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  1. A lot of my friends are working at the NHS in Leeds on this project, one was contracting in the city for a top tier investment bank but moved back up to Leeds because they were offering more money, another who went straight into call centre work after school on £12k a year doubled his wage to £24k taking a first line support job there which needed no technical skills. They pay very well.
  2. Just noticed this on rightmove. here I was living opposite these flats whilst they were being built, they seemed to all be snapped up by flippers right at the peak. Seems someone over stretched themselves and I feel sorry for the poor sods currently renting there. In my own block, the flat above me was broken into by bailiffs, they came down stairs to apologise about the noise of the drilling. I was told everyone in my blocked rented and so was wondering where the people stood (can bailiffs damage a rented flat to get to the possessions of the people who are renting??)
  3. This was added in the main section from an article in the times
  4. Hi, Thought I’d post in here though I’ve been registered a while and been lurking since the board was the old format. I’m a FTB though not sure where and if I want to buy.
  5. There was an article posted on here, I think a couple of years ago which said out of all the flats in Leeds there was the same number currently being built and the same number again with planning permission. It was one of the first negative things I read about housing in the national press as it questioned why we needed all these flats.
  6. I lived in one of those when i was a student near the Haddon Hall?? 4 of us in at £60 a week in the late 90's (probably same rents nowadays), I was in the loft and the heating pump wasn't strong enough to pump the water upto my floor, it was freezing, happy days
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