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  1. Trying to confuse readers or genuinely confused yourself? Well I'll give you the benefit of the doubt. The point being made is that you knowingly mislead the forum by saying you were living in London and then later on saying you were living in Sweden. It makes you look highly suspect and raises issues about the truth of your actual circumstances, so it could well be labled your 'Sweden Debacle'. Personally, I couldn't care less what you really are. Yes maybe you're a fake but we need a different opinion in this forum, however 'fake' it may be. I suspect most posters would agree.
  2. Yeah I've just been trying to find a cached version of the story on google and can't sadly. Looks a bit fishy to me (not google but findaproperty), it appears they might have realised they were in for a enquiry if they continued to publish it. At the best they made a mistake, at the worst it was deliberate deception. The thing about this is it makes them either incompetent or corrupt. So the question that has to be asked of the btl bulls is: Given this evidence, why would you want to use them as a sound basis for your business decisions??
  3. It would appear findaproperty also know this if they have withdrawn the article. It'd make a nice headline though
  4. LUV IT! Obvious from the start but cheers anyway willing/Hawkeye for proving it! Now this article really should be in the blog!!!!!!!!
  5. Well it seems minty's return has brought out Bubble Trouble. Bubble, let's just leave this one eh? It really isn't worth it, myself and alot of other posters tried to make you see how abusive you were being and failed. I doubt if it'll be any different now. Let's hope minty will take Willings advice and just ignore any abuse/rant that you sling at him this time. I might not agree with old minty's point of view but the man is a gentleman and really doesn't deserve your kind of abuse. A good shafting delivered by falling house prices perhaps, but not the nasty abuse you offered last time arou
  6. Haven't bothered to post in ages as I rekon the crash is now a done deal, but I had to post to this! WELCOME BACK MINTY! We need some reasoned bull arguments to keep us on our toes!
  7. OK TTRTR lets take this very very slowly in non-business speak because like you I have a home to go to and half a city to travel across before I can hit the sack and its 12.30am here. It’s been a long week and I’m looking forward to the weekend so I really don’t want to have to repeat myself again on Monday. If current prices are to be called sustainable then there can be no stagnation, the market must rise or prices will simply fall back in real terms as wage inflation etc. erodes them. If you believe that there will be a stagnation then you are simply arguing the same point as me, wh
  8. Dear oh dear oh dear TTRTR, you are clearly not the businessman you think you are and your posts just seem to get more abusive. Hallelujah diagrams and projects are common terms used in business, science and IT. They define the overall desired goal after a transition period. For example, if you are performing management for change, you might have several projects for change running in a number of departments across your business. All these projects are part of the overall Hallelujah Diagram which is the desired end product of the culmination of these projects. All I did was apply the term to
  9. DrB - I believe you are probably right. However, the hypothesis that BTL investors might choose to view a portfolio in a similar way to a pension fund of old has to be considered and followed to a logical conclusion. Sadly even when this logical conclusion is reached it simply shows that such a market would be unsupportable by the fundamentals. I hope that in my lengthy reply to TTRTR's I was as fair as I could be, in that I considered all the points he raised and a few more to boot regardless of whether I think them to be correct or not. Because of my job, I try to be objective in all thi
  10. TTRTR I really expected more of you than that last comment. Sad really. If I read your post wrongly then please correct me with what your true hallelujah market. In fact your psot was so dissapointing that I am wondering if you know what an hallelujah market is? Its not a form of abuse, just what you would consider the perfect end point to your market transition. The trouble is that if your hallelujah market does not consist of a majority rental market at the lower end, then it becomes impossible to argue that BTL can support current prices, if those prices are above the range of the majorit
  11. TTRTR – OK apologies but this is a long post, I felt your thread link deserved a proper reply so please read it all if you can! If I understand you argument properly after reading the thread you quote your reasons for sustainable prices are mainly two fold: 1. There was a time in when the majority of the populace chose to rent and OO was not the norm. OO was therefore just a temporary fad (in the great scheme of things) since the 50s. 2. The current BTL market will mature to a seasoned market where BTL are willing to subsidize the first 5 or so years of investment with their own money, m
  12. [continued. . .] So how is it possible for the majority of people to hold a market at a level which is out of reach of the same majority of people? Clearly nonsensical. So general inflation has to rise while house prices stay stagnant, or a crash has to happen. Either way house price values have to fall in the short to medium term. So come on bulls, tell me how the market can continue to rise or stay static in real terms? It's simply not a question of whether real house prices will fall, but when and how much. I think sometimes we get so caught up in predicting a crash or a boom we forget
  13. .....[continued] Added to that if FTB's are forced out of the market by the huge amounts they'd have to pay in mortgage repayments, then wouldn't it hold that the 'new' BTL'er would also have to pay these high mortgage repayments? If he does then surely he must cover this by making sure his rental return exceeds these payments. But the FTB couldn't afford the mortgage repayments in the first place, so how can he now afford the inflated rental returns? The prospective FTB therefore cannot rent at that price and drops out of the rental market, forced into relocation or staying at home with the
  14. The great housing debate has just about been done to death, but I have yet to have a satisfactory answer to the following: If FTB's are having to borrow extreme amounts of money to get on the property ladder, so much so that most cannot now afford to do so until their mid 30s, then why is it that the market should conitune to hold its value? The argument may go that BTL snap up the cheaper FTB properties. But if they do you don't get rid of FTB's they just become FTB's later, say in their 40s. There is simply a time lag. The FTB now competes directly with the BTLs for the bottom end properti
  15. Where did they go? Minted BTL - This one stuck in my mind as it struck a bit of a chord with me. He left after a rather tragic incedent, I think one of his directors had his family wiped out in a car crash or something. At the time he said that it kind of put things into perspective for him and that there were more important things. He then said he was taking a break for a while and never returned. So where is he now? Well I seem to remember someone posting that he sae the famous red e-type in fleet, but who knows? I'd like to think he's still cruising the M25 in his car scanning the net! Da
  16. Every major boom is usually followed by a credit crunch that rebalences the credit ratio. late 1990s Dot.Com boom. 2000 Dot.Com boom goes bust, yet no credit crunch. 2000+ Housing boom, as credit redistributed. 2004 Massive TD, Brown breaks 'golden rule' 2004 Massive consumer debt ... yet, to date, still no credit crunch So where's this particular dog gone? This seems to me to be one of the single greatest questions that need to be answered if the fabled soft landing for economy and property is to be achieved. How can the economy be rebalenced painlessly and quickly enough to allow us
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