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  1. There is too much wistful sentiment on this site. Things won't return to the way they were before, the country has changed too quickly for the worst... Why stay in a country that constantly takes the piss out of you and your opinions? Your standard of living has eroded away so quickly, you now accept it as a normal condition. The norm being a position of permanent concern, worry, fear and stress. You only have ONE life, don't waste it living in a miserable, dirty, overcrowded dump! I emigrated to Western Australia 15 months ago, and although I haven't got a job (yet!) it's still the best thing I've ever done with my life. My standard of living here is incredible compared to the shell of an existance I had back in the UK. Yes, house prices are still overpriced and unaffordable over here, but you can rent the most incredible 5 bed house for less than your average UK terraced shithole! By the way the UK music scene is crap and has been for the past 20 odd years - inhabitated by tedious, derivative, unoriginal bores who demand extortinate amounts of money to view their tame, unispired performances. You really are 'the flowers in the dustbin'
  2. Hi Smurf It looks like were almost a year behind you then, our crazy time was August/September 2004, although the crappy local newspaper has reported rises of 44% in the past year! I don't know what Tassie's like, but the whole of WA looks like a building site with houses being built everywhere and seemingly going up overnight! I really think there's going to be an overabundance of property in the coming years, which will hopefully reduce prices even further! Although nothing appears to be selling here at the moment the EA's are still recruiting new staff - it seems that every other person you talk to is an EA. There was an auction at the weekend for a 1950's two storey, 4 bed place opposite the estuary. It's reserve price was $450,000, but guess what? Despite loads turning up for the auction it never met it's reserve! It's a beautiful house, but 4 years ago you could have bought it for around $180,000. Yep, I think we may have reached the peak over here now!
  3. I saw him on tele last night. I thought his statement was quite brave, as I'm sure he's going to get a lot of stick from his colleagues ...... but could he have an ulterior motive? His statement was instintly dismissed by some other dullard 'expert' who said this won't happen because of interest rates ....yawn! No sign of prices dropping here in WA, although houses are sticking around for a long time. Next door neighbours place has been on the market for well over a year at $590,000 and no offers. Median houses around here are staying on the market for longer as well ... no suprise really as FTB's no longer exist!
  4. Totally agree with the last two posts. It's a shame that this site does attract the pig ignorant, who by the very nature of their predictable, unimaginative posts, demonstrate their lack of intelligence, I don't know about working harder, maybe you should try thinking harder? Or have you never travelled within a mile's radius of your naff little world? In 1993 I spent two weeks at sea photographing a fishing boat crew from Newlyn in Cornwall. Most of them don't own their own boats, they rent them from someone else and basically what they catch is what they earn. In a lot of cases this is not very much! These people risk their lives everytime they go out to sea/work, doing a very dangerous job in the most appaling conditions. Even though the majority of fisherman were/are on a very low wage, they could still afford to buy a small cottage in Newlyn or Penzance. Now, thanks to an influx of gutless, chinless wonders 'who want to live somewhere pretty' at weekends this has become impossible. So, Mr or Mrs pig ignorant tosser, why don't you walk it like you talk it? Go into the Swordfish pub in Newlyn and tell these guys that they're not working hard enough to be able to afford the most basic housing and hopefully you'll get a large gaff hook shoved where the sun don't shine! No doubt you're probably one of the gutless, souless wonders who thinks it's Ok for the Cornish to have been bought out of their communities by identikit drones! A very angry Cornishman.
  5. Hello HWD I left the UK in August 2004 for many of the reasons that you mention. The country has had it, there's no two ways about that! If it does recover from the moronic state that it's in, it's going to take several years to do so. Do you really want to spend any more of your one and only life just existing in a country ran by a bunch of *u**s who have no respect for it's citizens? I still find it very sad that people have been brainwashed into accepting and allowing nobhead 'culture' to seemingly dominate the country! When I was younger it was cool to be different and creative....to be yourself, whatever that was! The sort of ***** that now permeates would have been considered so embarrasing, naff and derivative it wouldn't even be worthy of comment! I consider myself to be a very open minded person who has lived a very varied life. I spent much of my early adolesence in the late seventies/early eighties playing in bands, dossing in squats and generally living a life very different from my school peers. I've never been a conventional person, but I did used to feel proud to be British! The point I'm trying to make is that I now think the UK has got SO bad that people from distinctly diverse backgrounds, who in a different climate, would probably have nothing in common are now all quoting from the same book. The country stinks! It's become a prison with no quality of life for the majority. In more enlightened times people would have done something about it by now, or maybe they would'nt have let it happen in the first place? You can see whats happening, don't provaricate ....do something about your situation! It helps agreat deal to have a migration agent with a partner or an office in Oz as well as the UK, I can reccoment someone if you need one. I live in rural South Western Australia, about a two hour drive from Perth ,in a five bedroomed house on an acre of bushland with loads of wildlife to keep me and my family company! I pay around 120 quid a week rent, god knows how much this would cost me in the UK - maybe 1500 quid a month? Yes, house prices are still rising in WA.... 40% in my area alone in the past year! But compared to the lunacy of the UK you still get a lot more for your money. If the house I rent was up for sale it would be the equivilent of around 200K. At the moment it's overpriced by around 70%, but I'm convinced prices will begin to drop over here soon. Although we've had a massive hike recently, houses are now starting to stagnate as there are now longer any FTB's and people can't afford to trade up. I've been here 14 months and I still haven't managed to find a job, despite trying very hard! I came over here with around 100K from the sale of my three bedroomed terrace, that is now rapidly dwindling away, but I've got to say I haven't been as happy since I was a kid. Crime is a rarity where I live. If somebody breaks a window round here it's likely to be reported on the front page of the local paper! It's very common to see cars unlocked with the keys in the ignition at the local supermarket and I haven't heard of one car being nicked since I've been here. My 7 year old son cycles a four mile round trip to school every day with his mates - can you imagine a kid that age doing that anywhere in the UK? I've travelled around most of Australia and I still think the West is the best. It is a little backward in some ways, but holds a certain innocence and charm. People are extremely helpful and friendly......and HAPPY!.... Most importantly they seem to TRUST one another! It does remind me of what England was like when I was growing up in the sixties. No doubt it'll change as it becomes more urbanised, but I can honestly say that at the moment it is a great place to live and the quality of life is incredible compared to the UK. I rode my trial bike down 5 miles of local beach yesterday and I didn't see another person and there's as much traffic driving around Perth on a Saturday afternoon as there would have been in any provincial UK town in the early seventies! Like I said earlier, YOU ONLY HAVE ONE LIFE! If you can afford to take the risk financially then go for it, the change will do you the world of good!
  6. King Canute never told the sea to go back because he believed he had power over it. He did it to prove to his subjects that he was merely human and DIDN'T have any special powers! Sorry to be pedantic, but it annoys me that people always get this wrong!
  7. RFD I'm an expat living in Western Australia. I left the UK in August 2004 and took around 100K with me. A large chunk of this has now gone as I haven't been able to find a job and I'm not allowed to claim any benefits. Why did I leave the UK? You're right nothing to do with the weather, quite simply I wanted a better life for me and my family. There's def. something to be said about cramped living conditions and violence. I used to commute to Oxford from Northampton on a daily basis sometimes by car, sometimes on motobike. I would encounter some sort of road rage every day of the week. Have yet to experience it on this side of Oz. I found life in the UK becoming unbearable. I was sick of feeling stressed out, feeling caged and trapped in a tiny terraced house. I was working just to pay overpriced bills, rip-off mortgage and gormless community charge. I needed a change. You only live once and I'd had enough of living like this. However emigrating doesn't solve your problems, it just gives you different ones to face! I'm now in the reverse situation, where I rent a fantastic five bedroomed house on an acre of bush, a minutes walk from the beach for around 110 quid a week, but am seeing my savings rapidly diminish as I don't have a job, and am pretty unlikely to find one. Other reasons for leaving UK: STUPID HOUSE PRICES, UNIVERSITY TUITION FEES AND STUDENT LOANS, TONY EFFING BLAIR, NOT BEING ABLE TO PARK OUTSIDE HOUSE, TOO MUCH TRAFFIC EVERYWHERE, MISERABLE, RUDE PEOPLE, CRAP TELEVISION, THICKO/CHAV CULTURE..... ad nauseum!
  8. I've just had a call from my brother in England with a very amusing tale about an amateur BTL landlord we both know! For want of a better title I shall call this rather smug and annoying bloke, 'Mr Thick'. About four years ago, Mr Thick aquired a 'portfolio' (ha,ha,ha how pretensious!) of ten ex-council houses in the salubrious, crime ridden Northamptonshire dump of Corby - 100% mortgage on each property! He told me at the time that 'He was going to make millions and would never have to work again'! Indeed, he packed in his job as a BT engineer to become a full-time landlord and 'man of leisure' about three years ago. I also remember him saying something like "The banks love new entrepreneurs like me you know, they're falling over themselves to lend me money ... it's people like me,brave people with ideas who are the new breed of moneymakers in this country"! Anyway, going back to the phone call. My brother bumped into a very glum looking Mr Thick yesterday. Brother: "How's your property empire getting on then? Mr Thick: "Property empire, Huh don't talk to me about that, I've just sold them all off"! Brother: :Did you make a profit? Mr Thick: You're joking! I've lost 10 grand on each one! To be honest I consider myself lucky to have lost so little, in a way I'm glad to be rid off them ....property's on the way out you know! It turns out that the rent yield from each property was so poor, that he'd have been better off putting his money, sorry the banks, into a savings account! So after four years this ' property tycoon' has panicked and sold off the houses, losing a massive 100K in the process! He now has his own property up for sale at 450K presumably to pay off what he owes to the bank! God knows how much total debt he must be in, because as I said earlier he packed his job in three years ago. Thinking about it now, I reckon he must have MEWED his own property and paid himself some sort of wage from it! What makes this even funnier is that he's sold all the houses off to another amateur BTL mug, who no doubt will also get hammered! How many more idiots are going to be in this situation?
  9. Lets hope they drop by at least 80%! I spent a large part of my twenties in Newlyn/Penzance and can honestly say I was shocked and angry the last time I visited Penzance at Xmas two years ago. The atmosphere of the place had completely changed. It used to be such a wonderful, happy, vibrant place to visit, but it felt like all the life and uniqueness had been sucked out of it. I hardly heard a local Cornish accent. Instead the place seemed to full of identikit middle class tossers with very loud voices - the type who talks loudly in art galleries because he's insecure, but wants you to think he's educated ...know what I mean? I noticed that house prices seemed to creep up just after the eclipse. My brothers one bed studio in Newlyn went from 32K to about 60k almost overnight I truly hope Cornwall gets a massive hammering. The way local people have been 'bought out' of their communities is a national disgrace, but of course nobody really cares anymore do they?
  10. If they're still living in the UK a very worrying immediate future. I emigrated to Western Australia last August, because I could see nothing but a bleak, directionless existance for myself and my kids. There is TOO MUCH wrong with the UK now. 1. It is massively overcrowded. The quality of life for the majority is utter shit, although I'm sure the majority don't realise it and if they do, they don't know what to do about it apart from moan! 2. If you live in a terrace street anywhere in the UK it is virtually impossible to park a car. So what will it be like in another ten years? It's also virtually impossible for two cars to pass each other on a terraced street if cars are parked on either side of the road because of the length of wingmirrors! The average mirror measures around 9 inches, times this by six (two cars passing, plus car parked on either side of road) and that's 54 inches - a massive 4 1/2 foot of road space! Why can't car manufacturers create a mirror that's integral to the body? 3. As above, traffic even in minor towns is a nightmare! I've recently been to Melbourne, the second busiest city in Oz and there was less traffic on a Saturday afternoon than there would be in Northampton on a Monday morning! 4. The whole country has been taken over by Chav/Nobhead/Thicko/Clone ... culture? It's now cool to be thick, talentless, unoriginal, greedy, sexist, dull ... ad nauseum! Just look at the role models in the media! ...Jesus! 5. The TV is utter garbage! And the BBC want to increase the licence fee? The TV is rubbish in Australia but at least nobody charges for it! 6. What happens to the kids who are 18-19 now and are off to UNi for the next three years? Well, if house prices remain stupidly overpriced and they leave with an average debt of around 18k, the vast majority will never, never, never own a house! They will live a life of debt and misery in a country that has completely betrayed and lied to them! They will grow into a very angry, resentfull generation of adults with no future ...literally nothing to look forward to ...how will they ever be able to have families? The student loan sytem is an utter disgrace! I and many of my mates have degrees, but we don't earn much more than the average wage. However, I have friends in the UK who are scaffolders, Plasterers and carpenters, all of whom earn at least double my salary and they don't have student loans to repay, and the graduate is supposed to be the higher earner?....utter shit! I'm sorry, I could continue writing this list for a lot longer but the sentiment will be the same. I am angry that I've had to move to the other side of the world away from my family and friends because I feel the UK has become 'unliveable' for my kids generation. By the way, it was actually cheaper to move to Australia than it would have been to have moved up from a three bedroomed terrace to a three bedroomed semi in Northampton ....How mad is that?
  11. I'm fairly new to this forum, so my apolgies if this subject has been covered before. Having had many bad experiences with slimey, disingenous EA's and to avoid having to suffer their shallow, predictable, identikit personalities, I decided that when it came to selling my property, I'd by-pass them completely and sell my house myself. I advertised my three bed terrace in Northampton in April 2004 through an internet company called Mypropertyforsale.com. I provided all the photographs and blurb for the web ad and they provided me with a sign to put outside the house. Within two weeks I'd sold the house for full asking price to the first of fifteen viewers (he came back three times) Not only that, I was twice offered sums above the full asking price, both of which I declined, of course! Anyway the total fee, including the sign was 84 quid! Nobody knows their own property like the person who lives in it, and I wasn't prepared to ******** anyone into buying it by making false claims. EVERY person who came to view the house said this was one of the main reasons that interested them and that they were thankful that they wouldn't have to deal with THEM ... EA's. So why in this age of internet enterprise doesn't Joe Public cotton on to the fact that they can sell their property themselves, instead of paying bloated fees to some cretinous EA, who does nothing but advertise their house with a crappy photograph, misleading and unimaginative descriptions and takes a whopping cut from THEIR property for doing very little at all? Of course the whole process can be done even cheaper by having your own webpage with web address on the sign outside the house! It's not like trying to fix a washing machine or car engine, where you actually need the advice and skills of an expert - ANYONE can sell a house, it's not rocket science! ...it is so EASY! If the majority of JOE P. did this, it would create a much fairer and interesting free market regarding house pricing. There would be no more EA's competing against each other to push prices up! Or 'stretching' and indeed lying that houses are in an area which they are DEFINATELY not in! This type of marketing has been done with great aplomb in Northampton. An area called Abington has been 'stretched' and marketed beyond the imagination by EA's, because it's a supposed 'desirable' area! A case of telling a big enough lie for long enough until people believe it! I also found that most people became aware of my property by the 'For Sale' sign and I'm sure that's the case with any house that's up for sale, people do their own research..... If only the public were more savvy.... the EA would be extinct!! What a wonderful thought!
  12. I'm Really Bored were responsible for the initial higher pricing in Abington - then the rest of the herd followed suit! I think it was also these cretins who started to 'widen' the Abington area! Since when has St Edmunds End - Cyril Street/Ethel Street/Edith Street or Kettering Road area St. Michaels Mount/Perry Street etc been in Abington? Ever since Estate agents realised that 'Abington' was a good 'brand' name and they could con Joe Public into believing it. Tell a big enough lie for long enough and people believe it! I truly hope they disappear down the drain ASAP!
  13. I'm sick of seeing what I think are misleading and innaccurate EA descriptions ie: "Four storey townhouse" when the property is really the bog standard two floors with an attic and a cellar! Is this type of description technically correct and legal? Can anyone tell me what the correct definition of a storey IS in bulding terms? The OED describes a storey as: 'the whole of the rooms in a building having a continous floor'. If this is the case, then surely any house with an attic and a cellar is four storey! Somebody please tell me this is wrong!
  14. Hi Bart You're certainly right about the middle class areas of Sheffield. I still think it could be one of the most beautiful cities in England, if only they could sort the city centre out a bit more! Most people who've never spent much time in the city seem to have the idea that it's full of endless smog stained terraced streets - far from it! - OK there are a few! Pitsmoor, Bramhall Lane, London Road areas sping to mind! I used to live in Harcourt road, right at the end of Crookes Moor Road. Wasn't some of the Full Monty stuff shot down the other side of there?... is it Philadelphia?....that area at the back of Safeways on the Penistone Road? What villages do you have in mind then? Something in the High Peaks area? A mate of mine bought a three bedroomed cottage in Chapel en le Frith for 35k in 1995, I thought that was a lot of dosh even then and I still think that would be a fair price today. The housing madness has 'devalued' money in the eyes of too many - 100k sounds worthless doesn't it? Peoples savings have been totally devalued as regards house prices. In 1998 I bought a three bed in Northampton for 57k, I put down a 5K deposit. To buy the same house today I would need to put down 100K deposit to have the same mortgage repayments!
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