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  1. This isn't the best forum probably but best i could find....this house has already sold 5 times since 2002 and on the market again....wonder what the issue is or just a statistical quirk....anyone got better examples? https://www.rightmove.co.uk/properties/110355419#/
  2. Yes, but that was a different world....I remember negative equity was the issue in the 90s
  3. 5.4% rise in Havering including a 9.5% rise for the Greater london authority part of it
  4. Bet the people signing the petition would benefit from a property tax....it's like when they introduced the poll tax, but in reverse, those people who would lose out decided it wasn't fair, and they won out
  5. Looking like a poor investment to me...and that is ignoring all the hassle involved
  6. We have salary sacrifice for cycle to work, and I like to the idea of of getting a bike and reducing my 40% tax (pensions are already loaded so don't want to add more). Is there any electric bike you would recommend, just that buying a 10K bike sounds like you have some knowledge, was thinking maybe in the £1-2K range?
  7. So a fine of £112...parking fines are nearly that, what is the deterrent?
  8. Thanks. Not a first time buyer but some good advice there; I especially like the 'how to spot bad neighbours' section. Added to my bookmarks.
  9. https://www.rightmove.co.uk/properties/102018869#/ you have got to admit though, this is the bargain of the century😉
  10. London to Norfolk coast, that was quite a move, very different environments. I think I would like the open spaces of somewhere like.
  11. Far east London, I live in Romford, did you live anywhere close? have noticed the local area seems to be 50K off the peak for a typical home. What area did you move to out of interest?
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