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  1. Have you tried the Havering/Romford (e.g. RM7) area, lots of decent sized homes in the price band you can budget to? No idea on the schools though so you would need to do some research. Good luck.
  2. I remember thinking a few years back when NI prices were in a steep climb that it must have had something to do with the end of the troubles....looks like that was not the case, or maybe just fed the bubble.
  3. +1 This seems to be a case of 'it's never happened to me so squatting is not a problem. Lack of empathy for the victim.
  4. Also, the size of the living room/kitchen/bathroom is very likely to be smaller in a 1 bed house (assuming you can find a 1 bed house rather than a flat) . Why should someone without kids have to live in a box?
  5. Would be interesting to see how the NASDAQ compares over those periods as that is the market for true growth stocks. I guess the dividend returns also need to be factored in when considering the returns from investing in these indexs, especially when compounded over 16 years.
  6. BTW, I love the way they've used American place names in an attempt to make this development look exciting. Even though places like Cleveland and Ohio are some of the most depressed places in terms of housing, and much else!
  7. At least there are no parking problems and everybody gets a detached house
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