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  1. Well they obviously thought and voted wrong didn't they, but that was in the past
  2. What are you on about? I was commenting on the fact that Basically says "Well, that vote was in the past, and this is the now, so now, we will have another vote. It's logic, see." Why are you going on about opinion polls
  3. I've heard of that, isn't that where you hold votes until people vote the correct way?
  4. Japan will learn the wisdom of the white heat of tax credits.
  5. What's French for merde
  6. I'd love to be wrong but I've read this analysis so many times.
  7. We said the same in 2008 nothing is going to happen apart from the continued boiling of the frog.
  8. Or a dip in that massive ocean behind her
  9. Well duh it's got half naked females
  10. London, Decemeber 2018
  11. OK have fun in the Dystopia
  12. chronyx

    FTSE down 2% reunion thread

    Oh I agree with you, the point is when. Stopped clock etc. I think I have doom p0rn fatigue, so chances are it's TEOTWAWKI
  13. Well it sounds more ambiguously glamorous than "Hoovering offices"
  14. chronyx

    Did you get help from Bomad

    Yes, I would not have been able to move out otherwise it's as simple as that.

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