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  1. apologies for the reductio ad Thatcherum at the end of the last post. But she's a rotten old witch, and she has a very great deal to answer for
  2. Word. The pubcos have killed the British pub, plain and simple. Why do you think a lemonade (cost to pub: 10p) costs the same as a pint? It's the only way pubs can make any money at all. Landlords have to pay extortionate rents to pubcos, have to buy beer from them at stupid prices, pubcos even install beerflow monitors in the lines (or some such system) to ensure the landlord is toeing the line. Pubcos are analagous to extremely voracious and rapacious BTL empires. unregulated greed (a feature of the last 30 years) has ruined it for everyone else at the expense of a few big boys at the top.
  3. Prawns in the curtain poles Grass seed sprinkled into the carpets powdered milk flung anywhere unseen where moisture occurs etc etc don't get mad get even!
  4. hehe 'growth industry' . Daft thing is, it's now more expensive than ever. A tenner a gram instead of twenty an eighth as it always was. Is this greedy fools giving drug dealers a bad name, or is it the EU and its metrification rubbish?
  5. Something I've often puzzled over: how can a bank or lender vary the interest rate on a mortgage over time, when generally other bank loans are at a fixed rate according to circumstances, base rate at the time? A mortgage is nothing more than a large secured loan to buy a house, how do they justify the difference? cheers Jimmer
  6. Hi, recently completed purchase of a house and our last letter from the solicitor enclosed our mortgage 'cashback' cheque, less £50 for a 'Land Registry CH2 charge on behalf of lender' First we heard of this, not mentioned at all at any point, and feel a bit miffed. We already paid the Land Registry £200 in charges, why would this not cover the 'application to enter Entry C3 on the Register of Title'? Why would this not have been mentioned earlier, why is it us being charged and not the lender, and are we just going to have to swallow this? I appreciate £50 is small fry when you're borrow
  7. I read in the Times this morning that another 3p on fuel duty will be added in August (sorry no linky, it's behind paywall). Plus the VAT that's charged on the fuel duty VAT on fuel duty - they could at least sort that anomaly out, but I won't hold my breath.
  8. How awful for you - if only there was a law to keep smokers indoors
  9. Hehe I dislike that one, always makes me think of a jiffy bag full of rulers. also "action" used as a verb "deliver" when applied to anything other than mail, babies and speeches. "solution" - thankfully this one seems to have fallen from favour and EA phrases "in need of modernisation" - ie in need of demolition "viewing recommended" - presumably then they have houses on their books which they recommend you don't view ?
  10. Exeter were bankrupt, run into the ground by crooks, and prior to January 2005 was a right circus, with Uri Geller and Michael Jackson involved off the pitch and 11 muppets on it. Then came their FA Cup 3rd round tie with Man U - drawn at Old Trafford then Man U won at St James's Park. The TV money received from the replay (was screened live on the Beeb) put them back in the black An interesting example indeed in this thread.
  11. perhaps the headstone should read, 'Public convenience'
  12. twas ever thus. with one or two periods of exception, Britain has always been badly served by its leaders - self-aggrandising self-seeking, contemptuous and contemptible. "Politicians cannot be trusted, whatever their creed. No child can learn this lesson soon enough." WG Hoskins
  13. Appreciate the simple, free things in life - nature, learning, love, exercise etc - stop for two minutes and acknowledge the thrill of just being alive. The world is an amazing place. If you are content, you are rich indeed. And no matter how late or stressed or in a rush you are, never ever walk up an escalator! be at peace with God, whatever you conceive Him to be
  14. No, but it's the tenant's HOME - so it needs rewording - "the right to peaceful enjoyment of one's home" which means a complete rewriting of tenancy laws for a start. I won't hold my breath.
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