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  1. Perhaps they vote whether to change rates first, and if that gets through vote for how much.
  2. 60 mile range. Handling affected a little bit I'd imagine but not terribly so. Not least because the battery is so small so doesn't take up too much weight/space. I'd still want a bigger battery. I just don't think the current battery technology is there yet for what they want to do.
  3. Looks like bad news: https://blockworks.co/eu-parliament-committees-vote-to-crack-down-on-crypto-transfers/
  4. Possibly. So say someone has a part time cleaning job and earns £10,500 At the moment they would have to pay a small amount of NI but would count as having their stamp (i think they call it) paid. But now the threshold has gone up, they won't pay any NI at all, so no stamp for this year. On the face of it, you're correct. I'd like to know the answer to this for sure.
  5. My understanding is they keep as much of the existing car as possible, gear box and all. Just whip out the engine and fuel tank and plonk a battery and motor in, mate it to the drivetrain and away you go. About 7K to 8k euros before subsidies fitted to your car. Claim it can be done in a day.
  6. This is long overdue. I wonder how much longer it will be before we can get garages in the UK installing these. Expect masses of red tape to make it more difficult that it is. Think it needs a bigger battery option though, otherwise it can only really be a second car.
  7. My nan used to say that during the blitz the safest place in the house was the cupboard under the stairs. Unfortunately I live in a bungalow.
  8. This suggests even moving continent won't save you.
  9. I've just had that installed. Recommend it if you can find a competitive price. I'm already getting most of my day's electricity through the system, even on partially cloudy days. Points to note: 1. If installed as standard it switches off in the event of a power cut. This is due to some crappy UK legislation. If you want the battery to cut in and supply power through an outage then you need to explicitly ask for that at the design stage and they have to put a load of extra wiring in so the system can be isolated from the mains and wired into its own earth and everything. Its sounds like a right faff and I never did it in the end. 2. The export tariff is an absolute joke. I think I get 5.5p Per Kw/hr for electricity I send back to the grid, and that was on a special deal. - So don't expect the cost you can sell it for to be anything like the cost of buying electricity.
  10. Aren't most of them delivered by submarine now? Either way, I would want to be either killed standing on a rooftop at ground zero or be hiding miles away on island in the Hebrides. Rather than be slowly killed by the radiation fallout and societal breakdown in the cities.
  11. Annoyingly no. Although I have a few weeks until my contract comes to and end to look. Might just be everyone has bumped their charges up the same. Scottish power have a 2 year fixed at only 5p above the KwHr charge for the variable rate of my current supplier so thats a possibility. Its a question of how long the markets stay so high for. It could come back down within the two years.
  12. Maybe. But the cynic in me thinks this is just a ploy to keep their prices high. They can hide some of the higher fees in the standing charge, then when the wholesale price comes down again they will cut their rate per unit but maintain the high standing charges.
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