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  1. Osborne goes with Cameron. Party moves to right under Boris and Gove. New taxes on landlords rolled back.
  2. It will happen, just not whilst 2 year fix is hovering just above 1%. This is the problem for alot of us, to quote Tyler Durden "On a long enough time line, the survival rate for everyone drops to zero" Out of me and 5 friends who graduated in 2001 (12 people with partners) we've produced 1 kid between us and the remainder are all now skipping the family home stage of our lives and looking at early retirement options around the world.
  3. Well... I was thinking of leaving the contracting game anyway. New rules around dividends and expenses next year and IT now seems to be 10% doing the job, 90% change management. Constantly explaining what you are going to do to non-technical people who don't understand what you are saying and looking for any chance to stop you doing any work as they are so scared of being blamed for any downtime
  4. Yep the 90's were great. As a student I could work just over the summer holidays and have enough money for the rest of the year, £30 a week rent, a tenner in the pot for utilities and enough left over for 3 nights out a week to the various pound a pint student nights.. After Sept 11th when they dropped interest rates to 40 year lows is when I remember everything changed.. When you think about it Mr Bin Laden did succeed in changing our way of life, for those of us who waited who want a 25 year mortgage finishing at 65 the window has nearly closed.
  5. No Witherspoons bashing here either. Being from a generation that mainly drunk larger, apart from the odd gem who has a guest ale on we had Witherspoons and proper real ale pubs which seem to consist of middle aged men with pony tails who tutted very loudly then muttered under their breath if anyone went to the bar and ordered a larger, witherspoons were a god send for groups where we all enjoyed different things. The prices are even more attractive now as the "hipster bars" where real ale is trendy again tend to treat it as a premium product with a premium price.
  6. I honestly don't know how they do it. £1.99 a pint around here and apparently some of the chains in the local towns are even cheaper. Looking at £3.50 - £4.50 a pint everywhere else. They could easily raised prices and still be the cheapest.
  7. Yep I know someone who paid £60k for something similar to the apartment in the first link. Apparently he was one of the lucky ones as his apartment was actually finished. Also paid an extra £5k for the "luxury furnished option" which looked like about £500 worth of ikea tat.
  8. I've noticed this too. I think they used to have a night shift which now seems to have disappeared. I go in quite early and alot of the shelves now seem to be empty. They were restocking whilst the store was open so you couldn't get near some of the shelves, they also seemed under staffed as they were rushing and just chucking things onto the shelves and fridges, alot of the desserts had split and there was sawdust on the floor where juice cartons had been dropped.
  9. There was a guy on the news recently who said work gave him a purpose in life. Maybe alot have that whole protestant work ethic thing going on. Also we are in a bizarre situation where a million pounds in a savings account will earn you less than minimum wage so I guess many who live a certain lifestyle will think they need alot more than you or I would think.
  10. The thing is as far as I can see the ones who have the good careers and houses are still choosing the same lifestyle. I'm 35 now and I'd say 50% of friends own their own houses (I'm t'up north) but only 10% have had kids or got married. I've generally thought the bigger reason we are choosing to not adopt our parents lifestyle is that they were the first generation on mass to get divorced. Couples "staying together for the kids" who hate each other or the financial and emotional hit when it does end hasn't really sold it to us.
  11. The green line seems to start leveling off around 71' to me, about the time the Bretton woods system came to an end.
  12. 3 families like this on my road. One of the kids has even got married and moved their husband in. As nobody uses their garages for cars anymore its generally 1 car on the drive then partners, kids and kids partners cars all on the road.. 4 or 5 point turns to get out of your drive on a morning.
  13. "Pension expert" on radio Leeds just said this is good for property. Apparently people will use the pension wrapper to save a lump sum and then use this to clear the capital on an IO mortgage when they retire.
  14. when did Nixon close the gold window? This is why trickle down doesn't work under a fist system. By the time the money reaches the bottom its already been devalued.
  15. Lost my best mate this way. Him and his partner only now socialize with couples they met at pre-natal classes. This was just after she got pregnant by "forgetting" to take her pill.
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