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  1. congrats... I completed my house purchase 10 months ago now (£149k purchase peak 2007 price was £240k) after renting flats for 9 years... For those still waiting your not missing much, I'm still getting used to the fact I now have an endless list of "jobs" to do to the house rather than my home being somewhere to eat/sleep/watch telly in between trips to work and the pub.
  2. I've rented quite a few new builds during the last decade and the only one I was really impressed with was a Crest Nicholson flat , it was really well insulated and quiet, think my gas bill over the 1st quarter was something like £8.50.
  3. I was really looking forward to this but it was completely ruined by the audience, you could see by the look on Krishnan's face at the end it had turned into a complete farce.
  4. If they actually enforced this you wouldn't be able to drive down half the streets round here. Most of the houses have 3 cars, one each for the couple who own it along with the tenant who they have rented a room to because they overstretched themselves when buying. Even though parking is really bad 95% of people who have a garage don't actually seem to use it for their car..
  5. They have just added alot of data, my purchase in September has just been added, I was wondering why it took them so long as I thought they added the land reg data monthly, looks like its every 6 months...
  6. Happened to me last August, had an offer accepted then another couple appeared who were apparently willing to pay full asking price, I pulled out and the property is still on the market...
  7. 31, currently contracting for 60 quid an hour though don't expect a rate like this again. working in the se but live in the north where I've just bought my first house, a 3 bed new build semi which was repossessed by the bank after the builder went under, I paid 35% off 2007 prices which the builder was getting on the estate. been in full time work 8 years and upto this point have probably been addicted to saving, been banking at least 1k a month which I ploughed into commodities, pulled some of the cash out for a 70% deposit on the house, now hoping to do some traveling when this contract ends as I didn't take a holiday between the ages of 16 and 28, just hope now I feel pretty secure I don't hrt hit by a bus tomorrow..
  8. Seems to have been like this for a while now, I graduated in 2001, took till summer 2002 to find my first position and then it was outsourced to India within 7 months (after the HP / Compaq merger) taught me an important lesson and even though I've managed to work my way up to a decent rate (now contracting) I've always banked a large proportion of my salary, luckily if it all ended tomorrow I would have a good few options.
  9. I'm also in one of these new build city centre apartments but I'm actually renting from the builder, they couldn't sell it, hopefully should get a renewal as there seems to be even more flats on the market than 6 months ago.
  10. I remember the 2005 cut as I was working for a bank at the time, the consensus was that interest rates had peaked and were heading back down to 3.5% my bank was investing in bonds yielding 4%ish and I was getting stick from colleages for saying there was no chance of that happening and instead buying gold mining shares. I also seem to remember Merv voted against the cut.
  11. One for the Wakefield residents, the old ABC cinema which has been sitting derelict for nearly 15 years has finally been given planning permission for (any guesses?) 110 flats
  12. I think this might force the market down more quickly though, if enough people are doing BMV then wont that become MV next month.
  13. good article on financial sense today about UK food inflation: here It says the average weekly shopping bill is set to rise by 30% between now and Christmas in the United Kingdom and Flora has gone up 41% in a week!!
  14. He's on Bloomberg alot, normally on a morning when I'm having my cornflakes, seems a bit thick to me as he continually blames central banks for raising rates, believes the EU should be cutting heavily, and talks about plummeting inflation over the last 6 months (obviously hasn’t looked at the oil price recently or bought any food)
  15. Their location picker also seems to have two Wakefields
  16. I've tried to find it but the web site seems to have gone big brother mad I was actually up a couple of weeks ago for the weekend and the thing that struck me is that the town seems to be really starting to struggle, all Wakefield used to be was "a good night out" but now even most of the pubs I went in seemed dead, We went to two between 10:30pm and 11:00pm and in both the barman was waiting for us to drink up before he shut early, then at the end of the night no queue for a taxi, straight to the front and home (I can remember queuing all the way up cheapside towards what is now wildcats during the 90's) I'm wondering what the smoking ban will do to the local economy with most of Westgate and going up Northgate being bars, if more people decide the stay in and drink/smoke then the same thing could happen as happened to Kirkgate when he Ridings opened.
  17. I'm looking to buy in Wakefield too, Someone told me there are only 5 people living in the riverside development and looking on rightmove it seems the company which built the flats has had to rent them out themselves. Nothing seems to be shifting currently, I know three people with houses up, none of them have had any viewings and one has just reduced by £15k
  18. I find the fact that someone who has just finished studying a masters (which would take you upto 22 or 23 with a year out) has managed to buy properties and BTL's whilst not working (or working part time) thats a sign of worrying lending, either that or ******** one of the two
  19. Wow, that looks like one of the better developments as well, if all these new builds in Leeds are going to be worth less than £100k each there is going to be carnage.
  20. Similar issue here, One of my biggest problems with this country is socialising seems to revolve so much around drinking and pubs/clubs on a weekend, when most of your friends and peers have borrowed the maximum and will not been seen for the next ten years the herd instinct kicks in as you feel out of place going to the places you used to and you think what the hell is there to do but do the same? Getting out and travelling gives you a much better perspective on what is important.
  21. I'd agree about HPC but she said she was looking to buy, so I tired to give an expensive area and a cheap area as I don't know her budget. Why did you live there if you hated it so much? Some of my happiest memories are crawling round the pubs in that area before ending up in the night owl in Hemsworth I find the people round Barnsley some of the friendliest I’ve met, It beats the people I work with in the city anyway.
  22. If you can afford it I'd recommend Woolley, its between Barnsley and Wakefield (about 5 miles out from Barnsley) and its where Jeffrey Boycott lived before he defected to the south. My parents live in Royston which seems ok and has a bit of investment, the money seems to be moving out from Leeds which has pushed up Wakefield and is now moving onto Barnsley. Looking at the local papers they seem to be pushing Grimethorpe currently where they have built these 3 bed houses for £130k http://www.rightmove.co.uk/viewdetails-981...=1&tr_t=buy obviously if there is a crash the areas which have boomed last will probably fall first/most
  23. The bear sandwiched in between two bulls Phil and Rosie on the “independent” panel Ever get the feeling you’ve been had?
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