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  1. p.s. i thought the waterslide cartoon was hilarious!
  2. Southmartin would you please like to expand on your theory for the real reason for the 2nd war on Iraq. I find your previous quote on this thread totally fascinating. thanks in advance
  3. OP If i am reading it right you have 85k (40k in savings + 45k savings offset against mortgage) and a mortgage of 85k. Effectively then you are mortgage free and in your early thirties thats a right result! Maybe you should give advice rather than seek it.
  4. bergkamp N4

    Tony Blair

    Who in their right mind would vote for him Anyone on the site from Sedgefield and care to enlighten how or why Blair was not defeated by Reg Keys standing against him in the General Election? I think eventually one or two of his offspring will go into politics and will do well even though I hope I am wrong. .
  5. Op where and how much in figures pease.
  6. Thank you for the additional info. Checked out Dunoon on wiki, looks beautiful.
  7. For best advice ask your family member. They are there and already doing it.
  8. Would be interesting to know how much Portillo got paid for his "work" by the bbc ? Many moons ago after he lost his seat in Parliament he took part in a programe broadcast on tv whereby he lived on benefits for a short period of time to see how he could cope. It was reported at the time that he was paid £15k for his endeavours this was more than a years worth of benefit payments at the time. Marvellous!
  9. OP thanks for the post, would it be possible to name the Scottish town and coastal place. Also why your in-laws did not downsize directly to the 2 bed bungalow ? Re: Flat 1 your father in law is neither up or down on the value so if flat had been bought in North London then would have been a gain or somewhere like NI then a loss in value so all in all probably a result. Flat 2 the wrong particular tenant but in the right circumstances a tenant who has alchol problems can be a lucrative cash cow for landlords if let through the right agency/charity/government dept with rent payments, often 1.5 or 2 times the market rate going direct to the landlords bank. Flat 3 the holiday home is just that. Rent it out at weekends and holiday times get a little bit of income stream going and gradually renovate the place room by room and then it would be possible to charge a wee bit more for a revamped place. .
  10. OP Thank you for additional info. Have you considered Mersea Island? Good luck with buying in the future.
  11. Amen to that brother KB! Big thanks to the current shower who have capped the HB rates for new claimants. Still to high imo even incl. London but at least its something.
  12. OVER OPTIMISTIC ? Yes if buying in Hampstead. No if buying Hartlepool. _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ I enjoy reading this site and have learnt some good info on a whole range of different subjects but my one bugbear is the anecotal post(s) with zero info or substance. Examples - house £95k to dear for me only worth £88k Im walking away. Where? What part of the country? OR the EA/Letting agent is unprofessional. Name the branch and the town. They are estate agents not seceret agents. rant over!
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