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  1. total government debt of 1.2 trillion thats £60,000 per taxpayer assuming 20 million taxpayers. it will NEVER be paid back.
  2. BAE is just another heavily subsidised-by-uk-taxpayer inneficient manufacturer. Bottom line is this is all politics and nowt to do with costs. Is it uk treasury sending a message to bae ie stop overspending ?
  3. I bet theres a lot of people with spare cash that bought into the recent house price "rally" will be kicking themselves they didnt plow it into shares...I know a few older ones that bought slave boxes with 100% cash for their retirement that will be looking and thinking they should have bought shares. The stock market could be approaching "Lift -Off " stage. I get that feeling its still gonna go higher possibly significantly. Its a gamble which could pay off big time.
  4. i know it doesnt make sense as share prices SHOULD be related to profit and dividend of companies etc ...BUT if the stock markets start beleiving the recession is over due to constant brainwashing then anything could happen. I took my money out of shares just before last years bust and thought i had dodged a bullet. But now if i'd left it id' be in front again at todays level. I beleive it could go a lot lot higher if the greed and fear drivers go into overdive.
  5. Will the West join in the far east stock market bubble. ? I'm gettin an uneasy feeling it might be time to pile in. It obviosuly doesnt make sense but we live in a bubble world these days. Or am I barmy ? I am a house price bear but if the sheeple get whipped into a stock market frenzy i'd hate to miss out.....
  6. bang on its the 70s all over again more of the same sausage machine print more money more muppets will buy into it more fat ugly blonde birds driving more audi sports cars
  7. its all bool5hit the banks have been looted the wealth has been stolen by the establishment. as long as the gubmnt gets backhanded by the banks they can do what they like. like the man says - WAKE UP what else is there to be said ? theres a recession and some people are being handed millions for doing their job ? its a joke
  8. todays blackpool gazette front page headline "HOUSE PRICE BOOM" "ESTATE AGENTS RUSHED OFF THEIR FEET AND TAKING ON EXTRA STAFF TO COPE" quoting 5% increase this year whats going on ? suspect a bounce but will it last ?
  9. probably a big war its all just a load of craap. one big game to see who can rob who. been going on for thousands of years states rob the masses nothing chages humans are morons
  10. when does the war start ? the germans are one of the most secretive and statist nations on planet earth
  11. Hows the online flushes going these days Chief ? Are you winning any tournaments lately ? Bet your up there with the "stars"
  12. Has anyone looked at the Big prize list this month. ? They have cynically slashed the nuumber of big prizes to the point where its not worth it, and now 95% of the prizes are 50 quid. I beleive its to discourage people from the scheme in the hope they will abandon saving in bonds and spend the cash instead. I predict more of this nonsense from Desperate Darling to discourahe any form of saving.
  13. so you want other folk in norway to bail u out? shouldnt have been greedy should ya ?
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