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  1. I've been with Avro energy for a couple of year, cheapest prices and good website etc. Would recommend
  2. https://energynumbers.info/gbgrid Biomass is 3GW (currently at max) compared with Gas (currently 25 with 28 max capacity). Currently little wind power or solar.
  3. because that would mean more than 30k less than it was valued at. The cheapest doesnt have a loft conversion and mine does, and the other has sold for 7k more than mine is actually up for now it's been reduced. Mine has brand new windows and doors throughout. A brand new bathroom etc. I honestly dont think its the price I suppose she can eventually wait for the new neighbours to move in then ask them they they didn't consider the poster's home
  4. There is nothing like a crisis (or war) to give technological progress a shove in the right direction
  5. Anytime 'free' very large sums of money are available, a lot of individuals and organisation will see easy $$$.
  6. What I cannot understand is, even after the cladding issue is resolved, why anyone would want to buy the flat from Deepa and face the escalating maintenance cost, unless they buy 100% I suppose. But even then they will probably increase the service charge to compensate.
  7. Any advert for Waggamama....on the radio that is. Don't don't why but the word Waggamama is like nails down a chalkboard to me.
  8. Also picture 3 shows the ventilation ducting from, I assume, a takeaway...so you you have the 'pleasant' food aromas spreading over your garden
  9. I must say I do find it incredible that wood burning stoves' smoke is seen as 'green' and acceptable by all, but car pollution, bonfires and ciggy smoke etc. is seen as a menace. In the winter months I can walk thru the residential area near where I live and find large areas (a few streets) are very unpleasant due to the smoke from, I guess just 1 stove. You walk to the next street and the air is clean and fresh, before entering another smoked out street. It is not just unpleasant but agitates the throat.
  10. The Dow is now back above 17000 on the futures market and the FTSE100 should open slightly positive, up 10 points or so.
  11. I work in the Tate & Lyle factory in Silvertown and of the hundreds of workers there only a very few live anyway remotely local, and most of them have been there for many years so probably have family/friends in the area making them less likely to consider a move. There are lots of new build flats in the Canning Town/Silvertown area but cannot see how someone would actually consider buying one to live in, it is such a depressing area. Having said that, I can see property values rising faster than average due to good transport links.
  12. That is quite a transformation though! I though it was a new build
  13. Indeed Gidea Park is one of the nicer areas of Romford. My brother lives near Woodfield Drive and I often walk along Stanley Avenue that runs parallel to that road. All the font gardens are very well kept and the houses all semis of a good size. Only problem is that they all have shared drives to the rear, something I would always avoid. Some recent sales of large detatched houses in that area have gone for 500k or less and I suspect their sale price was supressed in a large part by the stamp duty bands. If you were looking for this type of house this area would be worth looking at IMO.
  14. House down my road, 3 bed mid terrace, STC on 3rd April after being listed 21st March. This house was previously on for £225k, then £215k, back in 2010 but failed to sell. The price this time round is a guide price of £250 to £270. The seller has lived there for 50 years. In the past few months many of the types of houses in RM7 that were priced at a ceiling of £250K for the past few years now popped to 275K and above.
  15. Interesting. I think dividends must be giving the footsie a reasonably solid base. I hold a few high yielders as the income from them is so must better than elsewhere.
  16. I prefer Blink (BLNX.L) for potential. Super growth company with a good trading update just released and results on 13th May. Seems to be being held back to some disappointing news over a year again and maybe assocation with Autonomy (this company was spun off from Autonomy). DYOR and I do own some
  17. I wonder have much it cost be buy/convert, anyone see the programme? Also for 6.5m I would want some ground space, does not seem to be any at all! The very open living room on the first floor is very close to a pathway, and there appears to be a road just to the right of the building (for access to garages in the flats opposite).
  18. I know it is not right but I have always wondered why people that are desperate for shelter don't just break into a shop or stay after it closes by hiding. When you are caught you have shelter in the police cells. Do it enough and you get shelter in a jail. I am being a bit tongue in cheek but you get the idea,
  19. My advise would be not to buy an overpriced flat with money you don't have
  20. The views are good Would be interesting to know the psychology of the price going back up, also odd that price is back to exactly what it was before not say £425K. Maybe it is an estate agent change or error.
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