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  1. Royal Mail have lost a lot of the lucrative package deliver to competitors. As a previous poster commented, letters are likely to be a dwindling trend over the coming years. A close friend works for Royal Mail, and from his experience after 14 years service, the management are an absolute disgrace. How they avoid constructive dismissal cases being brought against them is beyond me. Whether these are representative of the Company as a whole, I am unsure. Where a Company has poor management, poor employee engagement is typically a poor investment IMO. My view: stay well clear.
  2. I bought conservatively in the North of England mid-2011 due to ridiculous rental prices in comparison to mortgage rate. I have continued to follow this site with interest - at the time I was convinced that the stack of cards would tumble the day after I received the deeds! Although there appear to have been steady falls locally, I am truly disgusted the lengths this government will go to in order to support/rig this housing market. I fear that the Help2Buy Scheme being extended to existing housing stock to be an enormous mistake and will create further artificial demand and further inflate prices, pushing ownership out of the reach of more families. The situation in southern areas of the country is utterly disgraceful - far worse than in the northern regions. To say that the situation boils my blood is an understatement. In my view, until elections are held every 10 years or people stop view house price increases as being a 'good' thing - this nonsense will continue. Absolutely pathetic.
  3. In the interview the could state that they are currently struggling with the repayments - frightening given that IR's are so low! I feel that this is an indication of the flaws in the education system of this country. IMO more time should be spent on learning skills which are of practical use in the 'real world' i.e Budgeting and the perils of racking up debt! The big question is how many people are there like this out there - in your towns and cities too!
  4. Anyone else watched this? Living proof of the level of stupidity out there.
  5. This ends very, very badly. What is about to happen will be in national curriculum to avoid it ever happening again. There is no other way out.
  6. My understanding is that the bank will look to receive the sum that is owed by the previous owner. If it is advertised by the EA, they are legally obliged to obtain the 'best possible price' for the vendor and are required to advertise any offers for 7 days (if it's outside of auction).
  7. VP and GPS: I believe both have a valid opinion. Businesses have to innovate over time to survive external changes anyway; they always have. Credit is still available to businesses which can provide a strong business case however, the fundamental principle of business is having something which customers will part with their cash to buy. Simple, but true. People are currently paying down debt from the last 15 years and don't have the necessary disposable income to purchase products as they please. I feel we are going through a reallignment period. The answer is not debt. Businesses will grow organically when customers are no longer fearing from their jobs and prepared to part with their cash with a degree of confidence. I do feel that there has to be a culture shift from the 'benefits culture' encouraged by labour to one of hard work, enterprise and innovation: a point by GPS I certainly agree with. I fear this will take a long time.
  8. No not in Tottenham - it's in grim old Northern England. I intend to stay on the site - some very knowledgeable people on here. If only the rest of the country were enlightened!!
  9. Finally took the plunge and completed yesterday. In recent months I have become more and more frustrated with the lack of a significant correction countrywide. The home I have bought last sold for £115k - managed to get for £60k. (but requires £2-3k). It's in a good location and neighbours are pretty good (know some of them already). Even IF prices fall, it is a home which I am happy to stay for as long as I'm in -ve equity. I'd just like to thank everybody for their intelligent insight and views whilst I have been a member. I'll probably get slated but, I felt that this was the right place, right price, right time and have capitulated! I sincerely wish everybody here all the best and that justice prevails.. Very best wishes everybody.
  10. Hi Mike, My suggestion would be that you don't seem comfortable with what you would be paying, therefore you should seriously consider whether you are paying too much. With a 2-year fix deal you have to contemplate an interest rate rise as a possibility at some point in the future. On the size of mortgage you are looking at, this may represent a significant increase on what you would be paying for the next 2 years. Think it through carefully and listen to your gut feeling. If something is telling you not to proceed - DON'T. Good luck!
  11. Agreed! It seems like as though it is going to be a very long and drawn out affair for as long as IRs remain low.
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