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  1. Amazing photo. But can't imagine they were that useful for delivering the mail. Its petrol powered though. Not electric.
  2. This article says "For every 5 million cars, you need 100 million ounces of silver" My question is: Do you? It seems a lot to me. 20 ounces in every car? Does that sound right? https://www.kitco.com/news/2021-09-24/Silver-price-to-hit-high-ranges-of-triple-digits-Not-enough-on-planet-to-meet-demands-Neumeyer.html The article is very bullish on silver (according to a silver miner of course)
  3. I sent a parcel to Switzerland last week. Post office lady told me there could be delays. I asked if it was just here or the other end too. She said it was all over Europe.
  4. They are being sponsored by a crypto exchange and having all the sponsorship paid in BTC, I believe.
  5. Hang on. Bingley is a place? I always thought Bradford and Bingley was named after two people. Just sounds like a partnership of two old fellas. Boy do I feel stupid.
  6. Would you also refuse hospital treatment to a smoker or someone who drinks? Someone who went on a roof without safety equipment and fell, or someone who started a fight and ended up getting stabbed. Or is it just someone who is unvaccinated where you think its ok to stand by and watch them die? I agree with Morrisons stance, that they won't pay sick pay to unvaxxed if they get pinged and have to self isolated. Thats fair as the vaccinated no longer have to isolate so why should they pay the unvaxxed to sit on their **** for 10 days. If you mean the NHS should charge them for the treatment, then thats a different matter but the whole point of the NHS is its supposed to be free at the point of use for everyone, so I don't know.
  7. Don't forget all the people furloughed that ended up working a second job
  8. We need to slow immigration foremost. Otherwise we will be constantly chasing our tails trying to accommodate the ever growing numbers.
  9. Having watched an old DVD of 'I Robot' recently and seeing this youtube, I can really see things humanity ending in a dystopian robot Armageddon in the future.
  10. Well its not pointless because they get a nice hotel room, no bills and spending money while they wait for their case to be heard.
  11. Its not really new houses that are the problem though. Most new builds have a driveway, a Charging point can be fitted easy enough, or just use a 13amp house socket and charge overnight. The problem is going to be all the people living in old terraced houses that face directly onto the street and often can't even park outside their own house. And flats and apartments of course.
  12. If self driving cars still have to have a driver present then trucks will definitely still need a driver present, for the time being anyway, just in case something goes wrong. Trains on the Victoria line have been able to drive themselves for 40 years but still all have to have a driver for passenger safety. My issue with the self driving vehicles is when there is an unusual problem like an accident or traffic lights being stuck on red that needs some thinking outside the box and interaction with other drivers to move safely past. I'd suspect AI would just sit there waiting patiently forever for its route to become clear or the light to go green, when in fact its adding to the problem.
  13. Same. I can't vote for any of the current parties. So unless there is a new magic pixie unicorn party that appears in the next 2 years I will have to abstain.
  14. Why are the French not stopping them at their other borders, on the way into France. Presumably they do not magically appear in Calais but had to travel across other countries to reach French, so why can't they challenged at the borders of other countries to determine if they are genuine asylum seekers and sent packing if they're not. If every country did this they should be stopped at whatever point they Enter Europe. If this puts the burden on one or two countries on the outskirts of Europe then all European countries could contribute towards building a big processing centre. (A big old wall and some soldiers pointing guns around would send the right message, instead of sending out a welcome party and hotel accommodation as we seem to do now) Failed asylum seekers could be sent back home and the genuine ones allocated to countries across Europe on a fair basis. We're not in the EU but I'm sure the UK would be willing to help pitch in a few million towards it and be willing to accept 2 or 3 thousand of genuine cases. Something has to be done to stop the thousand odd illegally coming here every week at the moment. There seems to be no end to it.
  15. I don't like the houses, but I dislike the way the estates are laid out even more. Always a myriad of little cul-de-sacs like someone dropped a plate of spaghetti with as many houses crammed into them as possible all facing onto each other and with postage stamp gardens. And often off a main road with just one point of entry.
  16. My little brain is struggling with this one. If they are giving 16/17 year olds one shot, then why not give them both. If the risks are they could have an adverse reaction to the vaccine then wouldn't most get it at the point of the having the first jab anyway? One jab doesn't offer a massive amount of protection on its own if I recall, you need two jabs for the 90% protection or whatever it was initially, before it starts sliding away after 6 months. Given how this age group are at near zero risk from covid, if they are at all unsure I would have thought it would have been better not to vaccinate them at all, rather than do half a job then wait and see. Or is it just that there aren't enough vaccines for them all at the moment if they have to start giving out a new round of boosters soon?
  17. The PHE review last August found that 88% of deaths occurred within 28 days of a positive COVID-19 test which is where the 28 days figures comes from on the governments covid dashboard. There are 2 sets of figures complied, (i) 28 days after a positive test and (ii) 60 days after a positive if covid is mentioned on the death certificate. So I guess the ONS are using method (ii) or doing their own thing altogether.
  18. Jeez. Have you seen how much equipment the US army either left behind or had previously given to the Afghan army - Now in the hands of the Taliban.
  19. I think we both know I can't really afford a ranger rover
  20. We get to hear about then now because it suits the agenda now and fits in with click baity headlines like "Global warming leading to California being on fire"
  21. You really are a c0ck aren't you. What time is the bus coming to take you back to the centre?
  22. Perhaps they understand there have always been and will always be wild fires, regardless of how often I drive my diesel Range Rover or eat roast beef.
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