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  1. The cost of making improvements to a house will be the same regardless of whether it's owner occupied or rented out. The cost needs to be paid by someone, in most cases, it is the person living there, ie the owner, or the tenant, by increased rent. Both the tenant and the owner-occupier have a choice whether to live in a poorly- maintained, or a well- maintained place.
  2. Renters also pay for home improvements and renovations too. Before you all say 'not me', we all do. Imagine there are two houses in a street, one re-furbished, one not. The rent price will reflect this.
  3. Either the bloke is an idiot, or you've mis- reported it. House price now being less than 2005 does not automatically mean Negative Equity.
  4. I hope to God, Injun doesn't discover this thread.... 1. doesn't exist 2. didn't exist 3. is only numbers on a screen 4. is a theft by government 5. this thread doesn't exist.
  5. Nice place, especially the mirror above the bed. Can't help feeling that a billiard room is such a waste though. Not much of a team sport, not much of a spectator sport, quite dull TBH.
  6. Wouldn't equities, PMs, increasing pension contributions, giving to charity, or just about anything beat cash in the bank right now???
  7. A year or two ago perhaps, but now?
  8. Diagnostics is where the money is. As well as the debilitating, and life threatening diseases, you also have lifestyle illnesses and diseases. Potentially, your market is every person in the world, tested for every disease in the world, every year, forever.
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