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  1. Black granite kitchen work tops.. An irrational hatred of mine but people seem to put them in with no thought as to whether they actually match anything else. They're not cool, they don't make your kitchen look modern, they make it look crap. Also lights round the bottom of kitchen units.. Again complete lack of imagination, they scream ' I just bought everything out of the latest B & Q catalogue' No storage cupboards..viewed several properties both new build and renovated barns, farmhouse etc and not one single cupboard in the house. Where do I put my vac, mop/bucket, towels etc...
  2. So they got the bargain of the century..7% under asking price. Jesus wept.
  3. My understanding is that most agents require finance to purchase the property to be proven as well as solicitors details received before the property is shown on rightmove as SSTC. We provided this information almost immediately so the house we are buying went sold SSTC within 4 days but other people might take a bit longer. If the sale has fallen through once already the vendor might be insisting that the property remain as available on rightmove, I've also seen this happen.. Just register your interest with the agent and ask them to call you if it falls through again.
  4. There's a thread on MSE at the moment. She bought a house for an elderly relative under the right to buy scheme 5 years ago, she paid 17K for it but she had to put the house in the elderly relatives name or else they wouldn't get the discount. 3 years ago the house was transferred back into the OP's name to 'protect' the house in case the elderly realtive ever went into care..relative has now gone into care and she wants to know whether the council have any rights to the house to cover cost of care because of course she wants to sell the house and make a nice 60K profit...
  5. One by me was bought last year for 400K, on again now after having a new stove put in for 450K.. One came on today, bought for 425K in 2006, yours today for 530K. Offered on one last week, been on at 625K for nine months, offered 12% under asking. We're in rented, money in the bank and mortgage ready and waiting. Only other interested party is someone unable to sell their 400K house but willing to pay asking price when theirs does sell. Offer firmly rejected, asking price or nothing. I assume they were so offended by our offer that they're now taking the 400K house in part ex. They all get asking price so happy days for them. I'm slowly losing the will to live. 9 houses we've offered on, not one single vendor willing to come down by more than a couple of percent. It's obviously not that grim up north.
  6. We currently rent a property in a converted mill. There are flats, terraced houses in the old mills and several new build terraces with one new build detached also. The development was completed in 2005. We like living here, our eight year old loves it, plenty of other kids and there's 19 acres of communal woodland to run riot in. The detached house sold last May (2010) just before we moved in to our current rental, sold for 400K. Detached house has gone back on a few months ago for 460K. I also rang the agent asking for details of any improvements, they've installed a new log burning stove and built a wood store, presumably out of solid gold then, I asked.. No, they bought it as a distressed sale so got it for way less than market value so the new asking price is it's true worth. Or so I'm told.
  7. We have a few kids in my sons primary school that have come in from private schools in the last 18 months or so, not sure how they managed to get in when they school was 'full' but they're affectionately known amongst the parents as the 'credit crunch kids'.
  8. http://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sale/property-29787928.html Reduced by 50k to 750k but you still need to finish it.
  9. No actually I haven't..we struggled to get a 12 month lease on the first property we rented and that's even though we were paying the whole 12 months up front, we didn't even get a discount on the rent, what we actually got was a t**t of a landlord who pissed off abroad and left us with his unpaid debt, bailiffs turning up at all hours and even the police came looking for him, after 7 months of complaining to the EA who frankly didn't give a toss, we discovered from a neighbour that he was back from abroad and was renting a house from said EA half a mile down the road.. another month and we'd had enough, turned out the EA hadn't protected our deposit and I believe this was what got us our remaining rent and deposit back as well as my other half dragging the EA over the desk and threatening to kick his head in (EA was actually a friend of a friend of ours in California and came highly recommended, still behaved like a complete crook) Rental number 2..another accidental landlord that would only give us 6 months and surprise surprise even though he was getting £1800 a month from us, he decided to sell so we were out. 4 months later of course house was back up to rent. Rental number 3..another accidental landlord and crappy letting agent, no working oven for the first 8 weeks, no consent to let and default letters turning up for the landlord, they've also pissed off abroad. So far I've paid about 33K for the privilege of living in these peoples houses. Even if I didn't have kids I doubt I could put up with the shit that comes with renting much longer but having kids involved in all of this is dreadful so we've set ourselves a deadline of the end of October then we'll buy wherever we consider the most suitable property at the time and sadly at whatever price we have to pay for it. I've enquired with every LA and EA in the area for a 4 bedroom house with a long term lease with landlords that aren't just landlords because they cant sell their house and currently there's one but it won't accept pets and is in the wrong high school catchment area so we'd have to move again anyway. What infuriates me even more is I've just given my tenants in my house in California another 2 year lease, I have a handyman that deals with any issues within 24 hours, I allow them to decorate, still pay for the garden to be done and the pool to be cleaned every week yet here I got grief for allowing my son to stick a poster on his bedroom wall with blue tack because it marked the walls and i got charged £160 by the LA when we left the second house because the grass hadn't been cut for 2 weeks even though we'd had about 3 weeks of torrential rain. We're caught between a rock and a hard place, both options are quite frankly undesirable but I'll be taking my chances with buying as renting really is the pits.
  10. http://www.rightmove.co.uk/property-for-sale/property-30275887.html Bedroom 3 5.11 X 4.9.. That's a cupboard surely.
  11. http://forums.moneysavingexpert.com/showthread.php?t=3176456&highlight=hsbc+bankrupt+mortgage Seems it all worked out fine for her and this was HSBC.
  12. I viewed a property yesterday that's been for sale since March 2008. It's a new build and they tried to sell it for all this time without it being built, house has now been completed but it's still the same price as it was in march 2008. It's in an excellent location for us, hence me reluctantly viewing it but the garden was tiny although the house itself was beautifully finished, but then it should be, it's 475K. When I told the agent it had too small a garden he replied with " it's a real problem these days with new builds, the councils are insisting that builders cram as many properties as possible into a plot because of the severe housing shortages" My response of "well how come his plans to build 12 houses on this plot were rejected, in favour of only 4" were met with a blank stare. I also asked about the price. The other three properties in the development were sold at the end of 2007 for 525K but are larger properties, one sold only a few months ago again for 413K.. I played a little dumb and asked about the possibility of a mortgage valuation coming in too low as the house across had sold for 413K, he said it wasn't a problem as it had only gone cheap because it was a relocation company that had sold it so a mortgage valuer wouldn't take this into account. We also offered on another property back in February that's been on for 3 years, again no price drop, just a price increase then a drop to what it had originally been on for, offered 12% under asking. Not interested, they rang me only three days ago to let me know that another higher offer was in and would we like to match it.
  13. I love them too, but they never seem to sit right in UK landscapes for some reason IMO, maybe it's because they're too much of a contrast with the kind of houses we have here. This is for sale just up the road from us, not sure if it's an actual Huf, but it's stuck between ordinary 4 bed detached houses on the side of a very busy road, sticks out like a sore thumb. http://webdata.carterjonas.co.uk/assets/CJ/sales/pdf/HUD100115.PDF
  14. She said our offer seemed very fair considering the length of time it's been for sale. It has been with this agent since March last year at 575K originally, price was reduced last September to 550K. However it was for sale with a different agent at 549K for 18 months prior to switching to this agent with a 6 month gap in between. Justification for the price rise was that they had 2 offers over the asking price but they fell through. Of course she hasn't seen the property so has no idea that it also needs a fair bit of work. We were told that they'd turned down an offer of 535K just before Christmas so maybe they do have instructions not to pass on low offers, ours was 475K but I still find it amazing that she isn't aware of offers they've received especially as it's one of her properties. I'm still very interested in this house but with the drops that other properties have had in the last few weeks, my offer of 475K will most definitely no longer stand. I'd been watching a very similar property which is sadly in the wrong high school catchment area for us but is actually in a nicer area that had come down from 625K to 500K and has just accepted an offer of 430K. Another friend of ours has also just had an offer accepted on a barn conversion with stables and land, on at 485K, offer accepted at 389K.
  15. Went out last night in the town where we live. Bumped into the wife of an old friend, haven't seen her for a while, she used to work as an EA before their baby was born but didn't realise she'd gone back to work. Asked us if we'd found an house yet to which we replied we hadn't. Then asked us about the Victorian property that's for sale in the centre of town as that was one of 'her' properties. Cue me looking incredulous. "we put an offer in about 3 months ago" was the reply Cue her looking incredulous. "does the offer still stand as they're desperate" Told her how much we'd offered, told her what we'd been told as to why the offer was nowhere near what they were looking for, she had no idea that there'd been an offer in recent times. She started working there maybe a fortnight after the offer was put in. She going to look into it tomorrow. I'm was doubting whether the offer was ever put forward anyway but even more so now which is going to put her in a rather awkward situation.
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