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  1. bob monkhouse

    If Anyone's Interested

    This is quite fun, especially when you reduce all haircuts to 0%... http://graphics.thomsonreuters.com/11/07/BV_STRSTST0711_VF.html unfortunately it doesnt cover lloyds. I bought lloyds at 33p as a swing trade, however im caught in two minds about holding it longer...she looks a tired old nag, but what about in 5 years time???
  2. bob monkhouse

    Dexia Trashed...

    I bought Lloyds shares at 33p. Silly Billy.
  3. bob monkhouse

    Its Over

    You live next door in Salford dontcha. How will you tell the difference?
  4. bob monkhouse

    A Global Financial Tsunami

    Just dropping by... I thought you left this place young man?
  5. bob monkhouse

    If Anyone's Interested

    CME hiked margin.
  6. bob monkhouse

    Grab Some Bargain Banking Shares While You Can

    Rbs briefly below 20p today.
  7. bob monkhouse

    Grab Some Bargain Banking Shares While You Can

    I will admit to a novice impulse yesterday. I was watching RBS tank, down 8% at one point. I had a strong urge to buy in when it reached 20p and set an order to sell at 25p. I have noticed that it tends to trade back and forth within a channel before breaking out to a new range. Volatile and risky. My finger was on the trigger, then I realised I was effectively gambling. Did I fully appreciate the reasons behind this price action...what might happen over the weekend? Look at Bank of America...So my head over ruled my heart. I think I made the right choice. I do wonder though, throwing a quick £750 down which you can afford to lose. In 5 years time.....?
  8. bob monkhouse

    Oil Wipes Out 2011’S Gains

    Good time to buy BP, anyone?
  9. bob monkhouse

    Germany V Britain

    88. The summer of love. VIVA ACID HOUSE.
  10. I wonder if theres anyway they could email him to check how he is. Ah well.
  11. bob monkhouse

    Pay Gap Between Public And Private Sectors 'widens'

    Hmmm. I work in the public sector. Ive noticed that low level admin staff etc get paid quite well, but other jobs such as Solicitors, building surveyors, accountants...not so much... The pension benefits are very good. I contribute 6.8% towards mine. How much do you guys contribute?
  12. Just checked. Serpico was last active one year ago. Hope he's still will us.
  13. bob monkhouse

    Remember 1992 – 1995

    bump... *sighs*
  14. Probably my favourite ever HPC post. Thanks fofp. And also Serpico...wow, that has brought back some memories, we should bump some of his threads. A truly inspring Gentlemen.
  15. bob monkhouse


    Is Gold being ramped?

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