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  1. On 03/08/2021 at 12:11, sammersmith said:

    £100K off in a single drop from a very silly £400K initial price 


    They probably thought they'd capture a London escapee looking to save on stamp duty. They failed. £400K is an exceptionally silly price for a higgledy piggledy house in this area, and £300K remains quite silly so i expect them to get closer to the mid-200K range before anyone bites. 

    Also - i don't know how they justify calling this house 'link-detached' as it's very clearly attached and surrounded by a number of neighbours. 

    Sorry you have missed the boat...back up 100k the following day😆

  2. 13 hours ago, Frugal Git said:

    (Especially when you consider that a family with two 50k earners would receive the full whack child benefit - and two personal allowances, but one 60k earner with one personal allowance doesn’t - at that point it really has to be done because the rules are so ridiculous).

    We have salary sacrifice for cycle to work, and I like to the idea of of getting a bike and reducing my 40% tax (pensions are already loaded so don't want to add more). Is there any electric bike you would recommend, just that buying a 10K bike sounds like you have some knowledge, was thinking maybe in the £1-2K range?

  3. On 23/10/2020 at 21:59, Boon said:

    This forum is so dead! I used to remember, back in 2009 when I was looking to buy my first property, that this forum was a heaving hive of activity.

    Anyways, as a long time contributor to this forum, and also because this forum gave me so much when I was a first time buyer, I've decided to start giving back and helping other first time buyers.

    Do check out my website - First Time Buyer Help - and if there are any topics that I haven't covered yet, drop me a message as I'm always on the lookout for more guides to add!

    Thanks. Not a first time buyer but some good advice there; I especially like the 'how to spot bad neighbours' section. Added to my bookmarks.

  4. 1 hour ago, crow said:

    Thinking back to the last crash in 2008/9 - I saw prices drop by 20 percent in (far) East London - I know that as we paid £240k for an OK (in need of redecoration and a new boiler) 2 bed house. 6 months later similar houses were selling for £200. We didn't buy the most expensive house in the area, but we weren't that far off - but that was just everything that was available at the time so right then we thought it was an OK price. 

    So big drops are possible - and that was even with the interest rates dropping to record lows. Problem was it was harder for friends to get mortgages after 2009 in the same area - but good if you have a nice deposit waiting. Until about 2012 when prices started to increase (and actually a bit later) the houses coming up for sale wasn't great, but there were some. Nicer ones for sure. 


    Long left that area now, but I wouldn't want to be selling there right now. 


    Local to me now things went nuts in the summer, but they've calmed right down now. Will the price go lower than they were 2 years ago? No idea, but feels like they have to come down from where they are now. 

    Far east London, I live in Romford, did you live anywhere close? have noticed the local area seems to be 50K off the peak for a typical home. What area did you move to out of interest? 

  5. 18 hours ago, Martin_JD said:

    What a peculiar thing to say.  It's as if you may be jealous of people who have a mortgage?  

    To be fair, I think I see what he means....those people who are careful and prudent with their finances always seem to come off worst when compared with the those that are not, as the latter are bailed out by luck...I guess life isn't fair and all that.

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