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  1. Youtube taking down and de-monitizing posts suggesting Vit D 3 does any good. I've been taking 12iu a day (Tescos) since before lockdown, as have most of my friends, so far most have been fine. One in a care home caught CV19 and survived it. Another caught it when admitted to hospital with septicaemia, survived CV19 but may not survive other issues. Given the price its got to be worth it even if it turns out to be pink elephant dust. Vit D isn't classified as a medicine because its too cheap to make. The plastic pot the pills come in probably cost more than the contents.
  2. I think we are in a very weird place right now. Some people seem to think Covid is behind us whereas I'm expecting a pub led second spike. A near neighbour took their house off the market back in March after not selling for over six months. The price fell from 340k to 320k. Its now listed as new on the market at 280k and yet the 'news' is rising house prices in the countryside out of town. The market is distorted here with lots of new-build but even so this looks like a drastic price cut.
  3. As someone who gets to mend all sorts of stuff at our local Men In Sheds. I can tell you that people throw out stuff for the laziest of reasons. Most Dysons are just clogged up with crap. People think that because they are 'bagless' they need no maintenance. One Henry donated the other day was mechanically fine, it just stank to high heaven of dog poo. Some stuff is definitely made to break, like the electric tipping chairs which transmit 4000N through a 3mm shaft. I had an internal door latch replacement break in two weeks when the alloy casting disintegrated. Here is a tip for saving a phone or tablet that has its battery glued in or a cracked screen. Do not use a hot air gun or hair dryer to soften the glue. Use a hot water bottle and a blanket, the glue softens well below 100 degrees allowing you to lever it apart. A hot air gun is just too hot and likely to damage the device. My HTC One is on its third battery.
  4. A lot of active pensioners saw active service in the forces, Mr Plod might find his taser shoved up his own arsenal if he forgets his oath as a policeman to keep the peace.
  5. Get a box of blue vinyl disposable gloves. Put a pair on before exiting the van. Practice pulling one off so that it wraps the other and then pull the second one of by pinching through the one you pulled off. That way they both end up inside out and one inside the other. Shove them in a bag for disposal at the end of the day.
  6. When the COO came back from China (holiday) during the Sars outbreak we told him to stay away from the office for a week or so. It also led to a rewrite of the company policy on illness. If you are ill with a virus or other possibly transmittable disease, stay away from the office until it has passed. Applying this to flu and sniffles as well as Sars was a good thing as it prevented flu going round the office stopping loads of people working, at the cost of one person staying away - often working from home until they were better. Certainly beats being a muppet who turns up dosed up on lemsip and infecting the whole office.
  7. Fat chance of that happening. The current rules allow them to get away with putting one solar panel on the north facing roof and then claim their product is 'green'.
  8. I suspect that if you were on minimum wage you would not see 6.2% as a steep rise. For me that amounts to £2.20 a week pay rise. Less than a cup of coffee. Working for a charity means limited paid hours but having to do more because you can't just walk away and leave the people you are helping in the lurch. Companies that cannot afford to pay the increase are often zombies dragging the market down. Many operating in what was the public sector are parasites leaching off the tax payer and the poor sods who work for them. A good example was the executive of a local education trust parking a new Maserati in the school car park and going in to tell the caretaker and teaching assistants they were being made redundant. Recently we had a family of four living in a tent hidden in a wood. The father had a job but simply could not afford to rent anywhere. They were too embarrassed to use a food bank so some volunteers took food to them anyway. The only way out of this downward spiral is a wealth tax.
  9. Except you have to ask how many turkeys are going to vote for Christmas. As around 60% of Tory MPs have property they let and around 30% of Labour MPs do as well I suspect there will be some 'useful' clauses that get amended so that the changes are just window dressing. Its not just BTL landlords but (anti)social housing landlords that need regulating. A 70 year old friend of mine in our local sheltered accommodation flats had no heating for over the last fortnight. They have done away with the on-site wardens and have lackey who visits about 2 hours a week. A young mum with three children was put into a house in the village by the local housing "association/parasite". The carpets upstairs had been removed - probably because they needed replacing. However the carpet grips had been left with their spikes sticking up on every stair and round every bedroom. When my friend (above) and a young lad and I went to put in a wardrobe for her the first thing we did was rip up all the grips. Imagine a toddler falling onto that lot, or crawling over them. What kind of A***hole would think that was an acceptable state to leave a house in?
  10. I remember when the gas lamps were taken out of a street in Hertfordshire and it was discovered that at least one was attached to the private supply side of the meter in one of the shops. The shop had been in family hands for decades and they demanded and got compensation. I know one new office block in central London that has all the tenant's meters registered as single phase on the national database. They are all 3 phase. As each company reaches the point where the meter reading won't fit in the database field because it has too many digits, the leccy companies start to estimate the bills. Apparently there is no way for individual companies to correct the national meter database, so they don't even try. In the same building one company has two 160A supplies grafted onto the landlord's meter but the land agent simply ignores this and spreads the cost across all the tenants in the 'common parts' power charge. Shambles does not begin to describe this and I bet its not the only building in London like this.
  11. Thanks for that. Yes, wills and pension sorted. I'm aware of bad behaviour of relatives. Thefts from the dying by those supposedly caring for their kin. Even a suspicion of attempted murder where the police could not pursue as the intended victim was too frail to be a witness and unlikely to survive the time it would take to prosecute. Sometimes I wonder if we are not slipping back into Dickensian times where waiting for a rich relative to kick the bucket is considered the norm.
  12. Just a couple of words for all who have contributed to this thread. Thank you! I did voluntary contributions to my pension, as big as I could for 18 years. I paid off the mortgage with savings and some inherited money. Rather than get used to the increase in money available to spend I added what I had been paying on the mortgage to my pension VC. At the age of 60 I was pushed out of my job and found nobody wants a 60 year old IT manager. I have 2 teenage sons, one at private school and one at Uni. I shall look closely at FIRE as a concept since while I haven't touched the pension my savings have been dwindling at a rate of about £20kpa. I get paid a few hours working for a charity but actually do far more because it is fun and some delivery driving which helps with the cash flow. The main issue is the damage to ego, especially as an NDA prevents me from publicly saying "I told you so" to my ex boss as they get exposed by the tide going out. I might not be retiring very early but then again my father made it to 97, so perhaps potentially having a third of my life ahead is early enough.
  13. I was pushed from my job year ago. Not a single interview in spite of applying for hundreds of jobs. Nobody wants a 61 year old IT manager so its charity work and truck driving at minimum wage for the next 6 years. Companies don't want experience because they don't want someone who will tell them they are wrong. Young staff put up with outrageous treatment in the workplace. What kind of a***hole tells staff at the Christmas staff meeting that reducing a hard working young married mum to tears in front of the entire office isn't bullying? Cognitive dissonance anyone?
  14. For a long time now the quality of materials sold in B&Q has been so poor that one can only expect 6 months life expectancy out of most of it. Toilet seats that break, shower hoses and heads that are just rubbish etc.. Its quite clear that they are aiming at the landlord market. Landlords fit rubbish in the houses that cannot survive a tenancy and give the excuse to retain deposits - which pay for a new set of rubbish to be fitted for the next victim/tenant.
  15. I think, like student loans the govt intends to sell the loan book to a private company. This means you have to get permission to sell from the owner of the loan book. Given the clauses on resale value, the book owner may not be too keen on letting you sell if the market has fallen.
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