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  1. Data for May. Does this suggest 2 doses of the vaccines is stopping transmission? Assuming most of the people in the 60+ age group have had 2 jabs now compared to the under 60s who have had one or none. (sorry for the long list, didn't have time to format it or make a table) BOLTON 31 May: Age 0-59: 141 cases. Age 60+: 6 cases 30 May: Age 0-59: 116 cases. Age 60+: 8 cases 29 May: Age 0-59: 110 cases. Age 60+: 3 cases 28 May: Age 0-59: 109 cases. Age 60+: 7 cases 27 May: Age 0-59: 156 cases. Age 60+: 3 cases 26 May: Age 0-59: 210 cases. Age 60+: 4 cases 25 May: Age 0-5
  2. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-wales-politics-57142970
  3. One battery that you might have to worry about charging is the 12V that powers the computer systems.
  4. Crypto.com are listing it. For some reason. Thats how I heard about it, people on the Crypto.com reddit wanking themselves off over how many million Shiba coins they bought. Other than that I think its on uni-swap.
  5. For fans of shitcoins, Shiba Inu seems to be the next barrel o crap being ramped up as the new Dodge Gone up many percent in the last 4 weeks. But not something I would get involved with.
  6. I've always thought some sort of giant EMP that knocks out all the electronics should be feared the most (beside total nuclear destruction)
  7. The cost of motoring will have to increase dramatically to pry people away from their cars. Especially folk who live 10 or 15 miles from where they work and don't have public transport. They're not going to rely on a taxi or uber or an AI driven robot tuk tuk or whatever the future holds for us. When I worked in SE London I cycled and most days it was quicker than using the car. But thats just not possible for a lot of people. And its miserable in bad weather.
  8. LOL thats exactly what I was just thinking about when I read that article.
  9. You know its been a bad day when 2 of the biggest gainers are Tether and PAXgold.
  10. At no point did the builders think to say, this seems a bit odd we better double check?
  11. I've just been watching that Phil and Krusty program. First time I've seen them for years. 2 couples: First one. Sees nice house on the market at £280k Krusty advises they go in with an offer of £280k. Seller says theyd like a little bit more and offer is revised to £283k and accepted. Second couple. Decent house. Guide price of £325K. Phil thinks they are in a good position so should offer £325K. Offer rejected, seller wants £335K They meet in the middle in the end. Is that how houses are bought these days? Seller sets a price then negotiates upwards?? I must be out of tou
  12. Still better value than those stupid crypto punk things
  13. Not had it. Don't want it. Its a track and trace/vaccine status app eventually leading to an all encompassing everything ID that you have to show to gain access to anywhere the govt deems necessary that worries me more than the actual vaccine. Let's see how this all pans out.
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