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  1. Hi, I'm currently having some problems with an estate agent. My girlfriend went to view a property on the 18th of May and we verbally agreed a rate of rent and start date of 25th June, the following day. I was then asked for a holding deposit over the phone on the 19th. The estate agent sent out a letter dated on the 20th of May and which wasn't received until the 23rd of May (due to the weekend and Royal Mail). Our references were approved on the 24th of May, and so we went into the office on the 25th to sign the papers and pay off the deposit and initial months rent. It was at this point th
  2. I've been using one, Alexander Hall. Should be able to find them on google, they charge £499 on application. I think if you said to them this is the deal I have, lets see if you can save me money overall (including the cost of the fee)
  3. I wouldn't bother with their FA, they won't get you a better deal and probably try and get more money out of you.
  4. Thanks for the responses, this has helped answer a few questions. However it's raised one more, I noticed on the auction lot it said completion within 6 weeks. How flexible are they in these situations? If we are almost there will they wait or do they take the deposit and send it back to the auction? Thanks
  5. Hi, I've been looking around for flats in ealing, around the £250k range. I've found that there are very few 2 beds in this range and that they seem to be going quite quickly and that there are generally a lot of people looking at similar properties (could always be agents talking stuff up). If I do put an offer in, I'd always start atleast 10% below the asking price and work my way up until I don't think its of any value anymore. I've noticed on Zoopla that you can get decent reductions on houses £500k plus. I recall seeing one advertised for £750K and that sold for just over £600k Thanks
  6. Hi, Would you be able to find out what the reserve is? Other than keep offering until it's accepted. It went to auction yesterday and sold for £232k. Also I know most property developers buy in auctions but wondered how realistic would it be for a home buyer to complete within 4 weeks? @chicken - I saw a similar property on the street go for around £400k. Even being slightly cautious, I would think you would be able to resell the property for £300k. Thanks Heybobby
  7. Thanks for all the replies! The property is listed for £200k, so would that be the guide price? In my opinion it could get a lot more than that. Thanks Heybobby
  8. Hi, I've seen a number of auctions that have properties that are sold before auction. I was wondering how do you go about buying a property before it gets to auction? Thanks Heybobby
  9. Hi Tim, Thanks for your response. Do you have any more information about this issue of share of freehold and converting lofts? This isn't something I've heard of before. Then does my survey cover me for this kind of issues? Thanks Heybobby
  10. Hi, I'm putting in an offer for a place and I'd like some advice. The flat is a 2 bed with share of freehold and access to the loft. It is on offer for £265k, but the EA said an offer of £248k was accepted. It's a corporate owner so I thought it would be worth offering £230k first off. What do you think? A couple of things though: The EA said that if I wanted I wanted to redevelop the roof that I would need to ask the freeholders permission. He then said that the owner is selling the freehold of the property for £20k. I thought this was slightly odd as their spec talks about it being share
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