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  1. All it takes to kill a sale is a one valuer with no appreciation of twigs in vases. It's a scandal that goes unreported.
  2. I see why you didn't cut & paste any of the content* What a load of sleep-inducing waffle zzzzzz * This is assuming just pasting the url isn't the norm here
  3. If middle-east protesters can organise themselves why can't UK FTBs? Boycott EA offices. Just don't go near them. Stop looking forlornly in the window hoping for a miracle, but use the ultimate power they have. No, don't bother telling me why it wont happen, I do know
  4. I'm out of it all & still I get angry at the mind f*cks thrown at the British psyche. Next there will be comparisons with Chinese salary multiples to show affordable UK really is!
  5. 'Gaddafi pledges to help first time buyers' OK OK, but stranger things have happened; must have; somewhere
  6. I sincerely hope u r using the discreet services of my mate Paddy McGurk? His ancient flatbed truck with tatty tarpaulin thrown over any load & his disarming smile & banter guarantees your delivery will be safe from prying eyes. I met him on a ferry years ago & I could see the plastic jerry cans of red diesel through the rips in said tarpaulin. "How do you get away with that?!" I asked "Ah you see, because it's so obvious, they can't believe what they are seeing".
  7. Depends on what you are saving in. Fiat paper? I hope not. Surely there is enough on the www to convince everyone of that folly?
  8. Rumours of a new, or, 'New' series called 'Homes from Hull' appear to have been false. & now I've upset even more HPCers
  9. I think it was on this forum some years ago (yes, I have lurked, I admit it) that someone suggested that EAs should be made to wear the Star of David? I remember it because I had a mouthful of coffee at that moment & ended up ditching the keyboard.
  10. Meanwhile in a delightful part of Durham a humble terraced house with all mod cons is reduced from 49,000 in May 09 to 25,000 today. Never mind the area, would anyone still offer below, or feel sorry for the vendors & pay the asking price? http://www.homes24.co.uk/doc.html?_a=view&id=916645&ref=http://www.oodle.co.uk
  11. Summary in the comments section says it all: http://www.zerohedge.com/article/fine-gael-preapres-win-irish-general-election-meet-irelands-new-taoiseach-enda-kenny#new Sadly this does appear to be a case of coke v pepsi party politics. The Irish system is old and corrupt enough to prevent any major opposition--ideological and serious opposition--from even developing in the first place. The global elite used Ireland as a manufacturing and property flipping platform, then stuck the ordinary folk with the bill for losses when it soured. Disgusting story, but who are they supposed to vote for?
  12. Ah the old "we've already reduced it" ploy. Without relevance in a market sliding off the cliff I would suggest. Dazbo, ask yourself how you will feel in 3 years time when similar properties are struggling to make 60k.
  13. Dare I suggest you only call 75k "low" because of the way you been programmed over recent years?
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