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  1. Sorry you have missed the boat...back up 100k the following day😆
  2. This isn't the best forum probably but best i could find....this house has already sold 5 times since 2002 and on the market again....wonder what the issue is or just a statistical quirk....anyone got better examples? https://www.rightmove.co.uk/properties/110355419#/
  3. Yes, but that was a different world....I remember negative equity was the issue in the 90s
  4. 5.4% rise in Havering including a 9.5% rise for the Greater london authority part of it
  5. Bet the people signing the petition would benefit from a property tax....it's like when they introduced the poll tax, but in reverse, those people who would lose out decided it wasn't fair, and they won out
  6. Looking like a poor investment to me...and that is ignoring all the hassle involved
  7. We have salary sacrifice for cycle to work, and I like to the idea of of getting a bike and reducing my 40% tax (pensions are already loaded so don't want to add more). Is there any electric bike you would recommend, just that buying a 10K bike sounds like you have some knowledge, was thinking maybe in the £1-2K range?
  8. So a fine of £112...parking fines are nearly that, what is the deterrent?
  9. Thanks. Not a first time buyer but some good advice there; I especially like the 'how to spot bad neighbours' section. Added to my bookmarks.
  10. https://www.rightmove.co.uk/properties/102018869#/ you have got to admit though, this is the bargain of the century😉
  11. London to Norfolk coast, that was quite a move, very different environments. I think I would like the open spaces of somewhere like.
  12. Far east London, I live in Romford, did you live anywhere close? have noticed the local area seems to be 50K off the peak for a typical home. What area did you move to out of interest?
  13. To be fair, I think I see what he means....those people who are careful and prudent with their finances always seem to come off worst when compared with the those that are not, as the latter are bailed out by luck...I guess life isn't fair and all that.
  14. So no lifetime limit worries for you then, well done. I'm aiming to keep just under the limit, although if pots continue to rise as they have been...
  15. I agree, that is always my thinking too. Plus the fact that their crystal ball is about as useful (useless) as mine, unless it is has some access to insider trading.
  16. Agree, the problem could be the neighbours, let's hope not. Good luck.
  17. Not since 2nd October 2020 apparently, but take the point
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