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  1. I was quite disappointed that Corbyn opted for remain. I wouldn't vote for him, but he has always seemed genuine and principled until he came out for remain. When he was on the last leg someone asked him about nuclear disarmament and he spoke passionately for about a minute. When asked about the EU he said 'mumble mumble remain'.
  2. I was wondering what the odds were during the previous general election and found this article. https://betting.betfair.com/politics/general-politics-betting/general-election-2015-leaders-refuse-to-talk-deals-but-lib-dem-rules-out-coalition-with-tories-200415-204.html Hung parliament: 1/8 Tory majority: 10/1
  3. Hola is generally not recommended anymore http://adios-hola.org/ If you want to use other regions on netflix you should use a paid smart-dns such as unblock-us or uno-telly. It costs about $50 a year.
  4. Bathroom light pull (including switch) in toolstation: 1.42 I now buy everything from toolstation except for the big stuff. The only thing I have bought from B&Q in the last year is paving slabs and CLS.
  5. I just checked my street, which has estimates ranging from 1819 to 1890. The actual year they were all built was 1864.
  6. Fake http://blogs.spectator.co.uk/coffeehouse/2014/11/the-menace-of-memes-how-pictures-can-paint-a-thousand-lies/
  7. Looking at rightmove the going rate for a 2 bed house in that area is about £550. For similar properties I paid £550 from 2005 - 2001, and £525 from 2002 - 2005
  8. Do children really need that many activities? Most evening they play in the garden. An 8 foot trampoline is 100 quid. For instruments buy them a Ukelele and a book for about £30 I take my kids on a cycle ride to the park for a cheap saturday outing. 3 miles there. 1 hour of football, tree climbing and arguing. Picnic 2 hours in massive adventure playground Ice creams 3 miles home, including a stop at playground Total cost: £5.
  9. A NIMBY thread got me thinking about some examples from my local area. My personal favourite is a man who is campaigning to stop the local bus service driving down his road: http://www.swindonadvertiser.co.uk/news/10871050.Residents_say_lorries_ban_doesn_t_go_far_enough/
  10. Indeed. A major storm such as we had last week will topple thousands of trees and power lines. It takes time for the trees to be removed and the lines repaired.
  11. A friend of mine is a paramedic in London. He spends a lot of time attending to people who have phoned an ambulance because they want some paracetamol. He has managed to go for weeks on end without attending someone who needs medical attention, let alone emergency care.
  12. £500pw is equivalent to a salary of £34000. Someone with a salary of £34000 is not poor.
  13. They seems to have a lot of trouble with 'content portals'. I often have to wade through masses of ehow and about.com crap before I can find something useful. One topic I searched for today had 5 pointless content free links before wikipedia FFS.
  14. I did this last year and had no problem getting a loan. When I did the calculations it would actually have been cheaper to run a 10 grand balance on the credit card than pay the additional interest that comes with a 90% mortgage.
  15. Do option 1 to lock in the low interest rate over the bulk of your loan. Once you've moved in take out a personal loan to do the renovations. You can borrow 10 grand at 5.1%. This will be much cheaper than either of the other 2 options.
  16. When Tesco ran a 'double the difference' scheme a while back I watched their wine prices closely. Their favourite was Wolf Blass red. 9.99 a bottle for a week then 4.99 'half price' for 2 months. Of course during the full price period it was on sale at other supermarkets for a fiver. I bought loads of it for 9.99, then got £10 back a a voucher. Happy days.
  17. There is obviously some sort of shortage of standard class carriages. The last rush hour train I got on had 8 carriages instead of 12. 3 of them were first class...
  18. The one on my house suggested cavity wall insulation, even though it has solid stone walls.
  19. A 60% marginal tax rate is high. However, consider somebody earning 20k with 1 or 2 kids. If they receive a pay rise, the marginal tax including withdrawal of tax credits is over 70%.
  20. I heard Poly Toynbee on the news castigating Starbucks. I notice she didn't feel it necessary to mention the suspicious tax affairs of her employer.
  21. If you cycle a lot in the winter, buy some Schwalbe Marathon Winter studded tyres. You can ride up a steep hill of solid ice no problem.
  22. The best thing is Lidl is the Black Forest Ham, absolutely stunning. The Ben Bracken single malt is also pretty good. As an alternative to instant porridge: 50g of porridge oats + 250g of water/milk/half of each. 12 minutes in the microwave on 30%. If you do it on 30%, it doesn't need to be stirred. Note: Remember to do it on 30%. If you do it for 12 minutes on full power you will be sorry.
  23. Interesting price history on this 3 bed terrace in the town centre that sold recently. 27 Apr 2012 Terraced, Freehold £117,500 Land Registry 20 Jul 2007 Terraced, Freehold £140,000 Land Registry 22 Jul 2003 Terraced, Freehold £122,000 Land Registry 31 Jul 2001 Terraced, Freehold £80,000 Land Registry
  24. I currently cycle on fairly quiet roads with my daughter (5). She will certainly be allowed to cycle on the road when she is 11.
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