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  1. strange http://www.guardian.co.uk/guardianpolitics...,425372,00.html
  2. I could, but 60% of the value of my flat invested in high yielding shares pays my rent, so there doesn't seem much point..
  3. It happened to me when I worked in banking, they ran a credit check I was particularly surprised as I was contracting, not permie. AWE do it as well to see if you would be open to bribery.
  4. I read that too, it said landlords were happy to sit on empty properties due to capital appreciation. One of the first bearish articles I ever read was on the Leeds market. It was around 2002 I think in the Yorkshire post. It said that if you take the current stock of flats in Leeds in 2001 the same number is currently under construction and the same number AGAIN had been granted planning permission. It said the total stock would tripple by 2010 and questioned if they were all needed on current demographics.
  5. I've been watching a development in Wakefield finished in 2004, none of the flats which have resold have touched their 2004 prices. I'm now very interested in the waterfront project (or what rentals will be expected) when it is finished in March.
  6. Can’t see just a 10% drop personally due to the follow-up it will cause - the removal of MEW from the economy - people trying to call the top of the market - people in Neg equity reigning in spending to clear the excess debt and being stuck on higher variable rates
  7. I was thinking the same thing, when I think about what I was doing at 20 in our student house We are becoming a nation of property bores, every spare penny ploughed into the house no time to live life anymore.
  8. Around the mid-nineties when the new lad culture started and all the lads mags started up such as loaded and FHM there was one called later which was for a more mature audience with articles on things such as the economy as well as the lady shots. I’ve got a load under my bed at my mums house and there is an advert in there from Volkswagen for the passat which basically says “during this time when huge displays of wealth are frowned on buy a passat rather than a beember/merc/audi so you don’t look like a ****” I couldn’t believe it when I found it, things change so quickly but seem to have been like that for ages.
  9. I'm 27 so just about old enough to remember the backlash against "money" during the caring sharing early 90's, as drops are well underway in California i see the OC is canceled
  10. I went home for Christmas and a friend had just bought, he told me he had to because “the surveyor said interest rates are about to shoot up and so this is your last chance to get on the ladder before its too expensive” I just said it was a nice house and ordered another pint. He seemed to have over paid to me.
  11. I actually saw an advert in the local paper recently when I was in the north, directly advertising to mobility users from the local vauxhall garage. It said something like: I was a little suprised that the market was so big that a company could directly target people.
  12. I'm feeling quite positive, My last two roles have been positions which came back from India, both Californian dot coms who received too many complaints about Indian support.
  13. First step on the way to a banana republic, I can't see the rule of law being the same again now. What it effectively means is that politicians have the right to decide what happens in the judiciary (which cases are actually prosecuted) regardless of what the law says. We might as well back down over the investigation into Alexander Litvinenko as that will cause diplomatic damage or maybe drop the investigation into the government selling peerages as personal damage to him may also help terrorism
  14. £225k newbuild town centre flat in Reading - rent is £785 a month 4.1% yield
  15. they should move in upstairs and rent downstairs out, no banging above them then.
  16. I'm pretty sure there is no shortage of housing in the north (or a least Wakefield where I am looking) a friends daughter recently decided she wanted to move out at 16 (not pregnant or anything) and easily got a council house which they fitted a new kitchen and bathroom for her before she moved in. New flats seem to be priced at similar prices to the south £150k to £200k and I think we could see falls of 70% - 80% on some of these.
  17. Great thread on MSE http://forums.moneysavingexpert.com/showthread.html?t=291531
  18. I got some as well last week, I think if you read the small print there is also a 3% transfer fee on top of the 1.95%
  19. I found this amusing... http://www.wakefieldexpress.co.uk/ViewArti...ticleID=1782833 http://www.rightmove.co.uk/viewdetails-852...=1&tr_t=buy
  20. I've heard Wakefield called alot of things before, but never "leafy"
  21. I really hope the post by Sunny Suzie isn't for real. We don't have the right to a social life anymore? start work - save - buy house - pay of mortgage - die. I really hope it's a troll (possible as she would of started saving in 1998ish when prices were affordable) Sad if she's just wasted her 20's sat in.
  22. The early 90’s were all about grunge for me (I just wanted to add that as i saw the best gig of my life this weekend!!) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NSS2NYyryoU
  23. Can't find the report but this article here is also covered on teletext, It mentions that as well as a 5% increase in average debt, average starting salaries for graduates have DROPPED this year from £14,090 to £13,860.
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