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  1. These things are being implemented, how it will work in reality is open to debate. http://www.hmrc.gov.uk/rti/employerfaqs.htm http://www.guardian.co.uk/government-computing-network/2012/feb/08/dwp-jobcentre-plus-monster-worldwide
  2. no tax on income at all - what you earn you keep but increase taxes on things that cant be avoided, property, food, petrol . ? . ?. ?. ?
  3. if you want to stop people avoiding a tax stop collecting it and replace it with one that can't be avoided!
  4. Agreed but it's only really possible if you scrap all publicly funded wage subsidy schemes, and disincentives to employment
  5. couple of grand for expenses associated with buying a house. terraces vary from 60 - 110!!!
  6. 25% cheaper than the norm for the area - northern town - presumably due to lack of parking in town centre - not a problem for me as a non car owner. Possibly 1 neigbour above but that along with service charges etc is to be confirmed, access is via shared entrance at the side of the shop below not a bad area, and as mentioned earlier not many ( if any ) neighbours better than many of the outlying estates with zero services, transport etc you two sound like my mate, haha! The main downside I can see is that my now liquid assets would no longer be so Thanks for the input
  7. currently paying 225 plus bill pcm in a shared house, this is soon to be just me so 450pcm, now I know i could sub let but don't really fancy it I have 27000 saved up and seen a flat for 55000, assuming I could get it for 50000, and taking a 50% mortgage at 3.28% I would be paying the same as the rent (well 452 plus building insurance and maintenance costs) on a 5 year fixed rate I would own outright at the end of the 5 years even if the market dropped on it's ****, say 50% have I lost anything?? or is their something obvious I am missing
  8. love this gem of a quote - " It has always taken at least 2 people on average salary to buy a house"
  9. "They'll outsource abroad, they'll automate" - and that doesn't happen already? "or they may simply not take on business" - nose, face, cut, spite
  10. Never really discussed house prices with people at work before, but was having a grumble to myself at work about an advert that said "why rent when you can buy for x per month, pay 70% own 100/%" "what a load of ******** that is, you own nothing, but pay 100% it's just that the 30% is deferred, and the monthly repayment figure is based on the lowest interest rates" I have to admit I was surprised with the response I got - houses are 30% overpriced' I wouldn't buy if I was young' I remember when one wage would have got a house' Having a house should be a basic human right, and not a means to make profit' All in my opinion is well informed and rational, maybe I got lucky, probably has a lot to do with the fact they have children late teens early twenties, and can see how ridiculous the situation is?
  11. bbc news 64 year old eric with his voluntary redundancy has 'dropped on'
  12. my next door neighbour told a courier that he wouldn't take a parcel for me "because he rents"!!!!
  13. further thought - If this money was to be spent on new building it would help employment/tax revenue. This is just circulating money and encouraging debt, with the bank taking a nice slice as usual!
  14. Any taxpayer money spent on housing, should be spent for social/council houses. but that would mean less demand for overpriced private housing, and that must be avoided at all costs! yet more money is being transferred from tax payers to homeowners, and at the same time indebting someone who no doubt thinks they are getting a bargain!
  15. before the cut backs, yes, but after the economic shambles had started, everyone knew what was coming Credit crisis timeline and a year after councils had lost money to the icelandic banks Who lost what
  16. this has happened before SOUTH Ribble Borough Council has set aside almost £1m to give local people a helping hand onto the property ladder.
  17. Reverse Darwinism! http://www.google.com/search?aq=f&sourceid=chrome&ie=UTF-8&q=darwinism+in+reverse
  18. if you have your suspicions http://campaigns.dwp.gov.uk/campaigns/benefit-thieves/english.asp
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