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  1. We need bulls that contribute reasoned truthful argument & comment. We need bears that contribute reasoned truthful argument & comment. I make no distinction between bull and bears in this respect. However, a bull who taunts, contributes little and is 'economical' with the truth (His IP address is consistently a UK ISP for example, and I have always wondered how a successful property developer either feels the need to post here or has the time to spend here). 'Fake' bulls, or fake bears, simply obscure what's really happening.
  2. Yes I too am amazed. Only occasionally the obvious is pointed out. . . 1. No substance to the posts anymore. 2. Outlandish claims. 3. Posts are now designed to evoke a response, rather than engender reasoned argument. COME ON GUYS, TTRTR IS A TROLL! IS SO OBVIOUS WHY CAN NO ONE SEE IT??? A troll is still a troll even if they have been with us a while. Take the blinkers off!
  3. Well I'm back from the match (light blues rule, at least in the second half anyway!!!!) and I did manage to get some answers, although I should stress that this is only one guy's view out of the 3 that I know of who have apparently sold/will sell. He's been advised that in the current market he should break his portfolio into smaller lots and this is what he is going to do. He's got one lot coming up in Clapham so I'll keep an ear to the ground and post a link if/when I get the info. He says he's selling as he got a whiff of the SIPPs U Turn, but that he would have sold next year anyway. He
  4. That's a point, I'll ask if I get the chance. I know the bloke I'm meeting tomorrow was HMO focussed, but have no idea about the other two. Well if they've all sold by now then I'll have to take it all back and say the HPC is off! If they are mainly selling them as a job lot I don't think they'd have got an offer by now, but then again I know little about selling portfolios as I have never had one. Do you sell it in one go or as individual properties? I guess in the current market you'd hope for a job lot sale, but who knows!
  5. I'm afraid I don't know - yet! However, I can ask tomorrow! If anyone has any suggestions for questions I can feed into a conversation tomorrow then let me know. However, while this guy is more of an acquaintance than a mate, I wouldn't want things to go sour, so the questions will have to be a little subtle!
  6. These were all business portfolios so I expect they are not small. [removed name] is around 40 or 50 properties mostly HMO's in London I think, but I could be wrong as that information comes from some time ago. Edited: Schoolboy error! Added the guy's name to the post! Opps! Must really be off the boil today.
  7. Haven't visited this site for a while as I haven't had much to report. Recently it has all been "prices falling but slowly, stagnation yada, yadya yada" and I started to lose faith in an HPC. Then over the last two weeks three business guys I know have all dumped their portfolios in the SE & NW, the lot! I haven't bumped into them all yet to ask them personally (so far it's just been dinner party chat), but I am meeting with one of them tomorrow for the varsity match at Twickenham so I'll ask him why! I wonder if they are all separately gearing up to sell into the SIPP muppets buying sp
  8. 1922.39 odd really is someone mucking about??
  9. I should add for balence that designing a Crack yourself for a piece of software and then cracking it using that crack is (I believe - but you must check this out yourself) totally legal, as long as you don't distribute the crack or cracked software.
  10. I am providing the following links for educational purposes only, and I am in no way suggesting that posters here should download a piece of software from the internet (such as swish) and then crack it to get the full working version for free using a crack/serial/keygen from one of the sites below. Cracking a piece of software is illegal and also not exactly very moral - so please don't do it. www.astalavista.box.sk Astalavista Mega Site
  11. This is spamming and as such you would be liable for prosecution. However, a flash game on your site that is downloadable would get round this so I totally agree with mfacer. The key here is the 'I have never sent an email from my site' line: hence not spamming. So absolutely right, you wouldn't be spamming if you did it this way round. Even so I'd harden up the site a little before you tried this as I know more than a few posters would want to send the game on to certain VI's - hey I know I would! As I said the last thing you want is an attempt to bring HPC.co.uk down. Webmaster - You
  12. 1575 for the record now we're at Wednesday and its still going up by the hour
  13. I'm not sure I go along with all of these conspiracy arguments. Let's face it HPC.co.uk is important to us but do you really think Haart give a sh1t? Despite all the mentions of HPC.co.uk in papers, for the general public HPC.co.uk is pretty much below the horizon. So why would a VI spend a whole heap of money changing their policies and IT to trick us just at a point where their profits are being hit? The only way they'd be interested enough to do that is if we hit their profits directly by taking out full page spread in a national or on TV and citing these figures - even then I doubt they
  14. Wow there's some fluctuation in this, a few hours later and we're now up to 1456 That's around 4.6 properties being reduced an hour today - I wonder if this happens every monday!
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