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  1. I'm in the sticks. Pay £20 a month for unlimited 4G wifi with Vodafone. Plenty fast enough to stream iplayer and other usual internet use and never missed a beat. Can't see starlink making any difference to house prices btw
  2. Could nudge below $40,000 and then pop straight back up again.
  3. I'd rather put an offer in for Tindale Towers than pay £2 million for that postage stamp apartment in Mayfair.
  4. First time I've seen this thread. How on earth did they get planning permission for that? It's just bizarre. I can't imagine anyone with over 1 million to spend on a house would want to live in that location, no matter how spectacular the house was.
  5. I'm not sure, although i note it says "buying by tourets is less attractive" which is something I've always thought as well.
  6. Some of my coins are staked. I use Crytpo.com, Celcius, and Blockfi. I get between 5% and 12.5% depending on which coins are staked. It carries some risk but I think its worth it as long as you dont put all your eggs in one basket and stick to the bigger, well known companies. Watch out for some which offer a higher rate but then only pay the interest in their own coin.
  7. Yes, I checked the exchange rate and its tracked the dollar exactly. Down the north face of the Eiger.
  8. As an aside; I've been staking $500 of tether since the summer, along with my cryptos, so I had something I could quickly use to buy any big dips that never came. When I bought it it was worth around £400. Today its worth £351 Even with the interest from staking I am still worse off.
  9. More to the point who do you have to kill these days to get a graphics card. I've been looking for a Nvidia one for weeks and there aren't any available anywhere, apart from paying over the odds for a used one on ebay.
  10. There's no 'like' button on here, but thanks for that detailed recount of your experiences, Greg.
  11. Ford have just made a similar announcement, I think they said 2030 though.
  12. Won't platinum (and palladium) be out of favour because there is less demand from the Automobile industry now? Will that change in the future to increase demand for them again?
  13. I've always thought of it the other way round, the worst of both worlds. You still have to maintain a petrol engine plus you are carrying around the extra weight of either the engine or the battery, depending on how your using it, over a full ICE or BEV. Presumably this time of year you have to have the engine running for the heater/lights/demister to work or the battery will be gone in no time?
  14. This is a nice idea but even at the early bird price of $699 its a lot of money to have to recoup to make it worthwhile with the UK electricity prices, especially as you're not going to be running it over the summer.
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