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  1. [iVER BUCKS

    I have found the most perfect house in Iver Bucks but the 3 bed semi is on the market for 335k.

    The house was bought by the present owners in December 2009 for 265k which was a fair market price at the time.

    They have made only a few minor changes ie new kitchen looks like B&Q and painted exterior of house.

    I have made a offer of 280k which was declined and estate agents said they are looking for no less than 310k, which I think the price is completely over inflated as the average price in 2010 which was sold on that road was 270k semi D, but the last two semi's sold Nov and Dec 2010 went for 306k and 310k , is this where they are estimating the valuation from?

    Could any body tell me if I am being unreasonable and I should offer more or am I right in thinking it is over valued by the estate agents as there is a similar property at the end of the road which is 5k less and been on the market now for 3 months and no offers advertised by the same agent.

    Will the prices deflate in this area or carry on rising ?

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