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  1. By expanding the definition of far right and/or Nazi to anyone slightly to the right of the Tories or those who say anything negative about uncontrolled immigration it is not surprising they would see an increase. They have in essence created their own nightmare.
  2. Have a look at sovereigns, they are CGT exempt. Gold is VERY expensive in £ at the moment though it being priced in $ and all. There are some daily prices here (although I am not promoting their site and have not used them) http://goldline.co.uk/bullionCoins.page Edit: It is very easy to buy, call selected vendor, get price, pay with debit card. Wait a day or two from postman to bring package of lovely shiny things.
  3. The local Hindu's here as well Back to Hungary though, many families have people working in Germany/Austria/UK. They send home a lot of money. One of my relatives in law has the wife working as a nurse in Germany and the husband plus kid in Hungary. She sends home more cash than they would earn between them at home. The V4 states are not well off, jobs outside the cities are scarce since the West asset stripped them when the Warsaw pact collapsed. For that reason alone I doubt they will leave without an EU-lite being in place. I do think Britain should start to make overtures to the V4 on ju
  4. It means they generally really don't like non-European foreigners, especially the Middle Eastern ones. Orban is trying to stop the 3rd placed party Jobbik from gaining any ground, more here https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jobbik. They also are generally not very keen on gays or gypsies, just ask a Hungarian next time you meet one, that is also true for a lot of Eastern Europeans generally, especially Poles. They don't buy into our politically correct polices that we have in the UK as there were none during communism and people could not voice any protest under the Soviets. Now they can speak and
  5. From what I hear from the Hungarian in-laws it is more about the migrants. They were very annoyed at the dictatorial stance from Brussels over the new rules. This mainly is down to the fact the initial meeting on quotas was supposed to be concensus only and then got changed by the powers that be to a vote when it was obvious there would be no agreement amongst the states. When Brussels compounded that with the EUR250k/per refugee fines for not complying the Huns were outraged. Given the savage occupation of the country by the Ottomans they have a huge grudge against Islam. You can find some
  6. That seems to sum up the majority of facebook warrior young people, angry at others but did bugger all themselves.
  7. I take it your wife agreed with your vote as well, I used my vote for the both of us.
  8. My entire family, they personally accused me, with my single vote, of destroying their entire world and their children's world (even though they can apply for Irish passports). One, a rich but lifelong labour supporter, even said that democracy should be guided by those who know better than the proles when we complained about the non democratic EU. They avoided the uneducated and racist bit given I have a degree and am married to an Eastern European. Fun family lunch it was not.
  9. This video sums it up well from a gentleman who has seen it all before. 5 minutes of your time and well worth a watch:
  10. Very good movie anyway, quite an eye opener and a good antidote to what the media is telling us.
  11. How long can the men in suits keep the plates spinning? The reset approaches.
  12. It was only a few years ago they announced paying off the Crimean war, I think this is purely a PR stunt and they have missed quite a few other wars out.
  13. Won't they have to pay redundancy? This could cost a fortune for the supposed 3% return.
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