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  1. Yes, I think there is something demonic about Blair and his vile crew. Mind you, I felt the same way about Thatcher.
  2. Perhaps they should. They could hardly be any worse at it than they are at telecoms.
  3. No problem with that at all. Also find his perspective on being a landlord interesting. However, I do object to him being an obnoxious c**t, which he is a lot of the time.
  4. Ok tough guy, get at 'em. See you on the barricades (note that's barricades plural - no apostrophe).
  5. Yet he's not so overloaded with work that he hasn't got time to spend posting his hysterical (and not to mention lengthy) diatribes on here.
  6. ...and what should I do? Shoot up my local mosque with an AK47? Rear Adm Parry sounds like an eminently qualified fellow, but even he cracked a few jokes at the end of the article. Humour is a coping mechanism. Don't be so bloody poe faced all the time.
  7. What I'd like to know is, what's a load of stuff about immigration got to do with an expected influx of Marilyn Manson fans? I'm not scared of them, their bark tends to be worse than their bite. Nowhere near as bad as chavs and pikeys. I'm not averse to a bit of Sisters of Mercy or The Damned. The new stuff doesn't do a lot for me though I have to say.
  8. "You Are All Right About Our Sick Housing Policy In The Uk, But you are still just a bunch of whingers" Hmm...I think whingers is a bit rich from someone who regularly clogs this board up with emotionally incontinent, drunken rantings. If you don't like it here Sam can I suggest you stop posting and do something more constructive with your time? Like learn to spell perhaps.
  9. You are joking, right? I'm employed in the public sector and in my experience that's precisely what happens a lot of the time. I work for a county council and most of senior management are mediocre time servers, or out and out f***ing useless GROLIES (and the women are as bad). I have to disagree. Exhibit A: Head of Design MANCHESTER CITY COUNCIL Greater Manchester circa £62,500 plus benefits You will lead the development of wide-ranging business solutions that support a vision of a transformed organisation and will have primary responsibility for the design and ownership of b
  10. Sense of humour failure: Exhibit A your honour. Unless...it's one big epic wind up? If so, fair play. If not , I'd say it's time for your tin foil hat medication.
  11. Now you put it like that...mind you, there are a fair few sense of humour bypass cases on this forum (mentioning no names).
  12. I'd've thought it was fairly obvious that he was taking the piss.
  13. Absolutely true. If it's an area you're knowledgeable about e.g. from work or maybe a hobby, then you can always find mistakes in newspaper articles about it. If they're getting that wrong, what else are they mucking up? I think you're right about the "just wanting to fill space" motive.
  14. I was taking the piss out of Justice and his incontinent babbling. No particular axe to grind about Freemasons. I only know one, a friend of my dad's, and he seems ok. He's drunk a lot of the time though...
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