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  1. I've just experienced it for years, people drumming in my ear how coward we were for not buying, as if! So, finally, I thought, well they'll shut up as you just need to switch on the news to see what's going on. And, would you know? I've just had a friend saying to me that I should buy a house first if I want to start a family, as it's easier. Well, heeello! Do you listen to the news? Fortunately, I felt bad about saying to her that we are just not crazy enough to buy now and lose money; her and her partner have a young child and an incredibly massive mortgage on a "still need modernization"
  2. I know somebody who actually runs a small estate agent's office in north Bristol and said that they were very slow in sales but it didn't matter so much to them because they had lots of work coming in from rentals. So, if there are more and more people wanting to rent, even if there are more properties available for rent, won't that mean that either rental prices stay at the same level or go higher? I suppose once the market reaches its lower point for selling price, and it stagnates for years as in the last crash, there will be a point when renting will be more expensive than buying and t
  3. I wouldn't go to China thinking that it's quite a strong economy. I am not an expert, but from what I've seen at work they depend more on us than us on them. Who do you think makes the tat people have been buying with credit in America and UK? Exactly, China, Taiwan, etc. What's the first thing you stop buying when you mortgage goes up and your partner gets made redundant? Nappies, food, milk, tea? Surprise, cheap tat made in China. About going to Europe, well, Spain is going through its first ever crash, French economy is going to the dogs as well... I suppose some countries may be stable li
  4. I feel sorry for the workers though. A lot of people are going to struggle. DonĀ“t worry, I am sure they will all have their family house waiting for them when they go back to Poland.
  5. We live in the Watford area, around here rents have been falling, not huge amounts, but it's now cheaper to rent than a year ago. And I think this is going to continue as in our area we can see more and more to let signs and empty properties that are not let out for ages. There are also many properties for sale and rent at the same time, and lots of no chain properties for sale. I don't know if this is true of other towns in Hertfordshire, but I imagine it cannot be so different.
  6. Friends want to put their 2 bed ground floor maisonette on the market for 180K, it's an ex council but to be fair it 's not in the middle of a council estate, it's West Watford walking distance from the town centre, and it has own garden and garage. The weird thing is that I 've see 2 bed houses (bathroom downstairs) for less than that, even for 160 in North and West Watford, in good locations near transport links. They are not worried about selling it because they got it from family a year ago for 140K and got given the deposit as well, so they have some equity. It just sounds so bizarre
  7. Thanks for your feedback guys. That's what I thought myself. My friend was actually trying to get me and my partner to view the property as we are looking in the area. We politely refused as we would not buy it now for 165K anyway, and we want to wait to see prices go down. Obviously, most of our friends think we are a bit nuts, although they also thought we were nuts when a few months ago decided to wait for the prices to stop going up, which eventually they did.
  8. Friend of friend's has a house with 3 bed off landing , conservatory and large garden for 165K, owner got an offer for 145K!!!! They are fed up with estate agents as they feel they are not helping them and decided not to accept the offer, and keep the house. I don't know if the person that made the offer was for real or was having a laugh, but I suspect this person was clued in, and probably some of the houses selling in this area are not going for anything near the asking price.
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