner. Solicitors are not known for their speed. If its a repossession by a bank it does not appear because the banks don't want it to be public knowledge that they made a bad loan and got burned. Mine was a repo from a BTL landlord who went bust with 50+ houses. You can see what he paid for it but not what I paid.
  8. Travisher

    The illusion of a concrete Britain

    Nobody is saying its efficiently used farmland. The main purpose of it is to attract subsidy. In France they made the mistake of basing pensions for retiring farmers on the amount of land they had under cultivation. A friend's neighbour was claiming all the land round my friends house was cultivated by the neighbour. Those 5ha gave him a decent pension.
  9. Travisher

    Pylons and motorways

    As a teenager I worked on a farm. Two of us carried a couple of irrigation pipes on our shoulders which was fine until we walked under power lines when we completed the loop at each end of the metal pipes. That hurt! In Sawtry they are building houses on a field that floods and is so close to the A1 that it was designated as category C, unfit for habitation due to noise but possibly could be used for industry. The builders told us it was OK as they were making a huge bund of soil to block the sound and besides all the antisocial housing was being put next to the motorway to help block the noise from the more 'desirable houses'. The history of the field is that over hundreds of years attempts have been made to improve drainage, all have failed due to the brick clay underlying it and the lack of fall for ditches to carry the water away. The builders are making two ponds and the drives will be made 'permeable'. problem solved!
  10. Travisher

    The Death of London

    I think it took 50 years from the realisation that the Thames Barrier was needed until it was built in the face of Thatcher Govt opposition by the GLC/red Ken. The water got to within 20cm of the top in 2008. The S.E. is sinking by about 1cm a year, so by my calculation a similar flood tide today would leave only 11cm freeboard. A large amount of data centres are close to the river around the Isle of Dogs which is protected by the barrier - until it isn't. Birmingham may well become the capital city. Abandoning the palace of Westminster would save quite a lot of money :-)
  11. You've hit the nail on the head. The shortages in nursing, teaching etc., are a deliberate policy to allow the likes of Ashcroft to make loads of money out of providing agency staff to meet the shortages. Why do you think they donate to the TM's campaign fund? See Private Eye for details.
  12. One of the things black cabs are subject to is an MOT every year from new. Uber cars are not MOT'd for 3 years from new since they are just family cars being overworked. Mind you out in the shires we get all the old cabs that London authorities have deemed too old/smelly/dangerous. Some are terrifyingly badly maintained.
  13. Travisher

    Stubborn Sods

    I remember in late 1980s looking to buy in Goole. Almost every offer was being gazumped on a daily basis. One place advertised at £25k got to £34k and we walked away. Another that still had gas lamp brackets - I'm not joking, came on at £19k and was over £30k before we got to look at it. In the autumn as the crash set in the owner of the first property knocked on the door of our above shop flat/hovel to see if we were still interested. We had decided not to buy any house as it was clear the bottom had fallen out of the market so we were heading down south. She didn't like being told that.
  14. Travisher

    Repo Spotter

    That habit of banks taping up the facilities to avoid council tax saved me about £17k in 2011 :-) It really spooks the average buyer to see warning tape on everything. Make a really low offer. They will pretend others are interested but just hold your nerve and say its your final offer.
  15. Chinese car company that owns London Taxi Co. also owns Volvo cars. ZHEJIANG GEELY HOLDING GROUP CO. LTD They have a habit of making jokes with the naming of their cars. One of their European trademark applications is LYNK&CO which may sound phonetically like Lincoln. The name they gave to the London Taxi is a amusing as it sounds like how Chinese tend to say London. One model launched in China has a name that sounds like they are saying "better than the other two" -referring to the two state manufacturers of cars. USA bailed out Ford and GM after the crash. As they blackmail governments around the world by threatening to close down factories unless they get a handout, I'd suggest to GEELY that they market two models, one call the GMBumsRush and the other called FordPanHandler.

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