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  1. Well we're in a chicken and egg situation then, as the regs themselves state they apply only to new installations and circuits. EICRs can be carried out to 18th edition standards but only require C3 codes for things like RCD protection on existing older installations. I usually word it as 'upgrade strongly advised but suitable for continued use' as long as the standard inspection and test has been passed.
  2. That's why I blanket-termed them with 'involved'!
  3. There is something particularly obnoxious about those involved with 'luxury' London property
  4. BS7671 is non-statutory anyway, and applies only to new installations (Not retroactively applicable to older installations)
  5. Piotr Zbrjski will be doing a lot of sign offs then No he's just gone back to Poland officer...you just missed him
  6. The plot-twist here is that I actually agree with the CO2 mob that there is a climate emergency. Just not what the government will tell you it is. Too much money to be made, and empires to be built.
  7. I agree with this. Post WW2 the Town and Country planning act...you know the rest. Another victory for the government, who (Seem to, allegedly, some might say) actively hate us.
  8. The only thing i care less about than what an economist thinks of the economy is what an economist thinks about climate change. ? whoops i was aiming for a lol face but this place sucks on a phone browser
  9. Why do all climate change 'solutions' involve giving more power, tax and resources to the government? (With governments track record as it stands)
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