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  1. chronyx

    Biggest fall in RPI since Jan 2009

    Thanks Mark
  2. I've idly wondered what happens to all the top soil when land is graded ready for estates to be built. https://www.old-maps.co.uk/#/ goes back over a century and barely a scrap of land was left unproductive. Wouldn't advise viewing if you're feeling...nostalgic? Wrong word but I can't think of the right one.
  3. I'd have to look up how much land is being intentionally left fallow to answer that properly. Still, fallow land is habitable land for critters.
  4. At least proper gardens are bio-diverse. It'll be monocultured Glyphocrops that are killing all the insects. My garden is an oasis for insects in the summer
  5. The two aren't mutually exclusive. A wonder Brexit doesn't address buying and selling piles of bricks for ever increasing amounts of money being the economy isn't a good recipe for long term prospects, irrespective of any wage inflation improving affordability.
  6. Neither would I, but I've always ripped the plaster off and got it over with rather than gingerly remove bit by bit
  7. I'll be voting labour, but only because I now want a crash and burn. Groundhog days since 2008 are getting wearing.
  8. chronyx

    Interest rates going down

    Totally agree. So what we need to do is: If you voted red, vote blue If you voted blue, vote red. That'll show 'em!
  9. chronyx

    Interest rates going down

    OK good luck with that
  10. chronyx

    Interest rates going down

    politicians telling bankers anything They're the bankers puppets and anyone who doesn't stay on message ends up on hill walking holiday.
  11. I already acknowledged that PVC cables can easily last 20 years and have at no point said temperature is irrelevant, just that VIR cable degrades regardless of temperature. I'm done with your autism now as I'm used to getting paid for the correct information.
  12. I'm a fully qualified electrician dear. What's empathy got to do with anything when we're talking facts?

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