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  1. If you are buying a house or appartment in Spain be very sure to check that it has planning permission. After much threatening the Junta de Andalucia has now started demolishing illegal houses and lots of folks down here are very worried. Tens of thousands of houses have been built without "licencia de obra" (planning permission) and Marbella is the worst. http://www.surinenglish.com/noticias.php?Noticia=6501
  2. Hi JohnLee I'm in Benalmadena-Costa (Ave de las Palmeras area). In our block there are 6 apartments for sale. The one next to us has been for sale for over a year. The market is compltely saturated at all levels. In Spain most people buy off-plan rather than second hand homes. Older places tend to get neglected over the years and get rented out rather than sold. A lot of the rises here were due to speculation and back to back selling but that has all changed now. Sorry if that's bad news for you but good luck with the sale anyway. We too will be trying to sell the flat in the coming month
  3. Jean-Michel www.bulle-immobiliere.org is being discussed on an English language forum for France right now. Go to http://riviera.angloinfo.com/forum/ and see general forum.
  4. Bad idea. Read this http://money.independent.co.uk/property/ho...sp?story=556988 The market in Spain is like UK now if not worse.
  5. michaelwalters.com has a good track record but it costs 75 quid a year.
  6. What a waste that a guy with a degree in electrical and electronic engineering has to stoop to presenting this rubbish.
  7. Hi SUARA One way is to go up to Blackpool and buy some gold bullion or coins from Chards. http://www.chards.co.uk/aboutus.html Another way is to buy Newmont Mining (NEM on NYSE). This is a mining operation and holding company for gold and gold related assets. NEMs price is closely linked to the gold price. I read on HPC that there's a way to but gold on LSE but I can't find the posting (think it was Sean). Cheers
  8. Bank of Scotland does one in Jersey that pays up to 1.9% http://www.bankofscotlandinternational.com...rosavings.shtml
  9. Whatever happened to Evil Sam? His postings on the old site were well thought out and often entertaining. It was good to go to HPC in the morning and read what he had posted overnight. I don't think he is on this new site with a different name because there are no postings like he used to do. Has he gone to another site or have the thought police taken him away?
  10. "The Banque de France statetes that the bubble cannot hurt the French economy ... because very few households have invested in very high estate. Between the lines, it means that the real estate can drop 50% without destroying the economy." I fear it is the British, not the French, who have paid the high prices. Therefore any falls in France will affect the UK economy. I lived in France for 8 years. Usually it was extremely difficult to find buyers for houses because taxes are very high (frais de notaire, tax fonciere, tax d'habitation, etc). Renting was the norm unless you bought a house f
  11. I wouldn't touch Turkey with a bargepole either. Last time I was there I had a very bad experience with a car rental and ended up having to leave the country quickly. I rented a car through one of the big rental companies. It was a total wreck. Whilst driving in the countryside the front wheel fell off and I was nearly killed. When I complained to the local office of the rental company they wanted money for the "damage". So I contacted the UK office of the rental company. They investigated and found that the car and rental agreement were not genuine. So the local agent was in big trouble. W
  12. Sky channel 863 and http://www.capitalgold.com/ That lass ain't got the body for radio
  13. The house price bubble was a lot to do with speculative money coming out of stock markets and into real estate markets between 2000 and 2004. For the last 3 months it has been going the other way. Just look at how some of the favorite tech stocks have done lately. e.g. GOOG, RIMM, EBAY, etc almost doubled in the last 3 months while real estate is falling. We seem to be seeing the beginning of another tech stock rally.
  14. I looked into it because getting the TVA back seemed like a good idea but I decided not to buy it because- - 4.5% yield they offered is not brilliant and is actually less because you have to buy furniture from them and tax foncieres is not taken intio account - as the income is paid from a French company you have to declare it all (in France) - as the properties are going to be rented out to tourists and students they might be in a bad state at the end of the 9 years Conclusion. Better just buy a normal flat or house.
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